The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 508

Yancy appeared to be rather bristled.

“What the heck do you know? I did it all for the sake of vengeance, and besides, didn’t my son already repay you for everything that your mother had done? When you were forced out by the Hayes and cast adrift overseas, wasn’t my son the one who has been constantly helping you?”


“Enough of this. I’m done talking. Now that you found out about me, you can forget about going back.”

With a wave of her hand, the woman motioned for the few attending bodyguards to have Sasha pulled onto her feet and taken away.

Upon sensing her intentions, Sasha started to put up a desperate struggle. “You won’t get away with this, Yancy. You killed Frederick and deceived your best friend into raising your son for you. Sebastian will surely seek you out to avenge his father, and nothing good shall befall you!”

The woman’s lips pursed tightly before she suddenly raised her hand and slapped her.

Sasha, who was being dragged along, felt her own face arched to one side with a resounding smite.

“Nothing good shall befall me? What have I done wrong to be deserving of such a fate? At twenty, I became pregnant with the child of a man who would rather abort his own child in order to safeguard one who wasn’t of his own blood. What wrong was I guilty of then?”

All inside the yard, including Sasha, fell dead silent.

What did she mean by that?

Safeguarding one who wasn’t of his own blood?

“Listen here, Sasha Wand. I’ve already cut him enough slack, and all I want is Hayes Corporation. If I were to tell the world about his inglorious past, would you believe that it’ll completely destroy the Sebastian Hayes you’ve come to know?”

The woman loomed over Sasha with savagery and hatred in her eyes akin to that of a viper capable of ending her at any time.

Sasha was motionless, and as though struck by something from above, she was suddenly devoured by a boundless terror and darkness which made her scream.

No. It can’t be…


Sebastian brought a delirious Sabrina back to the Wand residence.

It was uncertain what exactly she was put through, but she was both anxious and fearful. She would scream hysterically whenever anyone else came near.

To think that this used to be the insufferable young lady of the Hayes family.

“There are some wounds found on Ms. Sabrina’s body, Mr. Hayes, which the doctor has ascertained were produced by beating. As for her hysteria… it could have been induced by shock, coupled with the injection of some form of substance.”

Karl regarded the state of the young lady of the Hayes before he cautiously explained with his back turned to her.

When his voice trailed away, Sebastian, who had his eyes fixated upon his sister all this time, drove his fist violently into the wall.

While Karl held his silence in response, the mentally disturbed Sabrina thumped her knees into the floor with her hands raised protectively over her own head.

“Stop. Don’t hit me anymore. I’ll perform… I’ll go perform for them…” the terror-stricken woman kept prostrating toward Sebastian while she muttered to herself.

Widening his eyes in shock and without regard for his own bleeding knuckles, Sebastian rushed forth and supported her by her arms to help her onto her feet.

“Look at me carefully, Sabrina. I’m your brother!” Even the voice with which he howled beside her ear was quivering.


Perhaps the volume had been loud enough this time that it seemed to have yielded some semblance of a response from Sabrina.

My brother?

“That’s right, your brother,” Sebastian felt a lump in his throat and his eyes just reddened for no rhyme or reason.

The two siblings had never actually hailed each other as sister or brother before this.

Owing to their personalities and some things that happened over the course of their formative years, they usually either called each other by their full names or yelled at each other when things went south.

However, Sebastian told her straight up that he was her brother.

For a moment, Sabrina seemed to have calmed down, but her eyes then quickly glazed over. “Why didn’t my brother come and rescue me? Does he blame me for losing his wife?”

The air in the room became stagnant to the point of suffocation.

“No, I didn’t do it on purpose. Not on purpose…”

Then, she suddenly started to struggle violently, and with that, her face became awash with tears and overcome by pain and self-reproach.

By the time the thunderstruck Sebastian came to his senses, she had already slipped out of his hands and concealed herself elsewhere.

“Mr. Hayes?”

“What are you still standing there for? Didn’t I send you to Jetroina to keep an eye on things? Go get on it. Once you’ve had her, kill them. Kill them all. Do you hear me?” Sebastian roared with such an intensity that the whole room seemed to be quaking.

What else could Karl have said except to see to the matter right away?

With a fury like this, he’d have bulldozed the whole of Jetroina had he not been waiting on news of Madam. There was no way he was going to let them off even if it meant taking it to them head-on.

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