The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 513

“Sebastian, she works for Solomon. She said that this is now his place and refused to let Sabrina enter. We are even required to move out!”

“Move out? Then, what’s the use of this house?”

“She said that it’ll be Solomon’s in the future. No one else but him is allowed to live in it.”

Saul repeated the woman’s words resentfully.

When Sebastian heard that, he laughed. “Really? When did this happen? Why do I know nothing about this? Who does Solomon think he is? How dare he occupies the Hayes Residence? Did his mother get it for him by sleeping with others in hell?”


His words were so vicious that the woman almost fainted from fury.

Sleeping with others?

Is he saying that Solomon’s mother still hasn’t changed her habits in hell? That she still has to spread her legs open in order to secure the property for her living son?

The woman trembled. “Sebastian Hayes, don’t go overboard. You’ll regret it!”

“Regret?” The smirk on Sebastian’s face faded and was replaced by a menacing scowl. “Indeed, I regret it immensely now. Why didn’t I destroy the Sinch Enterprise back then?”

With that, he waved his hands.

A few men clad in black suddenly emerged behind him and started beating everyone up, overpowering them completely.

Everyone at the entrance collapsed onto the ground, including that Jetroinian woman.

With a single kick, she fell down onto the floor with a loud crash and could not even get back onto her feet.

“Sebastian, there’s no use in beating me up. As long as the will exists, the Hayes Residence can only be Mr. Solomon’s.”

“You’re wrong. It’s true that there’s a will, but the house has been left for me. He told you it’s his because I was generous enough to gift it to him. Why? Do you think that the house’s already yours before it actually is?”

She remained silent.

Sebastian’s words were like a huge slap to her face. Lying there, her face flushed.

Even though she had been kicked earlier, she did not look half as humiliated as she was now.

As expected, Sebastian was merciless.

In the end, Sabrina happily entered the house while tugging on Sebastian’s shirt.

Just like how the woman was about to toss Sabrina out earlier, she was now being dragged to the streets by Sebastian’s men.

When the Hayes family, who had been suffering under that Jetroinian woman because of Frederick’s funeral, spotted Sabrina and Sebastian, they were delighted.

“You’re finally here, Sebastian! If you didn’t come, our family…”

“Yeah! We all rely on you to keep the family going.”

When Saul noticed his siblings’ expressions, he also gazed at Sebastian pleadingly at the side.

However, before Sebastian could say anything, Sabrina suddenly ran away.

“Quick! Let’s save your wife. There’s a ghost there who’ll eat her toes!” she yelled crazily before rushing into the house.

When Sebastian saw that, he had no choice but to follow her closely.

In the end, Sabrina ran to the memorial hall in the Hayes Residence.

“Look! There’s a ghost locked up here. Your wife is right there! Save her quickly!”

When she reached the destination, she did not dare to take a step forward. Staring at the staircase fearfully, she insisted on letting Sebastian go up instead.

Sebastian paused.

Although Sabrina was not exactly in her right mind, she kept telling him to go up and save Sasha. This reminded him of the incident where they barged into the memorial hall back then.

What happened inside?

Hence, he decided to go in and take a look.

“Stand here and don’t move.”

“I won’t move! I’ll wait for you here. Go and save your wife now!” Sabrina, whose mind was still befuddled, urged him again. The anxiousness in her eyes seemed real.

Sebastian finally entered.

He had entered the memorial hall when he was younger. As the only heir of the Hayes family, he would be dragged here by Frederick during every important event to pay his respects.

When he entered and saw the familiar memorial hall, he was not surprised at all.

However, when Sabrina did not hear any noises from outside, she pressed her face against the gap in the door. “It’s upstairs! Your wife is upstairs!”

Speechless, Sebastian walked up the stairs.

It was a very narrow wooden staircase. As he was extremely tall, the staircase creaked when he stepped on it. The sound was exceptionally loud in this quiet place.

At that moment, he suddenly heard something move upstairs.

What’s that?

Is there actually something there?

A cold glint flashed across Sebastian’s eyes as he made his way up briskly.

There was nothing at all.

After he went upstairs, he scanned his surroundings and discovered that there was nothing except for some random shelves and dust. There was not even a rat to be seen.

Did I hear wrongly just now?

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