Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 255

Chapter 255 Chop His Head Off

Donald loosened his grip, letting Michael slump to the ground.

Following that, Donald turned around and glared at the shadow guard with a fierce gaze. “You can go to hell now.”

The shadow guard was stunned; he did not understand what Donald meant.

However, realization dawned on him a second later when his pupils constricted.

He was the first in line to experience how scary Donald was.

His military instructor was an expert fighter who had a power level of two hundred thousand and was also known as one of the top ten experts in the Campbell clan.

Even so, his instructor did not have such a horrifying aura as Donald’s.

Casting his opponent a glance, Donald stretched out his right arm and pressed it on the opponent’s chest in what seemed to be a gentle move.


The shadow guard crashed to the ground, and a large hole had formed at his back from the explosion.

The onlookers were at a loss.

Is Donald that scary? Since when did he have such terrifying powers?

Tyrone lowered his head and looked at the shadow guard blankly. Suddenly, he laughed like a maniac. “You made his pulse beads explode?”

Everyone understood the situation all of a sudden. It was not that Donald was powerful. Rather, Donald had caused the pulse bead on the shadow guard to explode.

Michael’s son, who was also Donald’s cousin, Derrick, ran over to help Michael out. Pointing directly at Donald’s nose, he fumed, “You’ve caused some huge trouble!”

“That’s right. I’ve got to write a separate book about today’s events. It’ll be issued all over the country to show everyone Donald’s violent acts.” Jack, too, pointed at Donald, trying his best to perform well in hopes of Tyrone would look at him again.

The remaining nineteen shadow guards surrounded Donald again. Their gazes were filled with hostility.

Once they received Tyrone’s orders, they would blow Donald to bits.

“Donald, my father is your biological uncle. How could you attack him so ruthlessly? Are you still human?” Derrick raged. “You’re making an enemy out of the entire Campbell family. Even worse, the entire Campbell clan.”


Donald caught Derrick and pressed him on the table, giving him a series of ten slaps in one go. The latter’s face swelled terribly by the time the attack ended. “Cut out the nonsense.”

Derrick was so stunned that he lost the ability to move. His face was swollen, looking completely distorted.

Meanwhile, Jack pulled out his phone and started taking pictures while saying, “Look. Such great material. Your acts today will be recorded in detail. So, go ahead and continue being arrogant. Feel free to make an enemy out of the Campbell clan.”

Suddenly, Donald turned around, pulled out a hairpin that was shaped like a needle from Reina’s hair, and threw it out.


Donald created a hole in Jack’s forehead.

The latter collapsed to the ground on his back, with blood oozing out of his wound.

“Making an enemy out of the entire Campbell family? Out of the Campbell clan?” Donald sounded as though he was muttering to himself. “Well, I’m not afraid.”

It was his first time revealing his incredible powers and confidence in the public’s eyes.

Many among the crowd were thunderstruck by his words, especially Rupert, Akio, and the others who were observing Donald.

Similarly, it was their first time sensing something unusual about Donald.

Finally, an icy gaze filled Tyrone’s eyes, and he slowly stretched out his right arm. “Donald, you’re really bold, eh? Not only did you beat up one of my men, but you also killed him in front of me. It’s my first time seeing such an arrogant person with no influential background.”

Donald glanced at Tyrone in an unbothered manner. “Well, you’ve seen one today. And I’m sorry to tell you that your objective of coming to Pollerton will go down the drain. You’re not getting the land reclamation project.”

Tyrone scoffed, “How naive! I’m definitely getting the land reclamation project. No one can stop me, not even the gods.”

After that, he put down his right arm and ordered, “Kill him. Chop off his head and hang it on Pollerton Estates. Show it to the people for three days.”

Right then, nineteen shadow guards charged toward Donald. At the same time, a dagger appeared in their hands, and they all aimed at Donald’s throat.

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