Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 250

Chapter 250 The Pilgrimage

“Go on. You know what you need to do tomorrow,” Donald said.

Kingsley left immediately, the flames of excitement in his eyes burning more intensely.

After Kingsley had left, Donald received calls from Lana, Reina, and Charles, inviting him to attend the event tomorrow with them.

After giving it some thought, Donald accepted their invitation.

He, too, wanted to meet Tyrone.

The Campbell clan was indeed a powerful force. Never did Donald expect them to obtain an item like the glasses.

Even Donald had never gotten such a top-quality electronic gadget from an S9-Grade laboratory.

The S9-Grade laboratory in Quadfield had too many high-quality technologies, but the place was temporarily sealed off at that moment. The manufacturing cost of each item was high and could not be popularized in a short amount of time. For example, each pair of glasses that evaluated one’s power level cost more than one million to manufacture.

The fact that every shadow guard of the Campbell clan was equipped with one proved the clan’s great wealth and power.

The night passed by peacefully and the next day arrived. Tyrone’s so-called meet-and-greet was held at nine o’clock that night.

At the same time, the next day was Lilith’s final moment to enter the laboratories.

The pilgrimage was held at the legendary ninth floor of Lana’s Rivebale Hotel.

When it came to dealing with influential figures like the Campbell clan, even Lana, who was of the Collins family, did not dare to simply offend them.

Though the Collins family were also elites, they only had a hundred years of history. Meanwhile, the Campbell clan had existed for over five hundred years.

The Campbell clan’s generations of effort had pushed their family to the top.

Before it was nine o’clock, the venue was already packed with guests even before Tyrone’s arrival. All of them were wealthy and influential people.

That day, Gideon was dressed in a suit, looking formal and putting on a smile while welcoming the guests.

“Mr. Ono, you’re here!” Gideon greeted him with a smile. A look of arrogance appeared on his face.

Akio nodded with a grunt before saying, “I hope we get along well in the future.”

“Sure. Sure.” Gideon flashed a wide grin, the wrinkles on his face scrunching up in the process. He was as happy as he could be.

After all, he had Tyrone of the Campbell clan as his backer.

He was currently the spokesperson for Tyrone in Pollerton.

It was a huge advancement for him.

His sufferings under the hands of Lana, Reina, and Jason in the past were nothing.

“Mr. Nigel, please come in. You too, Mr. Rupert.” Gideon stood by the door, shaking the guests’ hands.

Meanwhile, Michael and Jack stood behind him, looking smug and dignified.

Many people had taken their seats. As they looked at their surroundings, they sighed inwardly.

Is this the power of a supreme wealthy family? It’s really scary.

The mere arrival of the Campbell clan’s third-generation members in Pollerton was powerful enough to cause such a sensation.

They could not help but wonder what would happen if the second generation or even the leader of the Campbell clan, Luke Campbell, arrived.

Perhaps Pollerton would be in utter chaos.

Gideon scanned around the hall and sighed happily.

When it was ten minutes to nine, Donald, Reina, Lana, and Charles arrived.

Charles took the lead by walking in front, followed by Lana, Reina, and finally, Donald.

They had no choice. After all, Donald always liked to keep a low profile and disliked such events.

“Wow. Isn’t this Donald?” Gideon faked a surprised expression when he saw Donald.

The latter merely glanced at him coldly, saying nothing.

Donald was not interested in giving Gideon his attention.

What’s the point of paying attention to a dog that’s yapping away?

“Reina, Lana, Charles, I’ve got some bad news for you. The bid you guys have won might be taken over by Mr. Tyrone.” Gideon had a smug look on his face. “That also means I’m still the biggest benefactor.”

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