The Abandoned Husband Dominates Chapter 591

The Abandoned Husband Dominates Chapter 591

This angel-like white girl was the Swiss Holy Maiden, Lota Schmid!

Park Chan-young was sent flying into the air by Jordan and subsequently crashed onto the ground right in front of her. The girl he liked bore witness to his sorry state. As a result, Park Chan-young was utterly ashamed and went offline on the spot, not daring to say a word to Lota.

Back in the real world.

After Park Chan-young left the game, he took off his VR goggles and cursed angrily.

“D**n you! Jordan, you b*stard. How dare you embarrass me in front of the girl I like? I’m going to kill you!”

As Jordan was standing opposite him, Park Chan-young kicked Jordan’s knee in anger!


Park Chan-young used quite a bit of strength but his martial arts ability was only average. Coupled with the fact that Jordan had very good stability, he was not too affected. If it was a proper one-on-one fight, it would be impossible for someone with Park Chan-young’s ability to even make contact with Jordan’s knee.

However, because Jordan was wearing the VR goggles and immersed in the game, he could not see Park Chan-young’s attack coming.


The surveillance cameras noticed that Jordan had been kicked. Zephyr Three immediately fired a small cannonball at the building as a warning.

Part of the building’s roof fell off.

Jordan was rather angry as well. That b*stard dared to sneak attack him! They had agreed earlier that he would let Jordan take his revenge if he lost the bet. But now, he dared to be a sore loser!

Jordan had already guessed that the exquisite doll-like girl was Lota.

Jordan said angrily, “Park Chan-young! You promised to let me crash into you in the game. I wasn’t the one who made Lota appear. She witnessed your humiliation but I had nothing to do with it! Also, you are a scheming man who wants to ally to rely on the Swiss family. Aren’t you a little too desperate? According to my experience, such a perfect and exquisite woman in a game must be an ugly freak in real life!”

Jordan had encountered all sorts of people. The uglier one was in real life, the better-looking their avatars. The fatter one was in real life, the slimmer their avatars. The skinnier one was in real life, the more muscular their avatars were!

Whatever one lacked in real life, the game would make up for it to satisfy their regrets.

Wasn’t this what role-playing games were about?

Therefore, Jordan believed that since Lota appeared so perfect in the game, she must be really ugly in person.

For a handsome man like Jordan, his avatar was just ordinary-looking. He did not care at all.

Park Chan-young was furious when he heard Jordan call Lota an ugly girl!

“You’re the ugly one! How dare you slander the beauty of the Holy Maiden! You ignorant fool! Do you know that how Lota looks in the game is exactly the same as how she looks in real life?”

Jordan was stunned when he heard that. “What? This is what she looks like in real life?”

Jordan was astounded. She had used her real appearance in the game. How confident she must be in her own looks! He could not help scrutinizing Lota from a distance. A ray of sunshine shone on her fair face. A breeze blew past and her beautiful hair danced in the wind…

“Impossible… how can there be such an exquisite woman in real life?!”

Hailey and Lauren were two of the most beautiful women Jordan had ever seen in the entire US.

And this Lota was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in the whole of Europe! With her fair, ethereal northern European looks, Lota’s appearance was even more unique than Hailey and Lauren! She gave off an exotic aura that tingled men’s hearts.

Park Chan-young snorted. “Don’t be ridiculous! Just because you haven’t seen her before doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I participated in the families’ great meeting. I witnessed Lota’s beauty with my own eyes! I can only say that in reality, she’s a hundred… no, a thousand times more beautiful than in the game! Especially her figure… d**n it, how can such a young girl have such s**y curves!”

Jordan had just learned about the family’s secret and had never attended the great meetings. As a result, he had never met Lota in person before.

But now, as he continued scrutinizing Lota, he realized that she was flat-chested…

Jordan retorted. “S**y curves! Where? Are you that desperate to form an alliance with the Swiss family?”

“D**n you!” Park Chan-young was indignant. “She deliberately adjusted her figure to be more ordinary in the game. Didn’t you say that a player’s figure in real life would be the direct opposite in the game?! When I first saw her last year, she was already a D cup!”


This piqued Jordan’s interest. This girl had such an impressive figure in reality but purposely made herself flat-chested in the game.

However, her current figure did match her pure and holy aura better…

Jordan was getting increasingly interested in Lota. He alighted from his car and walked towards her.

Back in real life, Park Chan-young saw Jordan lifting his leg. He immediately warned Jordan, “Hey, are you walking? You’re not allowed to approach Lota and talk to her. Leave the game immediately and go offline, do you hear me?!”

Jordan ignored Park Chan-young.

Park Chan-young was furious and started kicking Jordan’s leg again. “B*stard, I told you to go offline, did you hear me?!”

Jordan was furious. He thought: ‘The more you insist for me to go offline, the more I will refuse. The more you command me not to approach Lota, the more eager I will be to do so!’

‘D**n you, Park Chan-young. How dare you kick me so many times? Don’t blame me for whatever I do with this girl now!’

Jordan strode toward Lota in a huff.

Lota was very polite. She was like a real angel. She asked, “You’re from the Steele family…”

However, before she could finish her sentence, Jordan kissed her!

Lota’s flawless face instantly turned red. She was completely taken aback.

People from the eight major families were usually very polite to each other. Park Chan-young had been pretending to be a gentleman in the game. Even though he had known her for some time, he didn’t even dare to hold Lota’s hand.

But now, Jordan had forcefully kissed her the very first time they met!

Jordan smiled. “That’s right. I’m Jamie, the famous Steele playboy. You must have heard of me. I won’t let go of any beauty in the world. Lota, I like you. I’ll look for you in Switzerland when I have time, and we can spend the night together while drinking on the snowy mountain. But I have something on now and need to go offline first. Bye!”

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