The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 501

It was still early morning, so his desperate yell could’ve wakened up the residents in the building.

Naturally, Sebastian was woken up rudely.

He initially thought of ignoring Saul, but the kids were here, so he had no choice but to get up grimly.

“What’s with the yell? He’s ill, so it’s perfectly normal for his son to send him to Jetroina, right?”

“Normal? Who knows what they are planning. Sebastian, stop being childish and follow me to the hospital right now,” Saul declared and dashed forward to drag him out.

Luckily, Wendy was on his side. “Mr. Hayes, you should go visit your father before it’s too late.”

Sebastian remained quiet for some time.

In the end, he glared at them and changed his clothes before leaving with his cousin.

Around twenty minutes later, they arrived at the hospital.

Sebastian didn’t want to be here, especially after the old man called him a hypocrite, causing them to have a fallout.

Yes, he had always rebelled against his father, but no one knew how important his father was to him.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to marry Sasha when Frederick ordered him to do so.

Alas, everything had changed now.

Saul drove ahead and glanced in the rearview mirror at the aloof man seated in the backseat. Seeing how grouchy the man was, he dared not say anything throughout the entire journey.

Upon their arrival, the leader of Black Hawk, Channing Woods, who had been working for Frederick for a long time, came to greet them.

Saul opened the car door without saying anything.

Channing took one look at the man in the car and exclaimed in delight, “Mr. Sebastian, you’re here!”

It was as though Sebastian was his last straw of hope.

Regardless, Sebastian didn’t respond to his enthusiasm and merely flash a mocking smirk.

Channing was rendered speechless.

Saul hastily dragged him away. “At least he’s here, right? That’s what’s important. We should head to Frederick now.”


Channing led them into the hospital hastily.

Frederick had suffered from a heart attack, so he wasn’t doing well now. After stabilizing his condition, they had to operate on him to save his life.

Still, as his heart attack came too suddenly, the local hospital dared not operate on him.

Hence, they suggested transferring him to a better hospital.

“Mr. Sebastian, we’ve contacted the best surgeon in Jadeborough. But Mr. Solomon refused to let us head there. He said it will be better if his father receives treatment in Jetroina.” Channing explained the whole situation and gazed at Sebastian earnestly.

The moment Sebastian heard how he addressed Solomon as “Mr. Solomon,” he couldn’t help but shudder in disgust.

“Let him go to Jetroina, then. You should listen to your Mr. Solomon.”

Channing paled, realizing he had said something wrong.

Saul hurriedly interjected, “That won’t do! We’re waiting for you to make a decision!”

He tugged on Sebastian and led him into the elevator.

The doctors were surrounded by a few strangers outside the ICU when they arrived.

A spectacled man in a suit holding a briefcase was questioning the doctors, “Are you sure he can’t speak? I thought his condition is stable now? Why can’t he talk? I need to confirm something with him right now.”

“No. The patient is still in critical condition. How can he talk?”

“What? But it concerns his will!” the man blurted out.

Sebastian, who had just arrived, heard what he said clearly. He merely stuck his hand into his pocket nonchalantly, saying nothing.

Everyone felt an indescribable sense of oppression in the air, causing them to tremble in fear.


“Kill him!” Sebastian ordered coolly.

He didn’t even explode in anger or show any hint of fury in his expression. Standing there, he was the epitome of elegance.

Nevertheless, the spectacled man’s face immediately contorted in horror.

“No, Mr. Hayes. Please listen to my explanation. I didn’t mean that. I—”


He didn’t even get the chance to finish his sentence, for Channing had stepped forward to choke his neck. The spectacled man went limp under his chokehold promptly.

Channing Woods was someone more terrifying than Karl, for he was the one who established Black Hawk under the Hayes family. The mere mention of Black Hawk would get others to tremble in fear.

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