Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 254

Chapter 254 Donald Slaps His Uncle

Tyrone pointed at Michael, for he knew the latter was Donald’s biological uncle.

It was an incredibly ruthless move.

If Donald dared to counterattack, he would be labeled as an ingrate.

If he did not dare to attack, Tyrone would gain the upper hand that day.

Michael nodded right away and agreed, “Got it, Ninth Prince!”

A shadow guard smirked while pulling out something that looked like a flute, pointing it at Donald’s temple. “You’d better stay still. Otherwise, your head is going explode like a watermelon that had fallen from the tenth floor.”

Michael walked slowly and arrived in front of Donald. With an indifferent expression, he stared at the latter and raised his right hand.

Everyone stared in the duo’s direction, wanting to see Donald’s reaction.

Will he counterattack?

If Donald did not counterattack, his spine would be broken, and he would not be able to stand in the future.

If he did, then his reputation would be ruined terribly.

After all, that man was his uncle. No matter what he did, Michael was still Donald’s biological uncle, his father’s biological brother, that was born to the same mother.

Tyrone was expressionless as he fiddled with a clean and white silk handkerchief.

Michael took a deep breath and sent a slap toward Donald’s face.

A terrifying aura instantly surrounded Kingsley, and a red notification appeared on everyone’s evaluation glasses. That was because his aura had exceeded one hundred eighty thousand and was still rising.

To their surprise, he calmed down immediately.

When Donald saw the hand approaching his face, he raised his right hand and grabbed Michael’s, holding it in the air.

Rupert and the others narrowed their eyes while Michael’s expression changed.

He felt as if Donald’s arm was as strong as a steel h**k, and he could not break free. He shouted, “Donald, what are you trying to do? Mr. Tyrone told me to slap you to solve the conflict. You’d better not be an ingrate. Besides, I’m your uncle. It’s only reasonable that I hit you for your own good. Let go!”

Michael shouted all that at the top of his lungs, frowning deeply. He could not bring himself to admit defeat.

Donald raised his eyes and looked at Michael with an icy, apathetic gaze.

“Uncle?” Donald’s voice was frosty.

“For my own good? Who do you think you are?” he yelled, throwing a slap onto Michael’s face, causing the latter to twirl around three times.

Everyone was stunned.

Jack was the first to holler, “Donald, you are indeed an outcast. You’re such a horrible person. How dare you hit your biological uncle?”

“You’re really outrageous, Donald. He’s your biological uncle, you know?” Gideon scolded.

He then exclaimed, “Look, everyone. Donald is so inhumane. He actually dared to hit his own uncle!”

Tyrone’s face lit up with interest, and he watched the scene with amusement while keeping silent.

Akio chuckled. “If everyone from Yorksland is just like Donald, then this country is done for. There’s absolutely no integrity left.”

Michael was dumbfounded by the attack. His cheeks swelled, and he glared at Donald with widened eyes. “You’re mad. Have you forgotten that I’m your uncle?”


Just as Michael ended his words, Donald slapped the former again without hesitation.

Then, Donald got to his feet and walked over to Michael, suddenly grabbing hold of the latter’s neck and lifting him into the air. “I would’ve killed you if I didn’t have to worry about Grandpa having to send his own child off.”

His tone was icy cold, making it sound as though killing Michael was as easy as squashing an ant.

Michael started to have difficulty breathing, and he hit the back of Donald’s hand repeatedly.

“Let him go,” ordered a shadow guard coldly. His tube-like weapon was aimed at Donald’s temple again.

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