That Can Be Arranged Chapter 344

Chapter 344
They were indeed a little hungry now after traveling to and fro. Soon, Nicholas drove his car over which he had parked on the roadside.
Tessa accompanied Gregory in the back seat while Timothy sat in the passenger seat. Along the way, Gregory kept snuggling in her arms. He was chattering, and his lips did not stop moving for even a second.
“Miss Tessa, I listened to your performance very carefully just now.”
“Oh, really? How was it?”
“I think your performance was very, very good! I like it very much. But of course, I like you the best.”
Gregory raised his head and looked at Tessa. His big eyes reflected his pure and unrestrained adoration for Tessa. Her heart was touched when she felt his love for her. “I also like you the most.”
As Nicholas looked at the playful duo through the rearview mirror, his eyes were filled with joy that he could not conceal.
Similarly, Timothy also had a shallow smile on the corner of his lips. He felt that if Tessa ever got married to Nicholas in the future, he would not have to worry about her relationship with Gregory.
In a high-end Mediterranean restaurant’s private room, Gregory sat next to Tessa. Meanwhile, Timothy and Nicholas sat across from each other.
While having their meal, Tessa took care of Gregory. She helped him scoop the vegetables, deshelled the shrimps, and cut the fish for him. Gregory would also be very sensible and feed Tessa some food.
“Miss Tessa, you eat too.”
“Yum… The fish you fed me was delicious.” She ate the food in one bite, and she did not forget to compliment Gregory.
Whenever this happened, Gregory would shyly purse his lips and smile. Then, he would continue feeding Tessa.
Meanwhile, although Tessa ate whatever Gregory fed her, her hands never stopped
moving. Timothy started joking as he looked at the familial interaction between the two, “Tess, you and Greg look just like a real mother and son.”
“Mr. Timothy, do we really look like mother and son?” Gregory joyfully looked at
Timothy, his black eyes shining like stars.
I really want Miss Tessa to be my real mommy. But it’s Daddy’s fault for being so incompetent! After so long, he only managed to court her, and they just became a couple.
At the thought of this, Gregory side-eyed at Nicholas in disdain.
Nicholas keenly noticed Gregory’s gaze. He raised his eyebrows slightly, not knowing what had gotten into Gregory for him to deserve such a look.
In the meantime, Timothy did not notice these little movements between the father and son. Instead, he nodded and said, “You two are so close that I feel like I’m looking at a real mother and son.”
Gregory immediately forgot to hold his grudges against Nicholas’ actions when he heard Timothy’s words. Then, he smiled happily, and his round little face was flushed red in giddiness.
Tessa thought his reaction was adorable when she saw it. So, she could not help laughing. “It would be nice to have such a cute baby.”
After those words escaped her lips, she suddenly realized that her words sounded like she wanted to have a child with Nicholas, no matter how one heard it. Then, almost reflexively, she looked at Nicholas and unexpectedly bumped into a pair of black eyes tinted by a playful smile. She suddenly became embarrassed.
“T-That was not what I meant,” she explained with burning cheeks.
It was just that her voice was weak. So, no matter how one listened to it, there was a feeling of her trying to cover up what she really thought. She was annoyed with herself. Thus, she explained again with an aggravated tone. “I really didn’t mean it that way!”
Nicholas only thought she looked so cute when she was both embarrassed yet annoyed at the same time. The corners of his mouth twitched, and his voice was indescribably gentle. “Mhm… I know.”
However, it was such a doting tone in his voice that made her feel that there were double meanings behind his words. At once, the temperature on her face grew a few degrees higher. Her originally fair cheeks seemed to be burning hot as they were
glowing red
Meanwhile, Timothy was a little emotionally exhausted as he sat on one side. He suddenly felt like a third wheel when he saw his sister and Nicholas flirting with each other.
Timothy shook his head and quickly threw this thought away. Then, he changed the subject and asked, “Tess, we’re here this time to especially celebrate your birthday. Do you have any plans?”
Tessa calmed her throbbing heart and smiled as she heard his question. “I don’t really have any plans, but I knew you were coming. So, I freed up the rest of my time, but I didn’t expect Nicholas and Greg to come too.”

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