Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 246

Chapter 246 A Visit From Tyrone

Linda poked her head out from the kitchen and patted her chest reassuringly before saying, “No worries! However, Jennifer doesn’t have much money on hand. I’m afraid you need to look for a way to get that start-up capital.”

Skylar responded, “All right. Then it’s all set.”

Just then, the doorbell rang.

“Coming!” Leonard stood up and went to open the door.

It was Tyrone and Xylus.

“May I come in?” Tyrone asked.

His tone sounded neutral, and he was not emanating a domineering aura either. Instead, he merely seemed to be looking down on the world in a lofty and unsympathetic manner.

After he finished his sentence, Tyrone walked into the living room before Leonard gave him a response. He took out his silk handkerchief and covered his nose with it, seemingly not used to the smell of cooking that was wafting from the kitchen.

Leonard was stunned for a moment before an ingratiating smile appeared on his face.

I know who he is! He’s Tyrone Campbell, the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan!

Leonard was not the only one who recognized Tyrone, but Skylar’s parents, Kevin, and Linda recognized him as well.

“Mr. Campbell!” greeted Caspian with his head lowered respectfully, presenting the most obsequious appearance he could manage.

Kevin struggled to stand up but failed. He spoke in a similarly enthusiastic manner. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Campbell!”

Everyone in the house was shocked. They had never expected Tyrone to come here.

It was enough for them to brag to others about for the rest of their lives.

After all, it was indeed Tyrone, the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan.

This is a big shot who has great power and influence in Pollerton! But why is he here?

Leonard said respectfully, “What can I help you with, Mr. Campbell?”

Tyrone remained standing in the living room as he scanned the house. “Looks like Nigel treats you well.”

Leonard’s and Linda’s smiles stiffened when they heard Tyrone’s words.

“I’ll inform Nigel that this house will be permanently yours,” Tyrone said calmly.

Despite being puzzled, Leonard and Linda were beyond surprised.

Although they had been staying in that house, they were still constantly worried that Nigel would take the house back someday.

With Tyrone backing them up, they were sure that Nigel would not lay a finger on them anymore.

Even the Tayhaven King did not dare to mess with Tyrone, much less Nigel.

“Thank you, Mr. Campbell! Thank you so much!” Leonard and Linda thanked Tyrone profusely as they exchanged glances with each other.

They were as flattering as they could be.

Tyrone walked around the house and stared at a room’s shut door before asking, “Where is Jennifer? Ask her to come and meet me.”

Stunned, Leonard and Linda exchanged glances again, suddenly unable to understand what was happening. However, they dared not offend Tyrone and called out to Jennifer, “Hey, Jennifer! Come out now!”

Jennifer did not respond, nor did she open the door.

Looking slightly awkward, Leonard asked tentatively, “Mr. Campbell, Prince Nigel, may I know if Jennifer has offended you somehow? If yes…”

Hearing that, Linda was instantly petrified.

What? How dare Jennifer offend a man like Tyrone? Is she crazy? Does she have a death wish or what? We still want to live even if she doesn’t!

Thus, she blurted out loudly, “Mr. Campbell, we’re on bad terms with Jennifer. She’s a disobedient daughter. As her mother, I’ve planned to cut ties with her!”

Kevin responded, “Yeah, that’s right! If Jennifer has offended you, it has got nothing to do with us!”

Then, Caspian, Skylar, and the rest immediately clarified their relationship with Jennifer as well, as they were afraid she would get them in trouble.

Raymond was a perfect example.

He was initially the creator of his business empire. However, he plunged into the abyss after he offended Tyrone.

Tyrone said nothing but merely glanced at the people in front of him. He did not even furrow his brows.

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