Son-In-Law Madness, Chapter 260

Son-In-Law Madness, Chapter 260 Meeting Felicia

“Is it true that you had a divorce with Donald?” Felicia enquired.

Jennifer sighed. “Yes, that was a month ago.”

Felicia nodded. “That’s great. You’re such a prize catch. Donald isn’t worthy of you anyway. If my brother wasn’t already engaged, I’d like to introduce you to him!”

“Your brother?” Jennifer was puzzled.

Felicia smiled. “That’s right. He went to study in Yartran with me. My mother arranged a marriage for him. Come to think of it, you know his fiancée too. Her name is Reina.”

“Huh?” Jennifer was taken aback.

I didn’t know Reina had a boyfriend. She acts so intimately with Donald all the time.

“Reina was seeking capital to start a business back then. My mom gave her ten million as start-up capital,” Felicia explained.

Felicia’s mother is Ms. Dolezal!

Jennifer could only laugh bitterly. “That sounds complicated.”

Felicia changed the topic. “Let’s get back to talking business. Our family is acquainted with Mr. Leo, so you’ll get a reasonable interest rate. The only problem is that Mr. Leo has some weird hobbies. Just bear with it and you’ll be fine.”

Jennifer frowned and felt that something was amiss.

Just as she was about to ask about it, Felicia’s phone rang. She picked it up. “Hello? Mr. Leo? Yes, we’re downstairs. All right; we’re on our way.”

She then hung up and turned to Jennifer. “Mr. Leo is waiting for us at the seventh story. Let’s head upstairs.”

Jennifer followed Felicia to the elevator.

Through the transparent walls of the elevator, Jennifer saw that the first through sixth stories were full of tattooed men wearing sunglasses. They were sitting in small groups, and some of them were on the phone.

Jennifer shuddered. “These people are…”

These people were clearly not employees of a normal bank.

Felicia chuckled. “That’s where Mr. Leo is resourceful. These men are all debt collectors. Mr. Leo has monopolized debt collecting in the entire Pollerton! Some of these men were ex-convicts, and some are local gangsters.”

Jennifer simply stared at them while they stared back at her.

There was a strange look in their eyes.

Soon, Jennifer and Felicia arrived at the seventh story. They entered a lavishly decorated office of over two hundred square feet. There were all sorts of decorative stones and famous paintings in the office.

“Mr. Leo loves collecting ores. He’d buy them as unrefined ores and see if there are valuable gems inside,” Felicia explained.

A secretary came over, poured the two of them a cup of coffee each, and stood at the side.

After that, there was a sound of footsteps approaching them.

Lloyd entered the room.

He was a man in his forties. Although it was still early autumn, he was dressed in a mink coat and had a cigar in his hand. There was a gold ring on every single one of his ten fingers. He looked like a tycoon.

This man was the biggest debt collector and the most troublesome gangster in Pollerton.

People like him were the most troublesome to deal with. Even Zayne was unwilling to build ties with him.

Lloyd’s eyes lit up when he saw Jennifer. “Good day to you, Ms. Wilson. I’ve heard the rumors about you, and you’re as beautiful as they say.”

Jennifer smiled awkwardly. “You flatter me, Mr. Leo.”

Felicia stepped forward and greeted him, “It’s been a while, Mr. Leo.”

Lloyd cast Felicia a peculiar look and placed an arm around her waist. “Let me give you a hug, Felicia. Time really flies; you’re all grown up now.”

Lloyd’s hands were all over Felicia’s chest.

To Jennifer’s surprise, Felicia did not show any sign of resistance and even started giggling.

Jennifer frowned. Something’s wrong here.

“Let’s cut to the chase then. Jennifer here needs a loan of a hundred million,” Felicia explained.

Lloyd replied, “A hundred million is no small sum! I need at least half a year to earn this much.”

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