The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 503

It was a blessing to be born into the world, but now, Solomon was saying he’d make his mother regret giving birth to him if she continued challenging his limits.

Ken said nothing after that and brought his men to the airport.

“Mr. Sato, you’re here.”

“Mm. Is the patient on the plane?” Ken asked as his gaze landed on the luxurious plane parked nearby.

The man wearing shades immediately nodded. “Yes, he’s already up there. Everyone is ready, save for you.”


Ken strode toward the plane.

After boarding the plane, before he could take his seat, a figure appeared behind him and struck him.

Instantly, he blacked out and collapsed weakly.

“Mr. Hayes, done. He’s unconscious,” the figure looked up and reported enthusiastically.

That man was the person who had just opened the car door for Ken earlier.

After dealing with Ken, he was reporting to the pilot in the cockpit.

Yes, the plane no longer belonged to Ken. It had been hijacked by Sebastian.

The man was sitting in the cockpit, his face grim. He didn’t feel like answering his excited subordinate.

“So? Do you want me to teach you what to do next?”

Channing fell silent.

Just bear with it. He must be fuming now. I can’t afford to offend him.

Silently, Channing brought Ken out of the plane to dispose of him.

After that, they flew to Jadeborough with Frederick.

Roxanne was heading to the Wand residence again.

“Wendy, are the kids at home? I brought along some snacks for them.”

“Yes, they are.”

It was the weekend, and Wendy couldn’t lie and say the kids were at school, so she had no choice but to reply that the kids were home.

Roxanne sauntered into the house cheerfully.

Matteo heard the commotion downstairs and immediately scowled unhappily. He didn’t want to flatter and talk to his woman.

Suddenly, Ian stopped him.

“Daddy hadn’t brought Mommy home yet. We still need to be polite to her.”

“What do you mean?”

“We can try to fish some information from her. Perhaps she knows where Mommy is,” Ian explained.

In fact, Roxanne knew about it.

She was bold enough to come here, as she had a trump card.

“Matt, Vivi, your daddy isn’t home today?”

“Daddy’s at the hospital because Grandpa’s sick. Ms. Rocke, didn’t you visit Grandpa?” Vivian replied innocently.

Vivian disliked Roxanne too, but her brothers told her not to show her displeasure to the latter. Hence, she decided to chat with her.

Roxanne was delighted to hear that.

“Oh, I’ll head there after visiting you kids. On second thought, I need to go to the hospital now. This is the medicine I prepared for your daddy to relieve his stress. Can you give it to him when he comes back later?” Roxanne uttered as she brought out a few bottles of medicine from her bag.

This was the main purpose of her visit today.

After the boys came to her and offered their apologies two days ago, she felt it was time to try to seduce the man again. The medicine would be a perfect excuse for her to show up at their house.

Vivian and Matteo couldn’t bring themselves to say anything, so Ian stretched out his hand and uttered coolly, “Okay.”

His action pleased Roxanne greatly.

Ah, look how adorable he is!

She left, extremely pleased with herself. I shall come back when Sebastian is at home.

She would never know that the boy she called “adorable” would empty the contents of the bottles into the garden once she made her leave.

Matteo exclaimed, “Ian! What if the flowers die from the poison?”

Vivian knelt beside the flowers sadly. “Ian, don’t feed the flowers poison. Next time, we should pour them into the drain to poison the rats.”

“Sorry,” Ian apologized profusely.

Wendy’s jaw dropped at the sight. Wow, the kids are really amazing.

After Roxanne’s departure, Wendy allowed the kids to head out to have some fun on the weekend.

The neighborhood was quite safe, and there was a playground right outside their house.

When the kids held hands and skipped along the street, they saw a crowd at the market nearby.

“What happened?”

“Come, let’s go and check it out!”

The boys dashed over to find out what was going on.

To their utter shock, they saw a familiar person lying on the ground in the middle of the crowd.

“Aunt Sabrina? Why is Aunt Sabrina here?”

“Matteo, hurry. Let’s call Daddy!”

“Aunt Sabrina!”

The kids panicked instantly.

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