That Can Be Arranged Chapter 339

Chapter 339
As soon as Timothy released his public statement, it became another hit on the Internet. Many people felt sympathy for Timothy’s encounter, while others felt that Timothy was whitewashing himself there were both positive and negative comments.
‘So tough? Could there really be any hidden truth?’
‘Regardless of whether there is a hidden truth, the old madam is also an elder. Therefore, he must be filial.’
‘Giving birth to a child yet not giving child support is the most unforgivable crime.!
‘I think it’s not wrong for him to not forgive his father. But that’s his grandma, so there’s no need for him to lash out his anger for his father on her, right?’
As soon as this point of view came out, many netizens agreed. So, once again, public opinion favored Amber.
At this time, many netizens who knew insider information appeared on the Internet. It turned out that those were classmates from Timothy’s school. They all stood up to testify for him. There were even Timothy’s former middle and high school classmates.
‘I can testify that everything Timothy said is true. I was his junior high school classmate. At that time, he was not sick yet, but his sister attended every parent meeting in school, and none of us ever saw his parents. Moreover, the clothes Timothy wore at school at that time were very old. He couldn’t even use a mobile phone when everyone else had one.’
‘I remember that our class even organized crowdfunding when Timothy was sick. At that time, we even went to visit Timothy. But only his sister was caring for him in the hospital!
‘I am Timothy’s university classmate. Although I don’t like him, I still have a conscience, and I can swear that everything I say now is the truth. I truly admire this guy. In order to save money, Timothy only eats vegetarian dishes and a bowl of soup in school. Furthermore, he takes up various part-time jobs, but his grades have always been excellent.’
As Timothy’s best friend, it was natural for Henry to back him up at this hour. So, naturally, he also published a lengthy article online.
‘Now you see that my buddy here had started a company and became a boss. But do you all know how many years of pain he accumulated to get this far? In order to save the entrepreneurial fund, he worked as a part-time tutor, translator, and he even signed up for the school’s scholarship award every year. He even made sure to participate in any competitions with cash prizes. Even so, he wasn’t able to save enough money. But fortunately, he was lucky. Sawyer Group picked up the first software we developed, and we made our first profit thanks to Sawyer Group. That’s what I regard as successful entrepreneurship!
‘Also, I advise some netizens not to trust rumors too much. Do you know how my buddy’s family
situation is? I won’t say much about anything else. I’ll just say what happened after my buddy started his own business and the company was successfully established. The members of the Reinhart Family saw they could gain benefits from him. They came to the university to oppress him over and over again. Finally, they forced him to give them the end-product of our day and night research and development for free, and they approached us very outrageously. I’ll say this now, even went as far as to kidnap me. If no one believes me, you can go to the police station to investigate this matter. The police station keeps records for such a criminal act!
After those words were out, the whole Internet was in shock. Many netizens even pursued these listed evidence investigations and discovered that it was indeed the case.
For a moment, netizens were enraged. They did not expect there was such a terrible inside story, and
they felt cheated. At once, the public opinion sided with Timothy by a landslide. One by one, the netizens switched sides and condemned Amber.
‘Shameless old hag! You’re an offender too! You’re an accessory to such criminal acts. How dare you have the audacity to ask for alimony?’
“Since you can’t go on living, then die! It’s a waste of natural resources to keep such a vicious person like you alive.’
‘They’re worse than animals! This family has completely lost their conscience for profit! They deserve to be in ruins!
In Vienna, Tessa, who had not slept well all night, decided to clean her apartment. After cleaning, she sat by the dining table, and as she ate, she held her phone. She planned to check the news in her home country, and only then did she find that Timothy had resolved his crisis. The moment she saw that she was instantly relieved.
Despite seeing the netizens’ unanimous condemnation of the Reinhart Family, Tessa still felt very upset.
If no one can testify for Timothy, and if there’s no evidence showing that the Reinhart Family is awful, will Timothy be reprimanded to death?
“Why do you guys keep haunting us? Can’t you all leave us alone and let us live our life well, even for a day?”.

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