The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 506

Fury surged through Sebastian, and he was about to explode in anger. How he wished he could smash the USB drive into pieces.

This was what he had to say? That’s all?

He included me in his will because he wanted me to stay away from his son. What a brilliant plan!

A corner of his mouth quirked up. He stared at the USB drive with his teary eyes and burst into laughter.

“Mr. Hayes, are you okay?” Karl was worried upon seeing his reaction.

“I’m fine. Pass this urn to Solomon later. Tell him the old man gave me thirty-five percent of the company shares. I’ll give him all the shares, but he must bring her back to me.” Sebastian handed the urn over to Karl so that he could give it to Solomon when they arrived.

Karl was taken aback.

Give…give this to Solomon? I must have heard it wrongly, right?

The moment they touched down at Avenport’s airport, Sebastian stormed out of the building right away.

Karl had no choice but to bring the urn to Hayes Corporation.

At this point, Solomon had learned about Frederick’s death. He flew into a rage, turning his office upside down.

When Karl walked into his office with the urn, Solomon froze. “What is it all about?”

The color drained out of his face as he stared blankly at the urn.

Karl placed the urn on his desk. “Mr. Hayes told me to bring this to you. He said he’ll give you the thirty-five percent of his company shares once you bring his wife back safely.”

“And if you refuse to cooperate, he’ll personally come over and take over your position in the company.” Karl pointed at his chair.

Upon hearing that threat, Solomon’s face turned even paler.

Thirty-five percent of shares went to him? That old man gave all his shares to him?

It looks like the man cared about him more than me—his biological son!

Solomon clenched his fists so hard that his knuckle cracked. His jealousy toward Sebastian continued to grow stronger.

In the end, he still got in touch with the people in Jetroina.

“What the hell? The old man gave the company shares to that bast*rd and not his own son? Was he out of his mind?” The woman in Jetroina cursed.

Solomon contained his anger and reminded her. “Since Sebastian is willing to give up his shares, I’ll still be the biggest shareholder of the company even if we don’t know where the 20% is. You should be happy.”

The woman on the other end of the line kept mum for a while before saying, “So you really want me to release Heather’s daughter?”

“Did I ask you to keep her around in the first place?” Solomon asked.

“I’m only doing this for you since you still have feelings for her, right?” the woman defended herself.

Solomon threatened her with a smirk. “Say it one more time, and I’ll jump from the top of Hayes Corporation. You’ll lose everything.”

His threat rendered the woman speechless right away, and she eventually ended the call.

Solomon threw the phone aside and sat on his chair. He could not stop his body from shaking upon thinking about the news he received.

Meanwhile, at Kenford in Jetroina, Sasha found out that they were releasing her the next day.

“Mrs. Tsurka said you’re free to go now. Here’s your flight ticket and some cash. You can return to your country now.” The woman who came to inform her was not Ken but a middle-aged woman.

Yet, the way she spoke was as aloof as Ken.

Sasha gave her a puzzled look.

I’m free to go?

She could not believe what the woman said.

Just a few days ago, Sasha attempted to escape because of the Sabrina incident, and these people reinforced the wall of the building to prevent her from running away again.

And all of a sudden, they changed their mind and let me go?

“What trick are you trying to pull next? Are you still trying to make me give up the share transfer agreement? I have told you that I know nothing about it, and I don’t have it with me!” Sasha shot a sullen glare at the woman.

Surprisingly, the woman replied in a calm voice, “We don’t need that agreement anymore. You’d better leave now before I lock the door.”

Sasha immediately grabbed the ticket and cash over and dashed out of the premises.

Finally, she regained her freedom.

Instead of going directly to the airport, she put on a mask and made a trip to Lostaria.

That was the place of origin of the Tsurka family.

Sasha wanted to find out more about the mysterious Mrs. Tsurka. She wanted to know who she was and how did she get Solomon to do things for her.

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