Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 247

Chapter 247 Out Of Your Mind

Tyrone was an arrogant man. To him, these people before his eyes, including Leonard, were insignificant, and he could not care less about their feelings.


The door was yanked open from the inside suddenly. Jennifer stared at her parents and scoffed coldly, “All right! You’re cutting ties with me? Well, you said it!”

Linda was instantly displeased upon hearing Jennifer’s words. “You’ve offended Prince Nigel! I should really give you a good beating. Hurry up and apologize to him now!”

Tyrone and Xylus eyed Jennifer, especially Xylus, who folded his hands behind his back with his fingers interlocked. He tapped his fingers rhythmically, obviously calculating something.

After a while, they exchanged glances, and Xylus nodded faintly at Tyrone.

With that, Tyrone spoke expressionlessly. “I’m here for a reason today. I’ll give you a month’s time to get prepared, and then we’ll get married. One month from now, you’ll become a member of the upper crust.”

After he finished speaking, everyone in the house except Tyrone and Xylus was utterly stunned.

They gaped at Tyrone in disbelief, including Jennifer.

Who even does this? How could he ask to marry a woman he’s meeting for the first time? And his tone shows how he’s leaving no room for negotiation as well!

Tyrone’s words clearly astonished Leonard, Linda, and Kevin.

However, shortly after that, an overjoyed expression appeared on their faces.

Tyrone wants to marry Jennifer! This only means Jennifer is going to become the wife of a wealthy man! Then we’re all going to become members of the upper class society!

Caspian and Skylar were startled, too, especially Skylar who, after a brief moment of disbelief, instantly glared at Jennifer with jealousy spilling out of her eyes.

We’re both women. Why does she always attract these rich men?

“Why are you waiting for, Jennifer?” Leonard blurted out in a loud voice.

Then, Linda hurriedly walked toward Jennifer, saying, “Go on, Jennifer. Hurry up and say yes!”

Kevin wheeled toward Jennifer and urged as well, “Stop thinking about it, Jennifer!”

Only then did Jennifer snap out of her daze and looked at Tyrone. She shook her head. “I’m sorry, Mr. Campbell. It’s only the first time we meet today, and I’m not interested in you.”

Her words stupefied Tyrone.

What sort of woman in this world would reject me? Isn’t becoming a part of the Campbell clan the dream of every young woman?

“As long as you agree, you’ll get any luxury you’ll ever want. Are you sure you want to reject me?” Tyrone coughed, covering his mouth and nose with his silk handkerchief again.

There were blood stains on the handkerchief.

Jennifer shook her head again and replied, “I’m sorry. I’ve never dreamed of marrying into a wealthy family.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she shut the door immediately.

Tyrone was stunned for a long moment before he shook his head and muttered to himself, “Well, that was interesting. Let’s go back first, then.”

Ignoring everyone, he turned around and left the house.

Unwilling to give up, Linda rushed toward the door and said, “Mr. Campbell, please wait—”

A dangerous glint flashed past Xylus’ eyes as he warned, “I’ll end you if you dare to take another step closer to Mr. Campbell!”

Linda shivered with fear and dared not speak another word after that.

After Tyrone and Xylus left, Linda bellowed, “Jennifer!”

She walked to Jennifer’s room and kicked forcefully at the shut door.

Leonard’s face darkened as well as he ordered, “Open the door, Jennifer!”

Kevin roared, “Are you out of your mind, Jennifer?”

Jennifer opened the door and looked at her family with a contemptuous look on her face. “I’m not.”

Linda shrieked, “He’s Tyrone, the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan! Why didn’t you agree to marry him?”

Confused, Jennifer asked, “Why do I have to?”

Kevin’s expression was terrifying. “Are you insane, Jennifer? Do you know what it means if you could marry into a wealthy family? It means we can do whatever we please in this country! We could get whatever we wanted, including wealth and fame!”

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