That Can Be Arranged Chapter 343

Chapter 343
At this moment. Gregory’s anxious voice sounded again. “Miss Tessa is leaving. Daddy, let’s go find her quickly!”
“Alright, let’s wait for her at the college gate.” Nicholas nodded in agreement as he looked at the girl on the stage who was about to leave.
Meanwhile, Hathaway was also delighted with Tessa’s performance.
Byrne sincerely praised Tessa as he looked at her retreating figure. “As expected of your student. It seems like there will be another excellent violinist in the near future.”
Similarly, Hathaway did not deny the fact that she was very optimistic about Tessa’s future. However, Tessa was not aware of any of these; instead, she immediately went backstage after leaving the stage.
Due to the successful performance, Tessa could not suppress the smile on her face as she felt extremely thrilled inside. Then, she started to pack her things as she could not wait to go back and share the outcome of today’s performance with Nicholas and the others.
A little later, Tessa packed up her things, changed out of her dress, and walked out of the auditorium through the back door with her violin case on her back. She was still very buoyant as she listened to the music faintly coming from the auditorium.
When she finally got to the college gate, she could not wait until she got back to her apartment. She just wanted to share her joy with Nicholas now. Hence, she stopped, took out her phone from her handbag, and dialed Nicholas’ number immediately.
Unexpectedly, a familiar ringtone rang not far away from her. Tessa instinctively looked over, resulting in her becoming utterly dumbfounded by what she saw.
Nicholas and Timothy stood side by side not far away, but their temperaments were completely different. One was flawlessly handsome with the cold and arrogant aura of a superior, while another one was still looking a little young despite dressing up elegantly. Gregory stood between the two, and he looked just like their younger brother with his cherubic features.
Many passersby around noticed them with their striking looks and frequently cast their gazes on them. However, the three paid no attention as their gazes all landed on the figure by the college entrance.
“Miss Tessa!” said Gregory in a gleeful tone. Then, he rushed toward Tessa with a genuine smile on his chubby cheeks.
Gregory hugged Tessa’s thigh tightly. Then, raising his head, he said in a cheerful and adorable voice, “Miss Tessa, I miss you so much!”
Tessa only snapped back to her senses when she felt the weight on her legs. Her face was full of joy as she bent down and picked Gregory up. Finally, she asked with a smile, “What are you guys doing here?”
While the duo was conversing, Timothy and Nicholas also walked over slowly.
“Actually, we arrived early. We even went to see your performance.” Timothy looked at Tessa, and a little pride appeared in the depths of his eyes.
She was pleasantly surprised, and her warm gaze fell on Nicholas.
“You’re the one who arranged all of this, am I right?” Although the sentence sounded like a question, the tone was affirmative.
As Nicholas stared at the smile on the girl’s face, he did not deny it.
At this time, Gregory wrapped his arms around Tessa’s neck. Later, he said in a cute voice, “Daddy’s the one who said we would give you a surprise. So we came here quietly. Miss Tessa, I miss you so much. Very, very much!” |
“Pfft…” Tessa could not help but burst into laughter. She did not expect Gregory to rat out Nicholas so quickly. Hence, she lowered her head and rubbed Gregory’s chubby cheeks against hers. Then, she said, grinning, “I miss you very much too.”
As she spoke, she raised her eyes to look at Nicholas. Then, unexpectedly, her eyes bumped into a pair of mirthful black eyes. The two looked at each other affectionately, and a sweet scent gradually filled the air.
Timothy, who stood by the side, looked at the two staring at each other and sensed the barely obscured gazes from all around. He lightly coughed and said, “Tess, shall we go back first?”
“Uh… R-Right, we should go back first.” Tessa retracted her gaze in embarrassment, and her originally fair cheeks turned crimson red.
Fortunately, it did not take long for her to calm down. Suddenly, she remembered that Timothy and the others had come over directly after getting off the plane. Tessa proposed to take them to dinner first as she figured that they had not eaten yet.
Timothy and Nicholas did not say anything contrary to her arrangement.

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