The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 512

Half an hour later, Sebastian returned to the Wand residence.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. It’s all my fault. I didn’t keep an eye on Ms. Sabrina and didn’t know that she would… climb over the wall and escape….”

Wendy, who had been brimming with self-recrimination for the entire afternoon, finally saw Sebastian return. Filled with guilt and anxiety, she apologized to him profusely.

There was nothing else he could say to that.

All he could do was to drive out of the house and look for Sabrina.

Luckily, he had instructed Karl to dispatch some men nearby to protect the three children. Hence, immediately after he left, someone appeared.

“Mr. Hayes, Ms. Sabrina went to the Hayes Residence.”

“The Hayes Residence?” Sebastian was stunned.

“Yeah, we can’t even stop her. Since you’ve been staying at home recently, you might not know this… Solomon has already moved into the Hayes Residence.”

Sebastian stayed silent. With a gloomy expression, he immediately drove to the Hayes residence located at Gold Street.

Sabrina was right there. After escaping from the Wand residence, she rushed over there like a madwoman.

However, before she could enter, she was stopped outside the entrance.

“Let me enter! Who are you to stop me? Let me enter. This is my home!”

“Your home? You must be mistaken, Ms. Hayes. It’s no longer yours, but Mr. Solomon’s.”

There was an unfamiliar woman standing at the entrance of the house. Speaking with a strong Jetronian accent, she stared disdainfully at Sabrina, who was being restrained.

When Sabrina heard that, she immediately made a ruckus.

“This is my home! I want to go in!” She struggled to break free. As she was still ill, she acted stubbornly like a child whose favorite toy had been snatched away.

The woman became impatient.

She waved her hands, signaling for the others to throw Sabrina onto the streets.

Luckily, Saul and the rest were still living in the house. When he saw this scene, he rushed out. “What are you doing? She’s a member of the Hayes family! What right do you have to do this?”

“For Mr. Solomon is the owner of the house now!”

The woman shot him a look of contempt.

What followed was even more outrageous and infuriating. After she spoke, she started to scrutinize Saul intently.

“Speaking of which, when are you moving out? This house is already Mr. Solomon’s. No one else but him can stay here.”

“What did you say? Say that again!”

Saul was so furious that his eyes became bloodshot. He glared at the woman resentfully, wishing for nothing more than to slap her.

We have to move out?

When Uncle Frederick was here, he didn’t even tell us to move! What right does she have to make us move? What more he’s just an illegitimate son!

However, the woman showed no signs of retracting what she had said. As if she was looking at a fool, she just looked at Saul disdainfully.

“Didn’t you understand me? Your dead uncle gave the Hayes Corporation and the Hayes Residence to Mr. Solomon. Isn’t that clear?”


Saul’s face turned pale.

Uncle Frederick actually gave the Hayes residence to his illegitimate son?

How is that possible? This has been the Hayes family home all these years.

Saul felt a cold shiver running down his spine. Meanwhile, Sabrina, who was being restrained, was about to be thrown onto the streets and be utterly humiliated.

In the nick of time, a black Bentley appeared.

When he saw this scene from afar, a murderous glint flashed across his eyes. In the next second, he slammed his foot on the accelerator and sent the car zooming toward the people dragging Sabrina away.


The two men had never seen such a terrifying situation, so they immediately released their grip on her and dodged to the side.

Sabrina was thrown onto the ground. After returning to her senses, she raised her head and saw a black Bentley stopping right in front of her.


With her hair disheveled, she gazed at the car in a daze.

The car door opened and a tall man emerged from the car.

“Sebastian, they bullied me! They refused to let me into the house! Sebastian!” Tears gushed out of her eyes as she wailed. She immediately stood up and pounced toward him.

Never would he have expected to see Sabrina wailing and complaining to him like a little child.

Hence, Sebastian froze there.

It was only after he felt the moisture from her tears and snot on his shirt that he pushed her away in disgust.

“Stand properly!”


Sabrina stood there pitifully, not daring to hug her little brother anymore.

Sebastian shot a cold glare at the others. “What happened and who are you? Who let you touch her?”

With just a few words, the atmosphere changed drastically. The woman no longer had the upper hand. Instead, Sebastian’s intimidating aura dominated the place.

Initially, Saul was worried that he did not have any backups. Now that he spotted Sebastian, he immediately ran over.

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