The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1983 by d*********l

Chapter 1983

Clayton glanced at her and smiled: “This person is treacherous, he can do everything. He is not afraid, but he has not yet figured out how much power I have here. If he knows that I am inferior to him, he will definitely fight back, does the hyena know?”

Nicole nodded.

Clayton’s eyes darkened a bit: “He is.”

Nicole was silent for a while, not making a sound.

For a while.

Clayton thought Nicole was frightened, so he stretched out his hand to hug her and patted her on the shoulder: “It’s okay, it’s normal to be afraid. He can’t touch your head when I’m here.”

Nicole paused. After a second, she slowly said: “But he put his brains on his family, and he told me that Stanton’s house was on fire. I couldn’t worry about my father and talking about it and ran out, but Kai and Julie were caught by him. I got caught…

Next time, I don’t know who it will be?”

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Nicole didn’t know what to do if the people around her were implicated.

She can’t take good care of everyone.

But very guilty.

Clayton was silent, his eyes fell behind her, and there was no one in the direction: “Then drive him out, he won’t be able to reach here.”

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His voice was cold, as if speaking to her, It seems not.

Nicole’s heart felt like a boulder had been smashed, and ripples appeared.

For some reason, she relied on Clayton more than ever.

Before she knew it, her heart also changed quietly.

For a while.

Only then did Nicole look up at him: “How did you know I came out?”

Clayton smiled, “Do you believe in intuition?”


Nicole also rolled her eyes, Clayton touched her head and sighed: “You can’t miss the important moment of the second young master, but when you weren’t there, I felt something was wrong. When I ran out, the waiter at the door told me that Stanton’s house was on fire, and I realized that something was wrong.”

It is so.

Still heartfelt.

If he hadn’t been so vigilant, Nicole would have been taken away by Liliana by now.

The two returned to the hotel, greeted the waiter over there, and went straight home.

There is really no mood to continue to stay.

Ferguson Corporation.

Mitchell was dealing with the progress of cooperation with the Stanton Corporation.

Eric sat on the side smoking a cigarette, his eyebrows indifferent and alienated.


He pushed open the door and entered.

“Brother-in-law, the beautiful woman I saw last time was Clayton’s woman. Why don’t I take her to South Africa? Let alone an arms base, I have as many bases as I want!”

The office was quite silent.

Mitchell’s face darkened, and he looked at Eric subconsciously.

Eric’s face was extremely indifferent, and the center of his eyebrows was as cold as ice at that moment.

He raised his eyes and looked at him coldly: “Who did you see?”

“The woman who hit me on the golf course, don’t think I don’t know. You deliberately prevented me from finding her, so she’s your ex-wife, she’s so beautiful!”

Liliana recklessly recalled the aura of that woman’s appearance, the more he thought about it, the more he felt unbearable.

Eric looked at him with icy eyes: “You’d better not touch her.”

Liliana shook his head and smiled grimly: “My sister has your child, do you still think about that woman?

Pretty is pretty, but she has a bad temper. Besides, she is Clayton’s weakness, if you catch her…”

Eric threw the cigarette in his hand on the table in front of him, his voice harsh: “I Say it, don’t touch her!”

Seeing that Eric was really angry, he squinted his eyes, and then smiled: “Okay, don’t move, don’t move, I didn’t expect you to be a person who loves fragrance and treasures jade?”

Eric changed the topic: “If that’s the case, when will you take my sister over? It’s not a problem for their orphans and widows to live abroad. I think it’s better as soon as possible, otherwise the children won’t know their father.”

Eric frowned coldly and did not speak.

It was Mitchell who thought about it and said, “The last expulsion situation was an order from the public security system. Besides, Ms. Angie’s identity is special, I’m afraid it will not be so easy to get in.”

Liliana chuckled: “It’s not that simple? Then, just like me, change my identity, am I different now?”

Mitchell paused and looked at Eric deeply.

Eric’s tone was indifferent: “No hurry, wait for the completion of the matter. The new company will be established soon. Aren’t you eager to whitewash the money in your hand?”

Liliana’s eyes lit up: “Is there any sign of this?”

“It’s already in the process. When the project is launched, I will arrange for my own people to sell it. You can buy at a high price in the name of the buyer, and then sell it again, and your money will be clean.”

Eric’s voice was indifferent, as if to say this extremely simple thing.

Liliana smiled and breathed a sigh of relief: “I knew that these hundreds of billions of things are a piece of cake in your hands. Brother-in-law, don’t worry, when my money is safely in the overseas account, I will let your sister and mommy out. I’ll give birth to a big fat boy with your sister later, and we’ll be a family, kiss and kiss!”

Eric’s face was cold, there was no trace of warmth, he couldn’t see it any mood.

It’s just that the atmosphere in the entire office is condensed and weird.

Immediately, Liliana’s eyes flashed: “But I’m still not at ease.”

Eric lifted his eyelids and remained silent.

Liliana curled the corners of his lips and smiled slyly: “I’m not worried about you, is the partner you’re looking for reliable? Don’t turn around and trick me. Let’s go, I’m going to find a friend to follow up with him Looking at it. I feel even more relieved, Mr. Ferguson, what do you think?”

Eric pursed his lips without expression: “Whatever you want.”

He looked like he didn’t care at all, which made Liliana completely relieved.

“Okay, I’ll let him come over in a few days!” Liliana laughed loudly, then stood up, patted Eric on the shoulder, turned around and went out.

A long time.

The office was quiet silent.

Mitchell looked at Eric’s face, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

“Mr. Ferguson, what you mean, Miss and Madam, are still in his hands. Could it be that they were directly hidden by his people?” And the trace of Quinn. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be such a jerk.

Their plans have been put on hold again and again, isn’t it because they haven’t found anyone?

Eric’s face was cold, his eyes were as deep as a calm sea, and the seabed suppressed the monstrous waves.

His jaw line was taut, terribly cold.

“He can put people in the hands of the falcon, and there is no need to hide them at all. It can only be said that people are not in his hands, and he can’t find them. He lied to us.”

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