The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 515

“What do you mean?” Sasha’s face suddenly turned pale. “What inheritance? Tell me clearly!”

“Don’t you know? When your father-in-law died, he left a will for your husband, bequeathing to him all of the 35% shares of Hayes Corporation that he had held.”

Sasha was speechless.

“However, your husband is really quite stupid. All because he felt agitated by some words Frederick had used, he is willing to give up those shares in exchange for you. Tell me, aren’t we getting a good deal?”

This spiteful Jetroinian woman actually gloated so much that she laughed as she talked.

Sasha was so upset that her ears rang.

No, it’s not possible. How could Sebastian be so stupid? He is one of the smartest persons on earth.

How could he make such a decision? The 35% of shares is the last thing that Frederick is giving to him. How could he reject it? Why give it up in exchange for me?

What words did the old man use to agitate him?

Sasha nearly went mad under the stress!

However, if she had seen the USB drive that Frederick had given to Sebastian, perhaps, she would have understood.

Sebastian was, after all, different from most people. The genetic defects in his body and the special protection and care given to him by his father from an early age had developed in him the kind of nature which could not withstand stress, especially from Frederick.

So, when Frederick forsook him to love another and showed favoritism to someone else, he was so agitated that he did not want anything to do with Frederick.

He urgently needed to alienate himself from his father and receive nothing from him.

This was the reason why he wanted Sasha in exchange for the shares.

However, he did not realize that all these were part of Frederick’s plan to make him leave the Hayes family.

Unfortunately, Frederick never thought that he would be so bitter that he would refuse to accept his inheritance.

“You’re lying. He won’t do that. He definitely wouldn’t.”

“What won’t he? You just wait. When he sees you, he’ll obediently hand over whatever he has.”

The Jetroinian woman said cheerfully.

Sasha paused for a while. “So, you would be letting me leave?”

The woman shrugged. “No, I did not say that I would be releasing you.”

“How will you carry out the exchange with him. You clearly said that you are exchanging me for his inheritance.”

“Yes, but we are not giving him the real you. Don’t you worry. Your double is already on the way. You should just stay here quietly.”

At that, the woman got ready to leave.

Sasha was shocked as if she was struck by lightning.

Almost instantly, she jumped up from her chair. “Don’t leave, you wretch! Get Yancy Young here. Ask her to come!”

She screamed with all her might, trying to stop the woman.

However, she forgot that she was tied up. As a result, when she jumped, she did not get up but fall heavily onto the floor.

In that instant, with a loud crash, she fell together with the chair onto the floor. It was so painful, she nearly fainted.

“Yancy! Yancy!”

Yancy did not come to see Sasha.

She had no time for Sasha. She was waiting to see her son inherit everything from the man who jilted and wronged her in her youth. She just had no time for Sasha.

However, on the next day, the one guarding the secret room came running in a panic.

“Mrs. Tsurka, that girl has committed suicide!”


Finally, Yancy showed some response. The spoon in her hand fell into the bowl of soup she was having.


Is this d**n girl out of her mind? So, she is crazy enough to kill herself?

Scared and angry, Yancy hurried to the secret room.

When she reached the scene, the moment the door opened, she smelled the fishy odor of blood. Someone was busy in there.

“What’s going on? Aren’t her hands bound? How did she kill herself?”

“S-s-sorry… Mrs. Tsurka. I removed the tape from her mouth. She bit a blood vessel on her wrist.”

There was a stunned silence

She bit her own blood vessels?

Yancy was shocked speechless. Even though she was a violent character, she was stunned by the woman’s act.

How could this waif-like woman, who looked gentle and meek turn out to be so ferocious?

In this way, she was certainly unlike her mother.

In the end, Yancy did stay in the secret room until Sasha regained consciousness.

“You finally… agree to see me.” Sasha smiled triumphantly with lips that were pale from loss of blood.

Yancy was silent.

After staring at her for more than just a few seconds, she spoke with an icy tone, “So what if I come? You think I’ll let you go?”

Sasha shook her head and her breath was weak like a candle in the wind.

“I have no hopes of you releasing me. I just… beg of you. For the sake of my mom, please let him live. You only want your son to take over Hayes Corporation, that’s all. There’s no need to annihilate Sebastian. He is the father of my three children. Once upon a time, my mom took care of your son for ten years for your sake. Won’t you show the same kindness to her daughter now?”

Sasha’s eyes were red as she looked at the woman with a sad pleading gaze.

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