The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 505

Sebastian couldn’t stand properly after seeing that.

Channing grabbed the doctor’s shoulders and roared. “What happened? Isn’t this the best hospital? What have you done to Mr. Hayes, huh?”

He almost fractured the doctor’s shoulders.

Devin immediately went up to stop them. “Calm down, you guys. Listen to what the doctor has to say first!”

The hospital in the military headquarters was the best in the country.

This was why Devin admitted Frederick into this hospital after receiving Sebastian’s call.

No one expected Frederick’s condition to deteriorate all of a sudden.

“It’s not the usual case of myocardial infarction. We noticed Mr. Hayes’ aorta is all hardened, and it’s due to excessive use of medication…” the doctor explained.

The doctor explained further about the condition, but Sebastian could not recall a thing he said anymore.

When Sebastian regained consciousness, he only remembered wearing the sterile gown and sitting beside the bed in the ICU ward.

Frederick was on ventilatory support even though his heart was not beating anymore.

“You’re just gonna lie here and assume I’ll forgive you?” Sebastian glared at the old man and murmured.

Yet, at this stage, Frederick could no longer scold and annoy Sebastian like how he did in the past.

The ward was filled with pin-drop silence.

Channing, who stood outside the ward, turned to Devin and gave him a USB drive. “Can you please pass this to Sebastian later?”

Devin gave him a puzzled look. “Where are you going? Let’s wait for him, and we’ll discuss the next course of action together.”

Yet, Channing, who had worked closely with Frederick for years, responded with a grin and left.

Two days later, Sebastian walked out of the crematorium with Frederick’s cremation urn.

“We received news from Jetroina. Channing is dead, but he killed Ken Sato,” Devin delivered the news with a heavy heart.

Sebastian tightened his grip on the urn and closed his eyes. “Where’s the thing he gave you?”

“Here.” Devin took out the USB drive and passed it to him.

Sebastian had been avoiding the USB drive in the last few days because he could not accept Frederick’s death.

At the same time, he was afraid to find out all the secrets he had been trying to figure out in the last two years. And he believed the USB drive contained all the answers to his doubts.

Yet, he did not dare to face the truth.

With the demise of Channing, Sebastian had no choice but to see what was in it.

While flying back to Avenport with Frederick’s ashes, he opened the USB drive and found a video in it.

“Sebastian, if you’re watching this video, I’m afraid I would have been gone. I always knew this day would come, and I hope you can pull yourself together,” Frederick, who was sitting in the garden, spoke in the video.

Frederick was all calm and steady, unlike how he had reprimanded Sebastian over the incident at the memorial hall. The elderly man was even smiling as he spoke.

“I know you’re mad that I didn’t hand the Hayes Corporation to you. I’m sorry, but I have my reasons, and I don’t regret it. You’re not made for that kind of life, Sebastian.”

“When I forced you to take up Hayes Corporation, I thought I made the right choice,” Federick explained why he did not want Sebastian to take over the corporation. “Yet, there were people who threatened you with your illness and tried to sabotage you. I finally realized I’d made a grave mistake. I thought I had your best interest in mind, but in reality, I made your life a living hell.”

Is that the reason?

Sebastian did not buy the story.

Just like what Channing mentioned earlier, Frederick did talk about the will.

“This will is for you. I’ve given you thirty-five percent of the shares,” Frederick continued. “Though you’re not the ultimate decision-maker, you’re still the second-biggest shareholder of the corporation. With this will, you should be able to live comfortably with Sasha and the kids for the rest of your lives.”

Suddenly, Frederick stopped talking in the video.

Sebastian stared at the screen, wondering what he would say next.

“So please leave Solomon alone. I owed him so much, and I want to make it up to him. And he’s also your brother. Let bygones be bygones, okay?” That was the last thing he said in the video.

Toward the end, Frederick’s smile had disappeared, and guilt was written all over his face. Sebastian noticed that tears welled up in his father’s eyes.

It was as if he was begging Sebastian not to complicate the matter anymore.

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