The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 510

Roxanne’s face turned pale for a moment.

She dared not utter another word. Taking out the medicine and injection, the woman started treating Sabrina.

As a result, the latter became much better. She wasn’t as restless as before, sitting down and resting for an entire morning.

“Ms. Rocke, why don’t you have lunch here today?” Wendy asked casually.

She’s here to treat Ms. Sabrina, and it’s going to be noon soon. It’ll be rude if we don’t invite her for lunch.

Without any hesitation, Roxanne replied gleefully, “Sure. Let me help you.”

Wendy was rendered speechless.

Glancing at the sullen Sebastian, she felt an urge to slap herself.

After the two went into the kitchen, Matteo saw his father’s surly face and quickly scampered over to him.

“Daddy, Aunt Sabrina’s condition is not stable yet. It’s great that Ms. Rocke stays for lunch, so she can check on Aunt Sabrina in the afternoon too.”

“Yeah…” Ian agreed as well.

Sebastian’s eyes flicked between the two boys, who seemed to have a sudden change of mind, but the man could do nothing about it.

Ignoring them, he turned around and headed upstairs.

He was still waiting for Karl’s phone call. According to the plan, Jetroina should have gotten the news since he had passed the ashes to Solomon two days ago.

But why is there no update from that brat?

In the study, Sebastian turned on his computer.

Forty minutes later, lunch was ready.

Should I get him?

Gazing at the spaghetti, Roxanne was overwhelmed with eagerness.

She came only to approach the man. Now that a golden opportunity had presented itself, there was no way she would let it go.

Then, she mustered up the courage and went upstairs.

“Sebastian, Wendy asked me to inform you that lunch is ready.”

Gingerly, she tiptoed to the study. Afraid that the man might get mad at her voice, she pretended as though Wendy sent her upstairs to call him.

However, Sebastian didn’t hear her, as he was on the phone with Karl.

“Mr. Hayes, I’ve asked about it. They’ve released her.”

“Really? If they have released her, where is she now?” Sebastian questioned in a rage.

On the other side of the phone, Karl nodded his head in agreement. “Yes, I thought so too. But Sinch Enterprise insisted that they had let Mrs. Hayes go. They even showed me the security footage as proof.”

Immediately, he sent the security footage to his agitated boss.

Sebastian’s expression softened a little as he played the footage.

Sure enough, the person in the footage was none other than his wife. Holding something in her hand, she came out of a small wooden house.

Soon, she went out of sight.

Could it be that she has indeed been released?

Such a thought thrilled Sebastian. “Find out where she is now as soon as you can. Up till now, I haven’t seen her return to the country.”

Karl nodded at once. “I got it. I’m looking for her already. There’s one place I’d like to check out first. I’ve checked with the airport. Mrs. Hayes hasn’t boarded any plane.”

“Where is it?”


“What? Kenfort?”

Sebastian had been to Jetroina, as he had some properties over then. However, he didn’t know much about this county named Kenfort.

In the end, he had no choice but to agree with Karl and hung up the phone in vexation.

Standing in the doorway, Roxanne took the chance and asked, “Is it the Spring Lake at Kenfort in Jetroina?”

The second the man heard her voice, he swiveled around to look at her.

A hint of disgust and coldness flitted across his face.

Nevertheless, he stifled his annoyance when he registered her words.

“Do you know that place?”

Holding back her delight, Roxanne explained in detail, “No, I’m not sure. I once heard from Solomon that his adoptive mother has a villa there. So it reminded me of that place when you mentioned Kenfort earlier.”

But had she really heard it from Solomon?

Of course not!

As the partner of those people, the Rocke family knew many things.

Sebastian squinted his eyes at her.

He had his guard up against her. The first thing he wanted to do when he heard her voice was to ask her to get lost. How dare she come up without my permission?

After scrutinizing her for a moment, he eventually sent the name of the place to Karl, who was now in Jetroina.

In the next second, his frigid gaze landed on her.

Her heart skipped a beat.

“Hmm… I came to inform you that lunch is ready. By the way, Solomon isn’t as great as he appears to be. The one who has the final say is his adoptive mother.”

She went all out, revealing important information just so the man wouldn’t be provoked.

Sure enough, the man who wanted to chase her away bit back his words.

“His adoptive mother?”

“Yes. You might not know this, but Solomon became the president of Sinch Enterprise because his adoptive mother instructed Tsurka to do so.”

Sebastian remained silent.

This is weird. Doesn’t Tsurka have his own son? Why does he allow his adoptive son to take over as the president of Sinch Enterprise?

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