Son-In-Law Madness Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Cosmic Bank

Once the project was complete, it would become a fearsome military weapon.

Even though measures had been taken to keep this a secret, some intelligence was still leaked. There were now several people eyeing the project in Pollerton.

In a heavy-duty truck outside the substation, Lilith was calibrating all sorts of data using a plethora of advanced equipment.

Donald scanned the surroundings and noticed many people spying on them.

He put on his mask, got off the vehicle, and stood outside the substation.

Since the location had already been exposed, the next best thing he could do was deter them through intimidation.

A foreigner saw Donald standing at the substation through his binoculars and exclaimed, “Oh my god! Look who’s there! It’s the Golden Lord!”

“D*mn it! The Chiliad Avion hired the Golden Lord to protect the S7-Grade laboratory!”

“This is bad!”

Many of the spies left silently, and some spies from a few small countries gave up on this operation as well. It’s not worth offending Golden Lord for this!

Golden Lord’s reputation was well-known even overseas. He was known as a maniac who would hunt you down if you offended him, even if you returned to your home country.

Not even the government could protect you then.

“We managed to get something out of that young man. He’s affiliated with Papillon. According to his statement, Papillon will send a team of ten men to Pollerton. The one in charge is likely the man ranked nineteenth in the International Ranking of Assassins, Shaun Freedman!”

Shaun Freedman?

Donald’s eyes narrowed. Shaun was from Yorksland and was a part of the Freedman clan. He joined Papillon twenty years prior, and his power level was over three hundred thousand back then. It was even higher than the Wyvern King, Kingsley!

Twenty years had passed since then. Surely he would be even more powerful now.

“In addition, there has been movement on Noah’s side. It’s likely that he’s used the ultimate weapon that was leaked from the S8-Grade laboratory,” Lilith concluded grimly.

It was almost certain that Noah was colluding with one of the S9-Grade laboratories.

The S9-Grade laboratory in question should be focusing on genetic engineering and top-end weaponry.

Every S9-Grade laboratory was in charge of more than ten S8-Grade laboratories, dozens of S7-Grade laboratories, and even more S6-Grade laboratories. Lilith was understandably stressed about this situation.

“It’s all right; I’m here. Just enter the laboratory as per normal tomorrow,” Donald assured her.

Lilith sighed. “I know. I need to use the laboratory for three days. I’ll be counting on you!”

Donald nodded. Ryan approached him after this and discussed the details of the plans for the following day with him.

Shortly after, there was news from Kingsley and Bradley that Cosmic Bank was extremely suspicious. It was likely that the S6-Grade laboratory was hidden right underneath the main building of the bank, Cosmic Plaza.

Donald garnered relevant information regarding Cosmic Bank. The bank used to be a financial organization specializing in illegal money lending. It was infamous in Pollerton for the way it forcibly collected debts. After that, there was a period where they stepped up legal measures. Cosmic Bank then set up legal banking services and became a proper bank. It mainly dealt in loans and operated in the form of hundreds of online platforms.

“It won’t be easy getting into Cosmic Plaza. The first through third stories are for the general public and are mainly occupied by debt collectors. The man in charge of them is Lloyd Leo. He has an inflated ego, and he even denied Zayne entry,” Kingsley explained.

Donald instructed, “Let’s not alert the enemy. I’ll make a trip there personally.”

At the same time, Jennifer arrived at Cosmic Plaza.

She was there for only one reason—she needed a loan.

A woman dressed to the nines was talking to Jennifer.

“It’s been a while, Jennifer! I can’t believe that you’re a CEO now. What a surprise!” The woman chuckled.

If Donald was present, he would recognize her immediately.

She was Felicia Hunt, and she used to be Jennifer’s close friend.

Jennifer smiled. “I was just lucky.”

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