Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 251

Chapter 251 How Much Time Do I Have

With an indifferent expression, Donald asked, “Have you asked Kingsley for his agreement as you’re saying this?”

Gideon was momentarily stunned. “Mr. Tyrone’s words are like a royal decree. Why would I need to get Kingsley’s agreement? Even Horizon Group would not dare to offend the Campbell clan, right?”

“What do you think?” Donald lowered his gaze, looking calm as usual.

Gideon pondered for a while and laughed out loud. “Are you joking? This is the Campbell clan we’re talking about.”

Lana scoffed, “As long as Kingsley agrees, we have no objections.”

Gideon cast the group a cold glance. “Just you wait. No one can stop Mr. Tyrone from getting what he wants. I promise you.”

However, Donald had lost all interest in arguing with him. Thus, he walked into the venue and looked for a seat.

As Gideon watched him leave, his eyes glinted coldly.

After that, Kingsley, who was dressed in a suit, entered the place. His expressionless face was matched with a pair of narrow eyes and thin lips, making him look extra ruthless.

He walked straight to a table and sat down.

One of the Campbell family members wanted to go over to greet him, but Kingsley merely eyed him coldly and said, “Get lost.”

Immediately, everyone at that table fled, leaving Kingsley alone.

Many people were starting to look forward to how things were going to unfold. One party consisted of Tyrone, the Ninth Prince of the Campbell clan, while the other consisted of the Four Greatest Divine Generals that were under Lord Campbell’s command. The crowd wondered if an interesting fight would break out that day.

At nine o’clock sharp, footsteps could be heard approaching the door.

Immediately after that, twenty bodyguards dressed in suits, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and wireless earpieces, flooded into the place.

Each one of them had an aura akin to a beast, and their eyes glinted with hostility. Clearly, they were not ordinary people.

They were the shadow guards who protected Tyrone.

Those glasses were the infrared evaluation glasses produced by the S9-Grade laboratory.

Wearing the glasses, the twenty shadow guards scanned the surroundings and finally fixed their eyes on Kingsley in unison.

His power level was one hundred and eighty thousand.

At that moment, the shadow guards were utterly stunned.

The world’s best combat champion from last year only had a power level of ten thousand, which was already an existence ordinary people admired as that person could beat up dozens of people.

However, Kingsley’s power level was at one hundred and eighty thousand.

Then again, no one could confirm if that was the maximum value of Kingsley’s powers.

After all, no one knew if he had a trump card or not.

“Watch out, Mr. Tyrone. There’s a young man with a power level of one hundred and eighty thousand sitting in the hall,” someone reported immediately, wanting to eliminate the danger.

After that, someone handed Tyrone a picture of Kingsley.

Xylus, who was sitting in a Maybach 62S, handed the phone to Tyrone after receiving the image.

“He’s Wyvern King, Kingsley Felton,” said Tyrone. “There’s no danger. Don’t worry.”

With that, he coughed several times and wiped the corner of his mouth with a scarf. Closing his eyes, he asked, “How much time do I have left?”

Xylus hesitated for a moment and remained silent.

“Answer me,” Tyrone said softly in an emotionless tone.

“Two years,” Xylus answered.

Tyrone opened his eyes weakly and nodded. “Okay.”

“There will be a way,” Xylus promised. “We’re working hard to look for a solution. Once we find matching blood and organs, we’ll get the operation done right away. Besides, we’ve got news from the genes laboratory. They said they might have matching goods. I’ll get in touch with them tonight.”

Tyrone opened the door. “Let’s go.”

As they went upstairs, the entire hall was blanketed in silence. The crowd was patiently waiting for Tyrone’s arrival and had even adjusted the sounds of their breathing to the lowest volume possible.

In the next second, everyone felt as though their vision darkened, for Tyrone had appeared at the entrance.

Everyone except Donald and Kingsley fixated their gaze on Tyrone. They wanted to see how great a character from a wealthy family with a five-hundred-year history would be.

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