Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 244

Chapter 244 Destined For Greatness

In their eyes, it did not matter if she died, but the same could not be said about Kevin. In fact, her parents weren’t even willing to sacrifice themselves.

She couldn’t forget how they had chosen to abandon her during that critical moment.

She let out a long sigh.

What am I supposed to do now, though? They’re still my family, after all.

After hesitating for a long while, she chose to step into one of the small neighborhoods in Pollerton Estates.

She was trying to relax when all of a sudden, she stopped in her tracks and looked at the Supreme Villa.

It was a villa worth one billion three hundred million, which piqued her interest.

While she was staring at it curiously, two people slowly approached her from the side. One of them was an elderly man, and the other was a young man.

The older one seemed to be in his eighties, and he was clad in a blue robe. The younger man was around twenty-six or twenty-seven. His face was pale, and he looked sick.

It was Tyrone and Xylus Hayes, who was there to protect the former.

“I asked around earlier, and it turns out that Supreme Villa has already been sold. We were unable to find any information about the buyer,” Xylus explained.

“I want to live here,” Tyrone stated. He pulled a handkerchief out from his pocket and covered his mouth before letting out a few more coughs.

“I shall arrange that, then,” Xylus replied. He was about to turn around when he glanced at Jennifer for a moment and then swiftly averted his gaze.

He assumed that she was just some random citizen. Even if she stayed in Pollerton Estates, that didn’t mean she was someone formidable.

However, Xylus suddenly turned back around and stared straight at Jennifer. After carefully looking her up and down, he was shaken up so much to the point that he was trembling from head to toe.

Jennifer, on the other hand, didn’t notice anything out of place. She only shot them a confused look, then turned and left without greeting them.

Tyrone noticed that there was something off about Xylus. He frowned and asked, “What is it?”

“Prince Nigel… That woman, she…” Xylus was just too worked up, clutching Tyrone’s arm suddenly.

Tyrone simply looked back at him icily.

In an instant, Xylus let go and bowed to him. “My apologies, Prince Nigel.”

“Tell me what’s going on,” Tyrone said indifferently.

Xylus did his best to suppress his internal turmoil and elaborated, “That woman is no ordinary person, Prince Nigel. She’s got the face of someone who’s destined for greatness!”

Tyrone was stunned for a moment, and then a glint appeared in his eyes.

Even though he went into a rage when Raymond read his fortune back then and told him he wouldn’t live past thirty, he had gone through a lot over the past ten years. Right now, he believed in geomancy and metaphysics.

That was because he knew the circumstances he was in.

“It’s true, Prince Nigel. She really has the face of someone destined for greatness. You have to get married to her and birth an heir. Only she will be able to save you, and she’s the only one who can help you become a True Dragon,” Xylus gushed. He was so worked up that even his beard was trembling.

“Are you sure about that?” Tyrone asked skeptically.

Xylus nodded and insisted, “Absolutely.”

“Go find out who she is,” Tyrone ordered with a wave of his hand. A few shadows hidden in the dark of night silently slipped away and seemingly vanished into thin air.

In just half an hour, he had all of Jennifer’s information at his fingertips.

“She’s Donald’s ex-wife? That’s impressive, Raymond. I can’t believe that man has such good tastes and that he wants to raise a True Dragon as well,” Xylus remarked with a snort.

Tyrone, however, was unbothered. “It’s fine. We can play the waiting game. If Donald provokes me, I’ll kill him. Get things ready. I’m going to meet that woman who’s supposedly destined for greatness.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer had just gotten home when she noticed how lively the house was.

Linda was cooking in the kitchen, and there were several people on the couch.

There was Leonard, as well as Kevin, whose legs were still covered in bandages.

Skylar, Kevin’s girlfriend, was there too, along with her parents.

When Leonard noticed that Jennifer had come back, he stood up right away. “You’re home, Jennifer.”

He didn’t look guilty at all. It was as if nothing had happened, and the person in the chemical plant the day before wasn’t him at all.

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