The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 511

Furthermore, it was surprising that Yamada was so obedient.

Sebastian was finally interested in this topic. After taking out a cigarette and lighting it, he placed it between his lips and took a puff. Only then did he ask, “Have you seen his adoptive mother?”

“Not yet, but I heard that she’s from Chanaea. My dad told me to prepare some cultural gifts for her previously,” replied Roxanne honestly.

She had never seen Solomon’s adoptive mother. The first reason was that both of them were not formally engaged. The second reason was slightly weird—the Rocke family had suggested for both families to meet multiple times, but Yamada and his wife seemed to be avoiding it deliberately.

When Sebastian heard that, the suspicious look in his gaze intensified.

The Tsurka family was a prominent family in Jetroina. Especially after founding the Sinch Enterprise, they were very influential in their country.

Hence, it was impossible that such a family would allow Yamada to marry a woman from Chanaea.

This was because class consciousness was even greater there than over here.

Sebastian flicked the cigarette ash away. “After hearing what you said, I’m curious. Is it possible to get your hands on that woman’s photograph?”

“Of course! As long as you want to see it, I’ll definitely get it for you.”

Roxanne did not think about it much. The moment she heard that he wanted her help, she agreed happily.

There was nothing that could make her happier than helping him out. That was already a luxury for her.

With that, Roxanne left excitedly.

Meanwhile, a mocking smirk played on Sebastian’s lips after he saw her leave. Then, he kicked the carpet which Roxanne had just stood on away.

“Wendy, tidy the room.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes,” replied Wendy quickly.

In the afternoon, Karl, who had gone to Spring Lake at Kenfort, finally called.

“Mr. Hayes, I found the villa. It’s the place shown in the surveillance footage. Also, the people there confirmed that Madam had been released.”

“Where is she? Why isn’t she back yet? Why can’t I reach her phone?”

After receiving the call, Sebastian was happy yet worried.

Karl quickly consoled him. “Don’t worry, I heard them say that Mrs. Tsurka gave Madam the plane ticket for the flight back. The name might be different. I’ll go to the airport now.”

“Okay, hurry up!”

Sebastian had no choice but to accept his suggestion.

He wished for nothing more than to fly to Jetroina immediately to find her himself.

However, Frederick was dead. Although he had passed the ashes to Solomon, he still needed to attend the funeral. After all, Frederick was his biological father.

After tidying his clothes, Sebastian left the house.

“Wendy, remember to keep an eye on Ms. Sabrina. She’s still unwell, so don’t let her wander around.”

“I understand, Mr. Hayes. Don’t worry!” guaranteed Wendy.

No one expected what happened next. After Sebastian left for the funeral that afternoon, Sabrina woke up. While Wendy went upstairs to coax Vivian to sleep, she climbed over the wall and escaped.

She was skilled in martial arts from the start, anyway.

When Ian discovered that his aunt was gone, he immediately yelled, “Oh no! Ms. Dolivo, Aunt Sabrina is gone!”


Wendy immediately dashed out of the room.

However, it was too late.

When Sebastian received the news, he was holding a black umbrella in the graveyard and staring at the new tombstone coldly.

It was a very good place.

Solomon was quite decent to his father. After inheriting the Hayes Corporation, he bought the best graveyard around.

Even though it was rainy, tall pine trees lined the sides of the graveyard, revealing a vast landscape. When Sebastian gazed into the far distance, he could see the entire city. It felt like the time when he was still at Hayes Corporation.

“Mr. Hayes, who should lead the ritual?”

“Give it to him,” replied Sebastian expressionlessly, passing his role to the dead man’s favorite son.

Solomon was speechless.

However, he held himself back, assumed his role, and completed all the rituals.

Due to Sebastian’s unpredictable personality and the dramatic change of power in Hayes Corporation, no one dared to say anything even though he did not bow.

After the funeral, Sebastian was about to leave when Solomon approached him.

“Now that she has been released, shouldn’t you fulfill your promise?”

He’s so impatient. Frederick had just died and he can’t wait to mention this.

When Sebastian heard that, he was filled with contempt. Laughing, he asked, “Why are you so impatient? I haven’t seen her yet. It’s not too late to give you that after I see her.”


Solomon wanted to say that two days later, the Hayes Corporation would announce to the public about the reshuffling of the shareholders and his new position as the head of the company. It was normal for him to be impatient.

However, under Sebastian’s mocking gaze, he still stayed silent.

Fine, I’ll just wait for a while. Anyway, she might arrive today.

With that, Sebastian left.

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