Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 245

Chapter 245 Blood Sucking Vampires

When Linda heard the noise, she dashed out of the kitchen too. “You’re home, Jenny. Sit down and talk to Skye’s parents.”

Skylar’s hair was dyed all shades of the rainbow, and she was giving Kevin a shoulder massage. Upon catching sight of Jennifer, she rolled her eyes.

Her parents, on the other hand, said, “We saw what happened yesterday on the news. You must have been shocked, huh? It’s a good thing that the culprit’s already dead.”

Jennifer remained expressionless. She completely ignored them and went back to her room.

She was just about to close the door when Kevin complained, “What kind of attitude is that, Jennifer? My girlfriend’s parents are here to discuss our engagement. What are you looking all upset for?”

Before Jennifer even had the chance to respond, Skylar’s parents hurriedly tried to diffuse the situation. “There’s no need for that, Kev. I’m sure your sister is tired after work.”

Kevin merely sneered in response.

“Look, guys! It’s Tyrone, the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan!” Skylar exclaimed passionately with a hint of envy in her voice. They were watching the replay of the broadcast from the night before, which showed Tyrone landing at Pollerton International Airport.

Most of the business representatives in Pollerton had gone to welcome him. They were all bigshots in the city. Naturally, only the descendants of prominent families with a legacy of over five hundred years would be invited to an extravagant event like that.

“Prominent families with over five hundred years of legacy, huh? I wonder how much their net worth is?” Caspian Hoffman, Skylar’s father, wondered aloud with a hint of admiration in his tone.

“There are some with trillions in net worth. Look at them. They’re all sucking up to him and trying their best to please him,” stated Kevin, sounding rather scornful.

Caspian voiced, “Well, of course, they would be doing that. As long as you successfully make connections with rich families, you won’t have to worry about a thing for the rest of your life. You’ll have everything right at your fingertips!”

They stared at the television intently. All of them had looks of envy and excitement in their eyes.

Jennifer glanced at them and realized that the person she had bumped into at the Supreme Villa was none other than Tyrone himself.

However, she didn’t bother much about it and simply closed her door, calming herself down.

All of a sudden, she felt empty inside. The laughter and cheers outside had nothing to do with her, and she felt like an outsider in her own home.

At that moment, she started to miss Donald a bit.

What exactly do I feel for Donald? I mean, there’s love, for sure, but there’s resentment as well.

She hated how Donald liked to make the first move, and she hated how violent he was. Not only had he beaten her, but he had also hit her mother and even broken Kevin’s legs. Most of all, she hated how Donald had ambiguous relationships with so many women.

“We’re planning to let Kevin and Skylar get engaged around Christmas next year. What do you guys think?” Caspian prompted.

Leonard nodded in agreement.

“The betrothal gifts will be one million eight hundred eighty thousand in cash, a mansion in Pollerton Estates, and a Ferrari 458. Is that acceptable?” Skylar spoke up abruptly.

Jennifer could hear how Leonard remained silent for a long time after hearing that before saying, “I thought we had already agreed on a commercial house. A mansion in Pollerton Estates alone would cost hundreds of millions.”

Caspian countered, “Back then, your family didn’t have much to its name. Now, though, Jennifer’s established Jennard Construction and gotten her hands on a project worth two billion. She’ll be able to profit by the time Christmas comes around next year, which means she can earn a few hundred million in no time. Kevin’s her only brother. Of course, she has to contribute!”

“I’ll have to get Jennifer to agree to that,” Leonard informed.

Skylar was visibly unhappy. “You can make the decision on your own. In any case, I’m not going to marry him unless you can fulfill those conditions.”

Out of nowhere, Kevin piped up, “Okay. we accept. I’ll go and convince Jennifer!”

After listening to the whole conversation, Jennifer only had one thought in her mind. They’re just a group of blood-sucking vampires!

All of a sudden, Caspian said, “There’s one more thing. I’m not working at the moment, but I do have a couple of old friends. Could you try and get Jennifer to outsource a few projects to them? They don’t have to be huge projects. As long as they’re worth around twenty or thirty million, it’ll work.”

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