The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1986 by d*********l

Chapter 1986

After a bit of complementary food, She’s quite picky eaters, which is a headache.

But Clayton treated this matter patiently and coaxed her little by little. She would be praised for a long time when she sipped it in.

Pure rainbow fart.

Clayton frowned: “I don’t know, what about Dad?”

Clayton’s implication was to see Floyd’s friendship with the Lindstrom family, whether he would give this face.

He is here, but he has learned 70% to 80% of the human feelings of Mediania.

Floyd hesitated for a moment, then nodded: “Let them come in.”

Although there was no contact, they were all people in the shopping mall, and it was hard to say that they didn’t meet.

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At this time, if you are turned away, it is no different from falling into a trap.

Mr. Anderson went out to invite someone.

They couldn’t continue to eat, Kai stayed to take care of the children, Julie helped, and everyone else went to the living room.

Nicole didn’t want to go, because Lumi was the one who stood in the matter between Lumi and Samuel.

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The location is a bit awkward.

But 80% of the reason they came was for Clayton, and she wanted to know.

Samuel’s parents brought a cart full of gifts and placed them at the door.

Floyd smiled, “It’s not a festival, why is it so grand?”

Mr. Lindstrom and Mrs. Lindstrom walked forward with a smile.

“Old man, I’ve wanted to come and visit you for a long time. You see, I’m also retired. It’s good for us to catch a fish together…”

Floyd smiled without smiling.

Mrs. Lindstrom’s smile felt like she couldn’t keep up, she put powder on her face, but she couldn’t hide the pale worry in her eyes.

Nicole could see clearly from the side, but Clayton sat there quietly and contacted the tea that Floyd had just taught her.

Mr. Lindstrom paused, holding Floyd’s hand and hesitating to speak:

“Old master Stanton, I have a favor, you must help me!”

Floyd said, “Look, I know that there is nothing without going to the third place. Treasure Palace, if you have something to say, just say it.”

A trace of embarrassment flashed on Mr. Lindstrom’s face, and he glanced at Clayton who was sitting there, not knowing how to speak for a while.

Still, Mrs. Lindstrom couldn’t help it anymore, so she choked and said, “Old master Stanton, you know, we only have one son in our family, and it’s because we didn’t discipline him well. Before he went abroad, he was riddled with scandals. Foreign business. As a result, he was in danger and he couldn’t come back.”

Floyd’s face froze, a little shocked: “Huh?”

He didn’t know about this.

Mrs. Lindstrom’s tears just fell: “Some time ago, some terrorist leader wanted to swallow our family’s oil business. As you know, the domestic business is sluggish, and we don’t have much ability to manage it, and it all depends on foreign companies. In the oil industry, my dad accidentally bought it when he was abroad, and we relied on it to eat. As a result, that person wanted to rely on robbery, but he didn’t make any sense. Samuel has been busy working abroad, and I just can’t get in touch recently…”

There was silence in the living room.

Mr. Lindstrom sighed and couldn’t help but look at Clayton: “Old master Stanton, I know your son-in-law has some connections with South Africa, can you help Mr. Sloan and inquire about the whereabouts of Samuel, even if we don’t want the oil, it would be good to bring the people back safely…”

Mr. Lindstrom’s words carried a plea.

Floyd looked at Clayton, but did not speak in a hurry. Clayton paused for a second, then the hand that was pouring tea paused slightly. His wrist was clean and neat, revealing his thin forearm, which was very beautiful.

He raised his eyes and looked at Floyd looked at Mr. Lindstrom again: “Dad, Mr. Lindstrom, I’m in serious business and have no dealings with terrorists.

Floyd nodded hurriedly and turned to look at Mr. Lindstrom: “Yes, yes, he is just making a small investment, it’s all a small business, those things that terrorists kill and set fires. My good son-in-law would not dare to do it at all!” “

Mr. Lindstrom twitched the corners of his mouth, “Mr. Sloan, of course I know that you are different from those people. I just heard that you have some business there. Maybe there is a way to bring people back, even if you give it a try, please help, I beg you on behalf of our whole family! “

Mr. Lindstrom said that he was about to bend down and bow.

Clayton immediately stood aside to avoid it, pursed his lips, and his eyes sank: “I know you are in a hurry, I don’t know for sure, but I can help you find out.”

When Mr. Lindstrom heard this, his eyes lit up. “Thank you, Mr. Sloan, thank you…”

Clayton paused, “But whether it can be rescued or not depends on the situation, you go back and wait for the news. “

Mr. Lindstrom’s face darkened for a moment.

But hope is better than outright rejection.

He immediately nodded: “Okay, if there is anything that needs to be arranged, I will pay for the cost. I hope that the general manager will do his best, thank you very much.”

He looked at Floyd with tears in his eyes, and went over to hold his hand:

“Old master Stanton, thank you. If only I had a daughter, I would marry the daughter to Mr. Sloan!”

Floyd said, “He doesn’t like it.”

Mrs. Lindstrom choked up a few words, and then followed Mr. Lindstrom to express her gratitude.

When sending guests, Clayton suddenly thought of something and stopped them.

“Wait a minute, Mr. Lindstrom, I don’t know who told you that I can help?”

He smiled warmly, harmless to humans and animals.

Mr. Lindstrom hesitated slightly.

Clayton’s voice was warm and gentle: “Since it’s the middleman, of course I have to tell the other party the results of the investigation, which is better for negotiation.”

Mr. Lindstrom gritted his teeth: “It’s Eric Ferguson.”

Clayton nodded calmly, not saying anything.

As soon as the person left, Floyd’s face sank. “Could it be that Eric kicked this trouble over? He really has a face!”

Clayton gave the poured tea to Floyd with both hands, and smiled casually: “It’s not surprising, Mr. Ferguson understands me, of course he will immediately Think of me.”

Floyd snorted coldly.

Very dissatisfied.

Nicole looked at Clayton: “But can you find it? Did you do it with hard work?”

Clayton nodded: “It’s very likely to be him. He’s been making a lot of small movements recently, and he’s probably starting to lose his patience.”

Floyd frowned: “Clayton? If it’s too dangerous, forget it, we can’t take care of ourselves, if the Lindstrom family’s kid suffers revenge again…”

Clayton looked at Floyd with a smile: “Dad, he has already useless if you’re staring at me, it’s useless to retreat, I’ll let someone investigate Samuel’s whereabouts first, and as for the follow-up rescue, of course, leave it to the international police.”

Floyd nodded, then looked at him with a stern face : “On the basis of what we can help, we are all from the Mediania. Can we just watch him die? Although the boy from the Lindstrom family is not doing his job, he has not done anything harmful. If we can help, of course. I want to help.”

Clayton paused for a while, then nodded with a very educated look: “Dad is right, it’s because I’m too small, and I’ll ask Dad to remind me from time to time.”

Floyd nodded with satisfaction and very satisfied with Clayton’s attitude.

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