Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 248

Chapter 248 Marry Tyrone

“That’s what you wanted. I don’t want to live a life like that!” Jennifer said.

“Fine. Since you don’t want a life like this, then tell me, what kind of life do you want?” Kevin’s voice was trembling, and his eyes widened as if he wanted to eat Jennifer up.

It’s our closest chance to become part of the Campbell clan!

There was deep sorrow in Jennifer’s eyes. “I once had the best life, but it was destroyed by you people!”


Linda slapped Jennifer’s face. “B*tch! You’re still thinking of Donald, aren’t you? Tell you what? Don’t you even think about it as long as I’m still alive! Both of them might have the same surname but just look at the difference between them. What can Donald give you? Huh? Tell me! Besides, Tyrone might just end Donald when he’s got nothing to do during his trip to Pollerton. So, you’d better behave yourself.”

“Whoever wants to marry him can go ahead. I’m not marrying him.” Jennifer touched her face.

“This is so frustrating! Do you really want to make me die of anger?” Linda asked.

A trace of sadness flashed past Jennifer’s eyes. “I’m just a tool to you guys, anyway. A tool for you to gain power and wealth. Then again, tools have feelings too. I get heartbroken too, you know? Have you forgotten what your attitude was like at the chemical plant in the western suburbs?”

“I don’t care. You’ve got to marry him. If you don’t, I’ll jump down from this floor now!” Linda threatened while standing by the balcony, sticking out half of her body. “Are you going to marry him or not?”

Jennifer immediately felt panicked.

If Linda were to actually jump from there, Jennifer would feel guilty about it for the rest of her life.

Leonard said solemnly, “Jenny, it hasn’t been easy to raise you up since you were young. We might not be capable people, but we never let you suffer when you were young, right?”

Kevin chimed in, “Jennifer, if you make another big mistake, then let’s just cut ties. In the future, we’ll go on our own paths.”

Jennifer bit her lip. She glanced at her parents and her brother, tears streaming down her face. “Mom, come down.”

A flicker of smugness flashed through Linda’s eyes. “Are you agreeing now?”

With tears flowing down her face, Jennifer looked at her blood-related family members. “Why can’t you guys consider my feelings? I just want to live a peaceful life with Donald!”

Linda retorted, “Then, you should consider our feelings too, right? Kev is not married yet. He’s already twenty-six years old this year. How long more does he have to wait if he doesn’t get married soon? Listen to me, okay? Just forget Donald. Trust me, I have your best interests at heart.”

The light in Jennifer’s eyes vanished gradually, and she nodded like a soulless robot.

Only then did Linda get off the balcony and exchange glances with Kevin and the others. They saw the smugness and glee in each other’s eyes.

“Please take good care of Skylar.” At that moment, Caspian felt as if everything had calmed down.

For some reason, Kevin was obsessed with Skylar. Hence, as long as Skylar could keep a hold on him, the Hoffman family would have the chance of rising again.

Moreover, it was every girl’s dream to marry into an extremely wealthy family.

As long as Skylar could join a powerhouse like the Campbell clan, the Hoffmans would not have to worry for the rest of their lives.

“Sure.” Leonard felt very happy at that moment, as though he had seen a ray of light shine on his future.

Jennifer then shut her room door, staying in there alone to calm herself.

Kevin’s eyes glinted. “As long as Donald is alive, he will be a danger to us. I’ve got to think of a way…”

I’ll never let Donald destroy our plan again. Be it Harrison, Nigel, or Bryan from the past, they’re just bullsh*t compared to Tyrone.

Donald found out what Jennifer had gone through almost immediately. There was nothing Kevin and the others could hide from Bradley. With Bradley around, they had no privacy to speak of.

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