The Abandoned Husband Dominates, Chapter 592

The Abandoned Husband Dominates, Chapter 592

Feeling somewhat guilty, Jordan ran away after kissing her. He did not see the adorable, dazed expression on Lota’s face. If it were a beauty from a big family like Park Anya, she would definitely be very angry after being kissed against her will.

However, Lota did not look angry at all.

Instead, she stood rooted to the ground in a daze for a long time. Then, she sat on a bench in an extremely demure and obedient manner. The breeze blew at her skirt and hair.

She muttered to herself, “Fortunately, my first kiss was snatched away by a normal man. Otherwise, it would have been taken by that monster on the day of my 18th birthday anyway…

“Jamie… or should it be Jordan? That’s what Mr. Park called you earlier. You don’t dare to admit your real name even after kissing me. How cowardly! Look for me in Switzerland… will you really come? Will you come and take me out of my hellish world before my 18th birthday?”

In real life, South Korea.

Jordan took off the VR goggles and left the virtual game. He looked down at his pants and realized that there were several footprints on his knees. They were all made by Park Chan-young.

Jordan was furious. “Rascal, how dare you attack me while I’m in the game?”

Thoroughly incensed by now, Park Chan-young snapped, “What did you do to Lota in the game just now?!”

Jordan answered honestly. “I kissed her!”

“Ah! You stole my future wife’s first kiss! I’m going to kill you!!”

Park Chan-young was enraged. He snatched a gun from his subordinate and pointed it at Jordan.

Would Jordan give him the chance to kill him?

Jordan reacted quickly and grabbed the gun from Park Chan-young. He aimed the gun at his calf and fired!



Park Chan-young cried out in pain and slumped to the ground.

Instantly, Park Chan-young’s subordinates raised their guns and aimed at Jordan’s head!

No matter how powerful Jordan was, it was impossible for him to fight over 10 men on his own. Moreover, they were all pointing guns at him.

Jordan said, “If any one of you fires, we will all die here, including your boss!”

The subordinates looked at each other. Without Park Chan-young’s order, they didn’t dare to fire.

Park Chan-young was not stupid. If his subordinates killed Jordan, he would die too. He might even die before Jordan did.

Throwing the gun on the ground, Jordan said to him, “Take this as a lesson from me. Don’t provoke the Steele family again! You can’t afford to offend us!”

With that, Jordan lifted Sylvie and was about to leave. He glanced at the Black Widow. He did not want a female celebrity he liked to become Park Chan-young’s plaything. Therefore, he carried Scarlett Johansson out as well.

Park Chan-young remained seated on the ground as he watched Jordan walk out boldly. He was helpless!

“Argh!! I’m so pissed off!”

Park Chan-young pounded the ground angrily.

“Boss, how are you? I’ll send you to the treatment room!”

His subordinates were panicking at the fact that Park Chan-young had been shot in the calf.

However, Park Chan-young rejected them. “There’s no need. It’s just a small injury. It’s not worth wasting my time! The Steele family has been hiding their strength all this while. Their medical skills are actually superior to the Park family. I have to report this to my father immediately! Men, bring me back to Seoul immediately!”

One of the subordinates looked at his bleeding calf. “But boss, your leg…”

Park Chan-young said, “Bring a doctor. We can remove the bullet on our way back to Seoul. I’ll be fine after applying some medicine. Don’t worry!”

In the future world, being shot was just a minor injury as long as it wasn’t a critical part of the body. There would not be any residual effects.

Therefore, Park Chan-young didn’t take it seriously at all.

In a spacious grand hall in Seoul.

A man in his 50s and wearing glasses was sitting majestically on an ornate-looking chair, reading some reports.

Park Chan-young limped in. Although his leg was injured, he still walked quite fast. He rushed to the middle-aged man and shouted, “Dad, something happened. Something big happened!”

This middle-aged man was Park Sang-jun, the father of Park Chan-young and Park Anya, as well as the head of the Park family!

Park Sang-jun glanced at Park Chan-young’s injured left leg with a grim expression.

By now, he already knew what had happened at the Park family’s private hospital.

“Dad, it turns out that the Steele family has been hiding their strength. Their traditional medicine skills are amazing. You know how long our family has been treating Third aunt’s illness, it’s already been six years, and we still haven’t been able to cure her. However, Jordan Steele was able to cure her immediately!”

Park Sang-jun snorted. “I’ve already seen the video of what happened between you and Jordan in the hospital. It was just a type of voodoo trick and you were so easily fooled!”

Park Chan-young was confused. “What? Fooled?”

Park Sang-jun continued. “I just sent a doctor to do a full body checkup on your aunt. Her condition hasn’t improved at all. Jordan just used a hypnotic trick to make your aunt think that she has recovered. It was a scam! I’ve interacted with the Steeles for decades. How can I not know their true strength? The Steeles are the worst of the eight families!

“I told you long ago that the Steele family is useless except for Charleston. Why would you believe Jordan’s claims? That brat should be younger than you, right? You were fooled by a boy younger than you, and he even injured your leg. Don’t you feel ashamed? Park Chan-young, you’ve disgraced the Park family today!”

The dressing down left Park Chan-young furious and ashamed. He knelt in front of his father. “I’m sorry, Dad! I was tricked by that brat! D**n you, Jordan. How dare you claim that the Steele family has the help of a new Deity? Your family clearly has nothing! Dad, Jordan stole my fiancée’s first kiss. Although it was only in a virtual game, I can’t take this lying down!”

Park Sang-jun asked, “You’re talking about Lota of the Schmid family?”

Park Chan-young nodded.

Park Sang-jun frowned. “The Schmid family has always been well-hidden. They are the most mysterious of the eight big families. They are definitely one of the top among the eight families. If you can marry Lota, we can pry into what kind of research the Schmid family has been doing for the past few decades.

“Hmm, the Steeles will be kicked out of the eight families soon anyway. How do you want to take revenge on Jordan? Tell me, I’ll definitely support you!”

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