That Can Be Arranged Chapter 341

Chapter 341
“It is a pity.”
In the meantime, the corners of Nicholas’ lips rose inscrutably, and his smile was a mysterious one.
However, Tessa was preoccupied and didn’t notice his peculiarity. Although she was rather disappointed, she quickly regained her spirit and said with a smile, “Although you can’t watch me performing live, I can ask someone to help me record the performance. Then, I’ll send it to you after your meeting is over.”
He only smiled and nodded at her arrangement.
Since its day of establishment, Vienna Conservatory has had a history of more than 100 years. There were dozens of famous musicians who graduated from this school. Therefore, the day of the school anniversary was extraordinarily grandiose. The college would also be opened to the public on this day, allowing them to visit.
Tessa had arrived early at the music college while carrying her violin on her back. Currently, many elites and celebrities from all walks of life have arrived at the college.
The bespoke suits, perfumed dresses, and gorgeous hair; it was indeed a beautiful sight to behold. There were also a few media reporters at the scene, and they were akin to busy bees running around interviewing people and taking pictures.
Tessa went straight to the college’s auditorium to get ready after a simple glance at the venus. In the backstage of the auditorium, it was crowded and boisterous. Everyone was busy with the anniversary event.
She walked through the crowd with difficulty, and when she finally arrived at the place that belonged to their orchestra, she saw Hathaway talking to a middle-aged foreign man in a tuxedo. She could see that the man had an artistic aura from a quick glance.
“Tessa, come over here.”
Hathaway also spotted her when she arrived, so she called out to her. Then, she introduced her to the man. “This is the principal of the college, Mr. Byrne. And this is the person I mentioned to you a while ago, Mr. Byrne. My protégé, Tessa Reinhart.”
“Hello, Principal Byrne.” Tessa smiled and nodded politely.
Byrne regarded Tessa kindly. The girl wore a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. She tied up her jet-black hair into a ponytail, and her face, although without make-up, showed a youthful vigor.
“Such a spirited looking child. It’s no wonder you took a fancy to her.”
Byrne said to Hathaway, and then he turned to Tessa and said, “Hathaway told me just now that your music is very compelling. So, I’m very much looking forward to your performance later.”
Tessa looked at Hathaway in surprise. She did not expect her teacher to have such high praise for her toward outsiders.
Even though Hathaway noticed her surprise, she did not say anything. Instead, she asked Tessa to get ready for the performance.
Meanwhile, at the Vienna International Airport, Nicholas led Gregory off the plane with a stern demeanor. Timothy walked behind the two with a smile on the corner of his mouth. He wore a black suit, looking like an elegant gentleman.
After they walked out of the VIP passage, Gregory started bouncing in happiness as he asked, “Daddy, will we be able to see Miss Tessa soon? Can I call her?”
“That’s right! You can see Miss Tessa soon. But this is our surprise for her. So you can’t tell her in advance.”
Nicholas lowered his head and glanced at Gregory as he instructed him. His facial expression softened a little at Gregory’s evident excitement.
When he heard that they would surprise Tessa, Gregory was full of glee. He nodded firmly and promised, “Then, Miss Tessa will definitely be surprised if we suddenly show up in front of her without calling her.”
As if Gregory’s happiness infected him, Timothy widened the smile on his face even more as he listened to Gregory’s cheerful voice.
Suddenly, Timothy thought of a question and asked, “President Sawyer, Tess went to perform today. Could it be that we’ll head to the venue directly?”
“Well, I have already arranged for someone to save us seats.” Nicholas nodded.
Timothy was so shocked that he went speechless. As expected of President Sawyer, his
influence is unparalleled. He can even give instructions to someone in Vienna.
An hour later, the three rushed to Vienna Conservatory. But, unfortunately, the performance had already begun.
“President Sawyer, right this way, please. The seats that we have arranged for you are here.”
The staff in charge of ushering guests immediately led Nicholas and others to the second floor of the auditorium. After they were all seated, the employees retreated.
At the moment, the performance on the stage was a piano performance of ‘Mozart’s Piano Sonata No.8 in A Minor’.

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