The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 502

“Mr. Sebastian, wait a minute. I’ll dispose of him.”


Sebastian gave him one last look and went to the doctor’s office.

He might hate Frederick, but he wouldn’t allow outsiders to humiliate his father.

The people who were trying to convince the doctors with the lawyer immediately fled the scene after seeing Sebastian’s cruelty.

That was so scary! He might no longer be the president of Hayes Corporation, but he’s still intimidating and merciless.

Sebastian and Saul came to the doctor’s office.

“Mr. George, you shouldn’t bring your father to Jetroina. It’s too long a journey, and I’m afraid he can’t take it.”

“Yes, Mr. George. Old Mr. Hayes’ situation is critical, so it’s best for him to head to Jadeborough. Please reconsider your decision.”

Clearly, the doctors were trying to convince Solomon to change his mind.

Just a second later, a familiar voice rang out. “Don’t worry about that. I’ll arrange a private jet to bring him there. I’ve also contacted the doctor from Jetroina to come here. He will be on the same flight to monitor him.”

It was Solomon’s voice.

Saul felt his limbs going numb. “Sebastian, hurry and get in there. We can’t stop him now.”

However, Sebastian made no move to head in.

“Isn’t that good?”


“Mr. Hayes, you’re here! Great. Come on in!”

When they were conversing, the doctor opened the door. He was pleasantly surprised to see Sebastian out there.

First Hospital was one of Hayes Corporation’s assets, so Sebastian had shown up for a few management meetings here.

Those doctors who had been here for a while knew who he was.

Frowning, Sebastian had no choice but to walk into the office.

Indeed, Solomon and a man in his forties were in that room.

The man even gave Sebastian a nod and grinned.

Who is this?

The disgust in Sebastian’s heart intensified. He didn’t even bother sitting down and demanded, “What is going on?”

“Your father’s condition is stable now. As he’s old and had a blockage in the aorta, we suggest he gets transferred to a better hospital.”


“Then, we suggest for him to transfer to a hospital in Jadeborough. We even contacted that hospital in advance. But Mr. George here says he doesn’t believe the local doctors and insists on bringing his father to Jetroina. We think—”

“Sure. Go to Jetroina, then. That sounds like a great idea,” Sebastian cut in coolly and agreed to Solomon’s idea.

The doctors were stunned.

Even Solomon couldn’t conceal his astonishment as he whipped his head around to stare at Sebastian.

Why is he acting differently? He’s not here to stop me? What is his plan?

He found it hard to believe, but it was true.

The man who nearly killed him two days ago because of his wife seemed impassive today.

It was as though this matter had nothing to do with him.


“That’s it, then. I need to go now,” Sebastian responded irritatedly and turned on his heels to leave.

Everyone else shared dazed looks. They couldn’t believe he had just left without looking back!

Solomon snapped back to reality and sneered at Sebastian’s retreating figure. “Frederick Hayes, just look at the son you brought up personally. You protected him and even stained your own hands with blood. Now, do you regret after seeing how ruthless he is?”

In the end, it was decided that Frederick would be transferred to Jetroina to receive treatment.

As the matter was settled, Solomon returned to his company and left the private jet’s arrangements to Ken.

“I warn you, this is the end of it. If anything happens to him after he arrives in Jetroina, I’ll make sure you regret your actions!” he warned Ken before leaving.

The smile on Ken’s face didn’t even waver at his warning.

“What’s wrong? Mr. George, do you have feelings for your biological father after spending a few months with him? You don’t want to see him in trouble?”

“That’s none of your business!” Solomon declared, his eyes turning crimson red in rage as though he wanted to tear Ken into pieces.

“Ken, inform that woman not to challenge my bottom line. That includes both Frederick and Sasha. Otherwise, she’ll regret having given birth to me in the first place,” he warned between gritted teeth.

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