The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 504

At General Hospital in Jadeborough.

When Sebastian received his son’s call, he had just arranged for Frederick’s surgery with the help of Devin Jadeson.

He couldn’t believe his ears. “What? Aunt Sabrina?”

“Yes, Daddy. Aunt Sabrina is lying on the ground in the market opposite the playground in front of our house. When will you be back?” Matteo inquired naively. He had no idea his father wasn’t in Avenport now.

After confirming the fact, Sebastian could hardly contain his happiness. “Matt, I’m not in Avenport right now. I’ve brought Grandpa to Avenport to treat his illness. Listen to me carefully. I’ll ask Karl to come over right now. Take care of your Aunt Sabrina until he arrives, alright?”

“Sure!” Matteo answered.

Daddy gave us a mission to take good care of Aunt Sabrina. We must not disappoint him!

The children held hands and formed a circle around Sabrina to protect her from the crowd.

“Stay away. This is our aunt, so no one is allowed to touch her.”

“Yes, don’t touch her!” Vivian warned.

Back in Jadeborough, Sebastian hung up and was going to head back to Avenport.

Devin frowned at his actions. “You’re leaving that soon? Won’t you wait until your father comes out of his surgery? The hospital director said his condition is quite critical. If you leave now…” he trailed off as his meaning was clear.

If Sebastian were to leave now, he might not get to see his father for the last time.

Alas, Sebastian was unfazed.

“That’s his fate. I’ve done my job by sending him here,” the man responded coolly and spun on his heels to leave.

Devin fell silent.

“Mr. Sebastian, can I talk to you in private?” Right then, Channing returned after dealing with the procedures. He immediately stopped Sebastian from leaving and asked to talk to him.

A few minutes later, they both stopped at a quiet corridor in the hospital.

Channing stood still and stared at the young man who he had watched growing up. After a long silence, he said, “Mr. Sebastian, before Mr. Hayes had a heart attack, he made a will with his lawyer, Gabriel Averton.”

His words caught Sebastian by surprise.

Channing continued, “Mr. Hayes knew this would happen one day, so he made arrangements beforehand by leaving all his shares to you.”

“What? Come again?” Sebastian regained his composure and glared at him.

Did he leave his entire fortune to me? How could that be possible?

He was so afraid I’d take away his fortune meant for his other son. Didn’t he curse and insult me back then?

Now, he’s leaving his shares to me in his will? Isn’t that too ridiculous?

Sebastian refused to believe it. “Are you lying to make me stay?”

“No. If you don’t believe me, let me call Gabriel now. I’ll ask him to send a photo of the will over.”

Before waiting for Sebastian’s reply, Channing dialed Gabriel’s number.

A few minutes later, Sebastian’s phone buzzed. He pulled it out and clicked into the photo he received hesitantly. Indeed, a legitimate will with Frederick’s signature was displayed on the screen.

“Mr. Hayes didn’t want you to take the twenty percent of shares because he had planned to leave his thirty-five percent of shares to you. He refused to let you take charge of Hayes Corporation to protect you. All he wanted was for you and your wife to have a blissful life together.”

How ridiculous. Kicking me out of Hayes Corporation was to protect me? That’s utter nonsense!

Anger clouded Sebastian’s face as he parted his lips to press on. Right then, Devin rushed to him and declared, “Sebastian, your father isn’t doing well. Hurry, let’s go to the operating theater now.”

Sebastian put off the cigarette in his hand instinctively and dashed toward the operating theater with his best friend.

Alas, Frederick was already in the operating theater when he arrived in a huff. He stared blankly at the red light outside the operating theater silently.

What if he didn’t make it? What shall I do?

That threw him into a dilemma.

I might feel exhilarated for a moment, for he had yelled at me and hurt my feelings a lot.

Nevertheless, Sebastian looked down and realized his hands were trembling. He couldn’t even hold a cigarette.

“D**n it!” he growled and kicked the trashcan right beside him.

Instantly, the metallic clang reverberated throughout the hallway.

Devin told him, “Calm down. General Hospital is the best hospital in the country. Have some confidence in the surgeon. Your father will be fine.”

Slowly, the emotional Sebastian gradually calmed down.

The surgery went on for three hours.

Three hours later, the doors slid open as a medical staff pushed out a body covered with a white cloth.

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