The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 514

He could not stand the dust in the air, so he covered his nose and mouth. After taking another look, he planned to go down.

Just as he was turning to go, he noticed that something seemed out of place on the floor.

The things that had been left unused for a long time should be equally dusty as the floor. Why is the floor so dusty?

Why is the base of the cabinet free of dust?

He was lost in thought.

His sharp eagle-like eyes narrowed for a moment. Then, he released his nose and mouth and stretched out his hands to move the cabinet.

Indeed, under the base of the cabinet, the floor was free of dust.

It seemed as if someone had created a false impression on purpose. There was dust on the cabinet and floor but the base of the cabinet and underneath were clean and free of dust.

This showed that the cabinet had not been placed here for a long time.

How about the other cabinets?

He suddenly looked upwards in the direction of the cabinets on the second and quickly went into action.

Finally, when he had moved all the other cabinets, he saw the same scene as in the first cabinet.

The most surprising thing was that when he moved away the two cabinets leaning on the wall opposite the window, he clearly saw two imprints underneath that looked more like they had been left there for a long time.

So Sabrina did not lie to me?

What is hidden here? Why did she say it was haunted?

Furthermore, why was this being done now as if to conceal some secrets? What is going on?

One question after another flooded his mind and he wanted to find the answers.



Sabrina was downstairs, playing with some mud and waiting patiently for her brother. Hearing his voice, she looked up at him.

“Go and get Saul.”

“Okay.” Sabrina became obedient as she dropped the mud from her hand and did as her younger brother said.

After a few minutes, Saul arrived.

“What’s up, Sebastian?”

“Saul, come upstairs and take a look. Something doesn’t seem right.” Sebastian waved from upstairs, calling him to hurry.

Now that Frederick was no longer around and Channing had passed on, this elder cousin who usually stayed home was the only person he could call upon.

Saul went upstairs.

When he saw the scene, he too was surprised.

It was such a pity that he did not know what had happened.

“I have never entered this building. I’m sure you know only the butler can enter the Hayes family memorial hall, so I really don’t know what has happened.”

Sebastian was speechless.

That spark of hope was quenched too quickly. He was getting angry again, and he felt impatient.

What type of secret has been held up there?


Suddenly, Sabrina was heard screaming downstairs.

Sebastian quickly went to the window and leaned outside. “What happened?”

“Eyes! Eyes!” Sabrina was frightened and she had fallen from the doorway to the ground, holding her head as if in shock. She continued screaming while pointing at the door of the memorial hall.

Sebastian and Saul both saw what happened and they exchanged glances.

Immediately, they rushed downstairs.

However, when they reached her, they found nothing out of the ordinary. The door was left ajar exactly as Saul had left it after he came in.

What is this woman fussing about?

Sebastian was already impatient and about to rebuke his elder sister.

“Wait, Sebastian. What’s that?” Suddenly, Saul’s voice rang out from behind him.

Sebastian followed the direction of his gaze looking downward.

Instantly, he let out a breath of cold air.

Meanwhile, Lostaria in Jetroina.

When Sasha came to, she discovered that she had been imprisoned again. However, this time, there was no view of a beautiful courtyard. The environment was narrow and dark.

It was like a basement.

Where am I now?

Sasha struggled to her feet. “Mmm…”

She fidgeted for a long time before a ray of light shone into the room and someone came in.

“Are you up? Just stay here quietly then. There was a way to freedom but you chose the road back to this hellhole. When I let you go free, why didn’t you go away? It’s your fault that you end up being imprisoned.”

It turned out to be the Jetroinian woman who had set her free in the courtyard in Kenfort.

On recognizing the woman’s voice, Sasha struggled even more vigorously. “Mmm…”

She wanted the tape around her mouth to be removed so she could talk.

Fortunately, the woman knew that they were in a basement secret room with no escape, and she removed the tape covering Sasha’s mouth.

Instantly, Sasha felt the freedom of being able to move her lips, so she sat down on the bench and breathed long and hard.

After several minutes, she calmed down and looked at the Jetroinian woman.

“If I did not come back, I would not have known who your mistress, Mrs. Tsurka is.”

“You have found out the truth now but there is nothing you can do about it. Stop dreaming. After two days, your husband will hand over all his inheritance to my mistress’ son, Mr. Solomon. There is nothing you can do to stop it.”

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