The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1984 by d*********l

Chapter 1984

The atmosphere was stagnant for a moment.

Mitchell was a little shocked, “Liar to us? But we don’t have any news yet. If we turn our face now, I’m afraid…”

Eric raised his hand and his eyes were cold: “How is the preparation at the Stanton family? The project is important, they must rely entirely on foreign forces, and the Stanton family’s foreign industry is completely independent of the domestic Stanton Corporation, which is the best help for us.”

“You have already discussed with Mr. Stanton, naturally It’s no problem, but if he asks later…”

Mitchell hesitated.

“Let’s be honest when you ask. As long as we can lock up the black money. We will have the weight, and then we will be able to plan the next step.”

Listening to Eric’s words, Mitchell nodded, just looking at his In his eyes, it is indescribably complicated and profound.

If it weren’t for the constraints, how could Eric, such a proud person, be in the company of such a person?

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Mitchell said, “Should we remind the Stanton family that Ms. Stanton is being targeted, it’s not good…”

Eric closed his eyes, his thin lips pursed into a straight line: “No, let’s talk to her. The less contact with her. The safer she will be, and the less Liliana will take her to heart.”

Mitchell wanted to say something, but seeing that Eric had already made up his mind, the rest he said was nonsense.

It’s just that he felt that if Nicole knew in advance to prepare, it might be safer.

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But Eric’s concerns are also justified. The fewer people know about this matter, the greater the hope of success.

After all, once the plan fails, Ingrid and Quinn will not be able to come back.

After what happened halfway through the wedding.

There are many more bodyguards in Nicole and Clayton’s residence.

It was not convenient for them to live in the original apartment, so they returned to Stanton’s house.

The happiest thing is to talk about the children.

Kai may have suffered a blow, and he had to come back with Julie.

Floyd disliked it.

Julie is also very helpless.

Kai is the purest member of the Stanton family. Even the second child, Nicole, has been plotted to escape death many times in order to protect the country’s research results, but she has never been so frightened.

But Master Kai is completely different. He has never suffered such a humiliation since he was a child, especially after hearing the true identity of Liliana, he can’t sit still.

He arranged more than a dozen bodyguards for himself and Julie. When he was the most prosperous in the entertainment industry, he had never been so high-profile.

It made Nicole shake her head every time she saw him.

Julie was making coffee, and said that the child has been able to run a few steps recently. Although she will fall over when she runs, she likes to stand and run.

She smelled the fragrance and ran to Julie’s leg, staggeringly stretched out her little hand for a hug.

Julie looked at her with a smile:

“Wait a minute baby.”

She put down what was in her hand and bent over to pick her up.

Talking about the child holding her face and taking a sip, she smiled and touched the saliva on her face, feeling a little embarrassed.

Julie knew that her heart would melt.

Kai walked in with a dejected look, and also stretched out his hand for a hug.

Julie smiled, ignoring his existence, hugged and talked about the child and went out.

Kai was very hurt: “I see, the doctors say I have post-traumatic sequelae, and I’m a patient, you don’t comfort me!”

Julie: “Kai, you should tell us about learning and be brave!”

“Aren’t you very brave at the time? When they attacked you, I rushed up first…”

Kai explained, his face still pale.

The other party took out their weapons, but Kai’s bravery was used on her.

Julie smiled, reached out and stroked his messy hair, like petting a huge pet dog: “Yes, it’s normal to be afraid, I don’t mean to blame you, Kai but you can’t make a fuss, Now even traveling is a problem, and I’ll be going to work for one more day with you!”

She didn’t feel helpless because of Kai’s state, on the contrary, at that time, even if he ran away, she would not will blame him.

With the knife on his neck, he could choose to move the rescuer.

But he didn’t.

His eyes were red when he rushed up, without the slightest hesitation.

conditional on her safety.

She was fine, but he was punched a few times, otherwise he wouldn’t have been caught so quickly.

Fortunately, they all passed by without any danger.

But she didn’t expect that Kai’s sequelae would be so serious. He was almost better, but he couldn’t get over it.

It is useless for Grant, Nicole and Clayton to take turns doing their inner work.

He would rather accompany Floyd and talk and play at home every day.

Kai paused, hugged her deeply and said, “One day is too little. You should take a year off, or half a year? A month?”

Julie looked at him without smiling: “I’ll just resign.”

“That’s fine, you’ll be responsible for spending money, and leave it to me!”

Kai agreed.

Julie had every reason to speculate whether Kai’s state was faked?

Why is this purpose?

In the back garden.

Grant, Nicole and Clayton were playing cards with Floyd.

The four of them were talking and laughing, and the laughter came over, and Butler was watering the flowers behind, and he also echoed a few words.

The sun was very good, not arrogant or impetuous.

Floyd’s flushed face was in good luck, and he groaned three times in a row, his mouth closed with joy.

Nicole counted cards in his heart, but no matter how he counted it, he felt that it was wrong.

Grant and Clayton casually chatted about the company’s affairs, which was irrelevant.

Only Nicole and Floyd were concentrating on playing cards.

Clayton was sitting on her opponent’s house. She should not have lost so badly, but now she has begun to doubt her life!

Just when Nicole didn’t want to play anymore, Clayton’s cell phone rang.

Clayton glanced at it, picked it up without any hesitation, and didn’t hide it deliberately: “Hello?”

Suddenly Clayton felt depress.

Nicole glanced at him. Clayton didn’t lift his eyelids. He didn’t know what the other party said. It was a foreigner, he answered a few times and hung up.

Then he continued to joke with Floyd sideways as if nothing had happened.

Floyd regarded him as his own son, and wanted to join forces with him to deal with Nicole and Grant.

Grant glanced at Nicole helplessly.

Nicole twitched the corners of her mouth, expressing her dissatisfaction.

Next second, Grant’s cell phone also rang.

He looked at the number with a dignified expression for a moment, then walked into the distance and picked it up.

Not knowing what he heard, his eyes turned to this side unconsciously.

It seems to be looking at Clayton.

His face changed several times, slightly shocked.

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