Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 249

Chapter 249 The Tenth Array

“All right,” Donald answered expressionlessly after listening to Bradley’s report.

He turned off his laptop, and his lips twisted into a smirk. “Since Tyrone wants to play, then I’ll give him what he wants.”

As for Xylus, Donald could not be bothered about him at all.

There were ten wealthy families that had existed for over five hundred years in the country. However, only a handful of families were worthy of being his opponent.

Right then, a knock sounded on the door. Kingsley walked over with a serious face and handed Donald a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. “Lord Campbell, please take a look at this.”

Donald took the glasses. At first, a puzzled expression appeared on his face. Then, he put them on and looked at Kingsley. Immediately, his vision changed, and data was displayed on it: Power level: One hundred and eighty thousand.

“Is this something produced by an S9-Grade laboratory?” Donald’s expression darkened.

Kingsley shook his head. “I’m not sure, but I got this from Tyrone’s subordinate. I fought with a shadow guard and killed him. That’s when I realized every shadow guard was equipped with this thing.”

“It shows that your power level is one hundred and eighty thousand after summing up your abilities. That’s not bad,” Donald said.

Suddenly, a strong sense of curiosity filled Kingsley’s heart, and he gazed at Donald intensely.

Sensing what was on his mind, Donald smiled. “Would you like to take a look?”

Kingsley nodded. “Yes.”

An ordinary person’s power level was around one thousand, while international combat champions had power levels between five thousand and ten thousand. Even so, that still belonged to the category of ordinary people. On the other hand, Kingsley’s power level had reached one hundred and eighty thousand, which was already quite terrifying.

Donald tossed the glasses over to Kingsley. “Put it on.”

The latter put it on excitedly and stared at Donald. After that, he was stunned, as the number rose to one thousand before coming to a stop.

“What about now?” Donald suddenly released a little bit of his aura.

Right then, Kingsley was shocked. The number had shot up to two hundred thousand instantly.

That was not the end. It continued to increase madly, and in a blink of an eye, it had reached five hundred and forty thousand.

“Do you want to continue?” Donald asked.

Kingsley was so stunned that he nodded robotically.

After that, he felt as if he was struck by lightning. The value rose to a million, and the number displayed on the lens that was originally green had become red. On top of that, it was making a beeping sound.

Suddenly, the glasses exploded and smoke rose from them.

Donald muttered, “This thing is not accurate. There is no limit to my power.”

Kingsley was utterly impressed. He only had a power level of one hundred and eighty thousand, while Donald’s had exceeded a million.

How many people in this world have power levels over a million? They would be god-like if they had that level of power. This is crazy!

After recollecting himself, Kingsley said, “I’ve received Tyrone’s invite telling me to attend tomorrow’s meet-and-greet.”

Donald replied, “Go ahead. If I’m not mistaken, he probably wants to take over the land reclamation project.”

“The Campbell clan is already so rich. Why does he still want a piece of it?”

“That’s because the Campbell clan’s leader is pushing for The Tenth Array. It’s now empty. Since the Campbell clan has eleven Princes, Tyrone will have ten competitors. Hence, he’s got to build his accomplishments. If he obtains the land reclamation project, it’ll be a great opportunity for him to prove his abilities,” Donald explained calmly.

The Tenth Array!

Kingsley inhaled sharply.

The Tenth Array meant the person was qualified to enter the S9-Grade laboratory and even acquire the resources there.

“Don’t worry. The Tenth Array won’t belong to him.” Donald smiled indifferently. “This slot was already mine long ago.”

Kingsley was rendered speechless.

Kingsley knew Donald was incredible but he was way out of everyone’s leagues. He was so powerful that he was like a god. Hence, most people would not be able to fathom how powerful Donald was.

Right then, Donald’s claim over the title of The Tenth Array gave Kingsley a definitive idea of the level of his power.

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