The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1991 by d*********l

Chapter 1991

The living room fell into silence.

Nicole couldn’t bear it anymore, and glanced at her: “Mrs. Lindstrom, if you can pay attention to international affairs, you will know that it is not illegal to carry guns in South Africa, and your helicopter will fall into the sea if it runs out of fuel halfway. If you can’t fall into the sea, you can be chased and killed. If you have the conditions, you can try it. We are powerless here, and we have done our best to achieve this step.”

Nicole spread her hands, and Mrs. Lindstrom blushed white.

“There’s a gun, so can’t we call the police?”

Clayton lowered his eyebrows and didn’t speak, just gently turned the teacup in his hand.

Floyd also sighed.

“Then you have to go to the United Nations to report to the police. Wouldn’t our family help your son smuggle it out? It’s better to be clear about which way you want to choose, don’t play with people.”

Floyd put the cup heavily on the table.

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Mr. Lindstrom’s face changed several times.

Mrs. Lindstrom also did not dare to say a word.

Mr. Lindstrom said, “That’s not what Mrs. Lindstrom meant. She doesn’t understand anything. I completely agree with Mr. Sloan’s plan. As long as I can bring my son back, I have nothing to say!”

Clayton smiled and said: “Don’t worry, President Lindstrom, during the process, there’s nothing I can do if I lose contact. But after two or three months, I’ll have someone notify you.”

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He said and stood up.

This move is equivalent to sending a guest.

Mr. Lindstrom couldn’t continue to sit down, so he could only stand up embarrassedly and leave with Mrs. Lindstrom.

Floyd sat there with a confused expression, looking really angry and helpless.

“Originally, I helped them for the sake of being from Mediania. It’s nothing to help everyone. But if you listen to that woman, are you complaining about Clayton’s lack of care?”

Dissatisfaction with the Clayton plan.

But they have limited ability, so they open their mouths and let others do it.

Even Floyd heard it and was so angry!

Nicole smiled and shook her head.

“Forget it, they are also anxious to get angry, understandable.”

Floyd stood up and said, “If I didn’t understand, I would have seen the guest off.”

After speaking, he looked at Clayton: “Don’t worry about it, I know You tried your best.”

Clayton smiled: “I can’t understand, Dad.”

Although he said so, in fact, he had no interest in saving people at all.

In order to leave a good impression on my father-in-law, everything is worth it!

Nicole took her arm and sighed: “Our baby has been wronged, and a kind person will definitely have a good reward!”

Clayton was stunned by the sudden distress. The coolness in his heart just now disappeared without a trace.

He smiled, lowered his head, and said extremely modestly, “It’s okay, don’t be wronged.”

Floyd frowned at the two of them sticking together, and stood up in disgust: “Sitting or not, what a formality!”

Although he said that, he stood up by himself and went upstairs with his hands behind his back.

At an age, I can’t eat dog food.

He is still out of sight and out of mind!

Seeing this, Nicole laughed so hard that he lay down on the sofa.

In the warehouse.

When Liliana saw the antiques carefully placed in the box, his eyes lit up instantly.

Ancient calligraphy and painting, antique vases, and all kinds of valuable ornaments are all worth the price.

He really didn’t expect that Nicole, a woman, tinkered with something so valuable!

Liliana carefully opened one of the boxes and touched it inside.


He touched something cold, his face changed, and he slowly drew out his hand.

Oh sh*t.

Nicole really didn’t scare him, there was a detonating device inside.

One or two is easy to take, but with so many boxes, he don’t know which one he missed, and they will all be broken into pieces by then.

Not worth the risk.

His subordinates followed up and took a look: “Boss, there are 16 boxes in total, do you think this is not a trap?”

Liliana stood coldly for a while: “Take such a valuable thing as a trap?”

“Maybe it’s fake. That’s right!”

Liliana said, “No, I’ve done this before, and it’s obviously shipped from a private collection with a mark on it.”

Liliana was about to speak carefully when the phone rang.

Picking it up and looking at it, he picked it up decisively: “Sister?”

It took a while.

He don’t know what the other person said.

Liliana’s face changed greatly, then he hung up the phone and looked at his subordinates: “put things in the safe, put them in our boat, and leave tomorrow night.”


Liliana strode out of the warehouse with a calm face. He went directly to the Ferguson Corporation.

Eric was listening to the report.

Seeing Liliana hurried in, no one outside could stop him. “Eric, my sister is gone, did you do it?”

Eric frowned slightly, then waved his hand.

The people in the office are leaving one after another.

“What did you say?”

“Don’t play stupid, did you do it? My sister suddenly disappeared!”

Liliana’s face was ugly.

Eric lowered his eyes calmly, pursed his lips, and his face was cold and forbear:

“I don’t know what’s going on.”

“Isn’t it you or who?”

Liliana pointed at him rudely: “You are cold-blooded and cold-hearted. The person, she gave you a son and you still don’t let her go. Have you forgotten that your sister and your mother are still in my hands? Do you want them to be the same as your father?”

His voice was a strong chill and threat.

A stern look flashed across Eric’s eyes. He lifted his eyelids and said in a cold voice, “Is my mother and sister really in your hands?”

He clenched his fists secretly, not forgetting what Nicole said to him.

For no reason, he felt that Nicole was right.

Liliana’s face twitched slightly, his eyes surging undercurrents, and his murderous intent suddenly appeared: “Of course, do you want me to show you some hints?”

It was just that moment of hesitation, which was captured by Eric.

He’s hesitant and angry, indicating that people are not in his hands.

Eric’s heart was relieved, as if a boulder had been removed, and his endurance increased a lot.

Nicole was right!

It’s just that he couldn’t let Liliana see through it.

Eric raised his eyes and said in a cold tone: “Liliana, don’t forget, we are already on the same boat. You forced me to get on the boat, my sister and my mother are in your hands, I will send them to death Is it?”

He glared at him sharply.

Obviously do not believe.

Eric pursed his lips, “Well, I’ll send someone to check it.”

“No, I’ll check it myself, it’s best not to have anything to do with you, otherwise, wait and collect the corpses for them!”

Liliana dropped this sentence, Turned around and left.

He threatened Eric with his family. When Angie’s accident happened, Eric was the first to be suspicious.

Cooperation is inherently fragile.

How could he be at ease?

But now the most important thing is Angie, and that batch of goods.

He can’t wait, he’s leaving tonight.

Eric looked at his back, squinted his eyes, and the bottom of his eyes flashed a bit fiercely.

When Nicole received the call, he was a little surprised.

“So fast?”

Luca: “Yes, it is said to be the ship tomorrow night, but I observed that they are loading the ship tonight and are expected to leave tonight, miss, our plan can start.”

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