Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 252

Chapter 252 The Five Enterprises

Though he had ordinary looks, he had an incredible aura that exuded elegance.

At that moment, everyone at the scene got to their feet instinctively and bowed toward Tyrone. “Mr. Tyrone!”

Everyone had risen to their feet, all except four people – Donald, Kingsley, Reina, and Charles. Even Lana was beginning to stand.

Tyrone waved his hand and stepped into the hall. “Please. Sit down.”

His words were really like a royal decree, which made everyone sit down in unison.

The main seat was placed in the middle of the hall. It was covered with a layer of silk, which was very soft and ergonomically designed.

After Tyrone had taken his seat, Xylus stood behind him, his gaze subconsciously landing on Kingsley. For some reason, his palms felt clammy.

What does it mean to have a power level of one hundred and eighty thousand?

The shadow guards’ power level was around ten thousand, while the men Tyrone had personally trained for over ten years had power levels of only seventy to eighty thousand.

With a power level of one hundred and eighty thousand, a punch possibly carried the impact of several tons. A normal person’s punch was about 50 kilograms. Hence, Kingsley’s strength was two hundred times more powerful than an ordinary person’s.

Not just his strength, even his speed, body durability, and reaction speed were not the same as ordinary people.

If Xylus knew about Donald’s power level, which exceeded a million, his mind would be blown.

Following that, Tyrone looked at Kingsley and nodded in acknowledgment. “Wyvern King, I’ve heard a lot about you. Now that I see you in person, you’re truly incredible.”

Kingsley’s eyes had a frosty gaze. “Thank you for the compliment.”

Tyrone nodded and shifted his gaze to the crowd. “Everyone here is an influential person in Pollerton. I’m really glad all of you could make it today.”

Right then, many people started bootlicking Tyrone.

The first person who spoke was the author of the chapter related to Donald in The Abandoned Children Of The Campbell Clan, Jack. “Ninth Prince, you’re too kind. I have great admiration for you. Hence, I’ve specially written a book to praise your guidance in my life.”

With that, he presented a published book that had an exquisite cover.

Tyrone accepted it and casually flipped through a few pages, chuckling. “You’re an interesting person. The Abandoned Children Of The Campbell Clan is really a well-written book.”

Upon hearing that, Jack was overjoyed. “That’s all thanks to your guidance that was like a bright beacon, giving me overflowing inspiration. Besides, I have something to tell you. Donald of The Abandoned Children Of The Campbell Clan is here today, too!”

Immediately, he pointed at Donald.

Tyrone followed the direction of Jack’s finger and met Donald’s gaze.

Xylus narrowed his eyes and examined Donald while adjusting his evaluation glasses.

When he saw Donald had a power level of one thousand, which was the same as an ordinary person, he relaxed, thinking Donald was no threat.

Tyrone merely glanced at Donald and ignored the latter after that. “He’s just an outcast. Since he’s already here, then let it be.”

His tone did not waver the slightest bit. Instead, it was filled with arrogance and a holier-than-thou attitude.

Despite that, Donald was not bothered by it. He remained in his seat, turned on his tablet, and started checking the news.

The next day was the day when Lilith would enter the laboratory. However, everything seemed too peculiar at that moment.

It did not make sense that Noah still had not appeared at such a critical moment.

Suddenly, Xylus stepped out from behind Tyrone and said slowly, “We only have one motive for gathering everyone here today. I heard five enterprises had secured the bid for the land reclamation project. May I ask all the people in charge of these enterprises to stand?”

Reina, Lana, and Charles stood up.

Charles’ bid originally belonged to Stardew International. When it was retrieved from Kingsley, he gave it to the former.

That night, Jason and Jennifer were absent.

“Only three enterprises attended today?” Xylus frowned.

“Yes. Only three came today,” Gideon piped up.

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