Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 256

Chapter 256 Murderous Intent

Surrounded by nineteen shadow guards attempting to take him down, Donald merely sat at his spot without moving an inch.

All of a sudden, someone moved.

Everyone present heard a howl. Following that, they witnessed Kingsley, who had been sitting in a corner all the while, looking like a dragon that had been released from its cage.

In the next second, he morphed into a spark of green lightning. He rushed forward, moving so quickly that one would only see a blurry figure as he moved from his original spot. He arrived in front of Donald, and an Azure Wyvern sword appeared in Kingsley’s hands. He then swiped the sword horizontally in a complete circular motion.

“Whoa! That’s a power level of two hundred and forty thousand!” The value displayed on the evaluation glasses which Xylus was wearing climbed ceaselessly. In a heartbeat, the value increased from one hundred and eighty thousand to two hundred and forty thousand.

Following Kingsley’s horizontal slash using the Azure Wyvern sword, nineteen decapitated heads flew straight into the air, then plunged to the ground.

Everyone, including Tyrone, was stunned.

Kingsley was the leader of the Horizon Group and one of the Four Greatest Divine Generals serving under Lord Campbell. Everyone wondered the reason why Kingsley would want to rescue Donald.

Furthermore, the ones who were decapitated were shadow guards of the Campbell clan. They were one of the most formidable forces under the Campbell clan. Yet, twenty of them had been slain in a single day.

The remaining people questioned whether Kingsley had always been so draconian with his methods.

“General Felton, what are you doing? These are the shadow guards of the Campbell clan!” Xylus bellowed.

Kingsley had instantly wiped out nineteen shadow guards. His murderous intent lingered in the air, and no one dared approach him.

With a cold glint in his narrow eyes, he licked the fresh blood off his sword and drawled, “Are you taking over the land reclamation project? And no one is going to be able to stop you, not even god? Who gave you the right to say that? And how dare you interfere in Lord Campbell’s project? Who do you think you are, Tyrone? Some bigshots?”

Kingsley spewed question after question, following which Tyrone marched toward him.

Realization dawned upon the onlookers. The reason why Kingsley made his move had nothing to do with Donald, but rather it was because Tyrone’s words were mocking Lord Campbell.

As for Kingsley, all that he did was to protect Lord Campbell’s honor.

Truth be told, Xylus felt a sense of foreboding the moment Tyrone said that there was no way to stop him from acquiring the project.

Xylus had heard rumors that Kingsley had the propensity to be unforgiving when it came to matters surrounding Lord Campbell. Kingsley would not allow Lord Campbell to be smeared, regardless of who it was that did so.

Back when the Prince of Ibica joked that he wanted to challenge Donald to a duel, he was instantly banished to his palace by Kingsley.

Everyone had heard of that story.

Tyrone himself knew that his words were disrespectful to Lord Campbell. However, he was not about to back down.

Who am I? I am the Ninth Prince of the eleven princes of the Campbell clan!

Tyrone was fully aware that the Horizon Group was mighty, yet he still viewed them with contempt.

On top of it all, the people present were influential figures of Pollerton. Tyrone was convinced that his reputation would be affected if he were to admit defeat. Admitting defeat now would not benefit me at all!

“Kingsley! Who do you think you are?” Tyrone turned cold as well. “You’ve killed twenty guards of the Campbell clan. You must pay for that with your life!”

“Is that so?” Kingsley sniggered coldly while he stepped toward Tyrone.

Xylus yelled, “Halt!”

He struck a pose on his spot, and his aura surged continuously. Anyone with a pair of evaluation glasses then would be able to tell that Xylus’ power level had escalated to one hundred thousand within a split second.

Not only was Xylus a master in geomancy, but he was also an expert in martial arts.

Nonetheless, Kingsley was not perturbed and launched his fist at Xylus at once.

Xylus put up both his arms to block the attack.

However, he flew backward from the force, landing on a chair. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, and a grim expression appeared on his face.

As expected of one of the leaders of Horizon Group. There’s tons of force behind his punch!

Tyrone remained calm without looking back.

That was the amount of confidence he possessed as a member of a prominent family.

Tyrone coughed a couple of times, then used a handkerchief to wipe the corner of his mouth. “Is Lord Campbell aware of everything you’re doing right now? Lord Campbell may be strong, but his base is in foreign lands. You’re creating a fearsome enemy for Lord Campbell. I’ll stand right here. Let’s see if you dare take me out or not.”

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