Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 253

Chapter 253 A Bad Dog

Xylus then said, “We’ve discussed it and have come up with a suggestion, that is the Campbell clan will purchase all your bids at a price ten percent higher than the market price. That means all five enterprises can earn hundreds of millions without even doing anything.”

The crowd was shocked by what they heard.

Could the Campbell clan be so generous? They’re purchasing the bidding documents at a price ten percent higher than the market price? That can’t be it. Based on the Campbell clan’s capabilities, if they used their power to suppress the five enterprises, the latter wouldn’t dare to disagree, right? They don’t even need to use a single cent.

Tyrone chimed in, “After getting the project, I’ll be fully responsible for it. I promise to ensure steady construction progress and good project quality.”

Though he looked as though he was speaking to the crowd, he was actually speaking to Kingsley.

Tyrone made himself very clear. He was trying to buy the project from the successful bidders; it was not by force. In other words, he implied it had nothing to do with Kingsley. After all, all construction projects were allowed to be outsourced.

Surprisingly, Kingsley remained silent and watched the entire exchange with a cold gaze.

“I don’t agree. I’m not selling.” Reina turned down the offer instantly and sat back down.

Tyrone was stunned. Before he could speak, Gideon bellowed, “Nonsense! Who do you think you are? How dare you argue with Mr. Tyrone? Believe it or not, I’ll get someone to deal with you tonight!”

Gideon was livid because it was their best opportunity for their family branch to rise up.

Besides, if Gideon were to offend Tyrone and made him unhappy, he would be in trouble as well.

Donald’s gaze turned cold in an instant. “How insolent! Do that again and I’ll give you a slap.”

Gideon was taken aback. He then returned to his senses and berated, “Who do you think you are, Donald? You’re just an outcast from the Campbell clan.”

“Who do I think I am? Well, come here and I’ll tell you.” Donald gestured for Gideon to approach with his finger. At the same time, he had a cruel smile on his face.

Gideon scoffed. Though he did not know what Donald was up to, he was confident with Tyrone around. Thus, he walked over to Donald boldly. “Okay. Tell me.”

As soon as he finished his words, Donald suddenly raised his right arm and pressed it on Gideon’s shoulder. In the next moment, Gideon’s entire right arm, including his shoulder, was crushed.

Gideon let out a deafening scream. “Ah!”

“If this happens again, I’ll kill you right away.” Donald remained seated in his chair like an unmovable mountain.

Tyrone narrowed his eyes and reexamined Donald.

In the meantime, the crowd was shocked to the core.

“What the heck? Donald destroyed Gideon’s arm right in front of Ninth Prince!”

“How bold of him!”

“Mr. Tyrone is still here. Where on earth did Donald get his courage from?”

Meanwhile, Xylus used the evaluation glasses to look at Donald again. The numbers had a steady fluctuation from the original number of one thousand. Even so, it never exceeded one thousand and five hundred. That information made Xylus relieved.

Donald was unfazed even though he was under the crowd’s stare.

Tyrone coughed and said suddenly, “How merciless.”

The moment he spoke, everyone shut their mouths and fell silent.

“But did you ask me for my permission before attacking one of my men in front of me?” Tyrone lowered his head and used the silk handkerchief to wipe the corner of his mouth carefully, no longer looking at Donald.

Immediately, all twenty of the shadow guards surrounded Donald.

Gideon did not dare to wail anymore, and his face paled. He knew Tyrone was mad.

“A dog that simply bites someone isn’t a good dog,” Donald said mercilessly, not bothering to glance at the twenty shadow guards.

The shadow guards were not as powerful as Azure Wyvern’s army, not to mention Griffin’s army, which was under Donald’s jurisdiction.

Tyrone folded his silk handkerchief gently, not letting other people see the bloodstain on it. Then, he handed it to the person behind him and stood up. “Interesting. Back then, you slapped your grandfather. And now, it looks like I’ve got to return that favor to you. Then again, your status is too low. It’ll look like I think highly of you if I were to do it myself. You! Do it!”

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