That Can Be Arranged Chapter 345

Chapter 345
“How can I be absent from celebrating your birthday as your boyfriend?” Nicholas looked at Tessa tenderly.
Tessa nearly drowned in the affection those eyes held when her eyes met his. The temperature on her face that had finally dropped rose again. Then, at once, a sweet scent of love filled the air.
Timothy felt that the food in front of him was no longer edible because he was full from witnessing Tessa being lovey-dovey with Nicholas.
Meanwhile, Gregory was completely oblivious to what was going on.
When Gregory saw Tessa smiling sweetly at Nicholas, he feared that she would forget him. Therefore, he hastily swallowed the food in his mouth and then rushed over to hug Tessa.
“I also won’t miss out on your birthday, Miss Tessa.”
As she looked at the father and son, the corners of her lips continued to rise. At this moment, she felt really loved as she saw and felt their affection toward her.
After dinner, Tessa planned to take Nicholas, Gregory, and Timothy back to her apartment before doing anything else.
On the way back, Tessa suddenly remembered something and said, “I only have one bedroom in my apartment. I can’t accommodate all of you, so I’ll take you to a nearby hotel to check in later.”
“There’s no need for that. There’s a hotel opposite your community, and I have already booked two rooms there. So we’ll just check in there.” Nicholas told Tessa what he had arranged in advance. “The hotel is also close to your house, so it’s convenient for us to go back and forth.”
Tessa did not expect. Nicholas to think about everything and felt that this man was very meticulous.
Later, the car stopped at the gate of the community. Tessa came home with all of them in tow.
“Miss Tessa, your new house looks better in person than watching it through video.”
Gregory immediately switched on his flattery mode when he smelled Tessa’s scent in the air. Then, he began to praise her apartment. However, he was not exaggerating his compliments at all. Although this apartment was small, it was fully furnished. Moreover, Tessa decorated the space very attentively.
The green plants on the balcony, the flowers on the dining table with the floral tablecloth, the small fish tank on the TV cabinet, and the golden-red goldfishes were blowing bubbles in the tank. All in all, the apartment felt lived-in and cozy.
Even so, in Timothy’s eyes, he could not ignore how minuscule the apartment was. He felt distressed and blamed himself as he noticed that she was living in a house smaller than he had envisioned. He felt that he was a negligent brother.
“Tess, I’ll accompany you for house hunting after your birthday.”
Tessa was stunned for a moment, and immediately she knew that Timothy had misunderstood.
Tessa explained with a smile as she gestured for them to take a seat on the sofa, “Don’t overthink things. I don’t feel wronged living here. In fact, I think this house is just right for me as I live alone. It isn’t too big that it would make me feel lonely, but it’s not too small that it would cause me to feel claustrophobic.”
Timothy frowned, and it was as if he was debating whether what Tessa said was genuine.
Likewise, she also saw through his disbelief. Therefore, she invited them for a small tour of her apartment. “I’ll show you around. That way, you can decide for yourself whether I’m doing well or not.”
Timothy did not refuse and stood up from the sofa. Gregory also jumped off the sofa, raised his hand, and said, “Miss Tessa! I’m going too. Bring me!”
“Okay, you’re coming with us.” Tessa grinned and held Gregory’s hand, intending to leave.
Just as Timothy was about to follow, he suddenly spotted Nicholas sitting on the sofa through the corner of his eyes. He felt that it was a rather strange behavior as Nicholas was as cool as a cucumber.
Isn’t President Sawyer Tess’ boyfriend? So, why isn’t he curious about her home at all?
Timothy could not help but ask when he thought about it, “President Sawyer, don’t you want to come and see the room with us?”
Tessa and Gregory also stopped and looked over when they heard the question.
“Oh, I’ve seen it already.”
As soon as these words escaped Nicholas’ lips, he realized that he had said something wrong.
Instantly, Timothy was taken aback, and he ended up staring blankly at Nicholas.
Meanwhile, Tessa remembered the last time Nicholas stayed in her place. Her cheeks slowly became hot as she recalled how many times they nearly lost control and had s*x in those two days.
The room suddenly became quiet, and the atmosphere was a bit strange. Finally, Tessa calmed herself down forcefully and quickly gave Nicholas a warning look, threatening him to keep his mouth shut.

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