The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 516

Sasha had no other choice.

She had no way of escape and there was no one around to help her. Hence, the only way she could come up with to save herself would be to beg the woman standing in front of her.

The cruel woman was moved upon the mention of Heather’s name.

“I was planning to let him off if he would just give me Frederick’s share.”

“How could he? He still needs to make a living. He needs that 35% to support himself and his children financially. How is he going to feed himself if you take away his share? Are you expecting him to live on the streets?”

Sasha retorted, feeling pissed.

The woman sneered in response. “You have 20% of the shares, right? It’ll be more than enough to feed every single one of you. Sasha, you are way smarter than your mom.”

Sasha was rendered speechless.

She froze as the woman saw through her.

She’s not dumb.

Sasha quickly made a U-turn. “I’ve told you I lost the 20% shares when you sent those people after me. I don’t have any more of it. Moreover, wouldn’t it only be natural for Sebastian to inherit everything Frederick owns since he’s his son?”

“Is that what you think?”

Yancy sneered. She then started to laugh maniacally as if triggered by Sasha’s words.

“Sure, it’s only natural for Frederick’s son to inherit everything he owns, take my son for example. But I’m telling you, Sasha, Sebastian isn’t qualified!”

“What do you mean?”

Sasha’s face darkened. “What do you mean he’s not qualified?”

Yancy laughed. “Don’t you understand me? I mean… he’s not Frederick’s son.”

She never expected Yancy to say anything like that.

Not his son?

Is she crazy? How could she say something like that just to get her hands on Hayes Corporation?

Sasha returned to her senses and was infuriated. “Bullsh*t! Yancy, you’re really ruthless when it comes to defending your son. You faked your death just to get my mom to raise your son, and now you’re even saying something like this. Just listen to yourself, Yancy. You make me sick. Karma will bite back one day.”


Yancy’s face changed upon her words. “What do you mean by karma? I’m simply speaking the truth. Sebastian isn’t Frederick’s son.”

She blurted out a huge secret.

Sasha trembled in rage.

She really wanted to kill Yancy at this moment.

However, the woman stared at her as if possessed and asked, “You’ve seen it too, haven’t you? When you were at the memorial hall.”

“What… are you talking about?”

“Have you forgotten about the birth certificate and the monster?”

Yancy placed emphasis on each and every word as she spoke. She suddenly sprang up from her chair and leaned towards Sasha as if she was a poisonous snake about to strike.

Sasha was completely caught off guard.

She was so taken aback that she backed up against the headboard.

“You were panicking when you found the birth certificate. The father’s name was Shin Jadeson and the mother’s name was Frieda Soprano, am I right?”

Sasha’s mind went blank.

How did she find out? Even the Hayes were not allowed to go near the memorial hall. So how did she find out?

Color drained for Sasha’s face.

She had a very bad feeling about this.

Yancy leaned in, gave her a fiendish stare, and told her a story that gave her the shock of her life.

“Shin used to be Frederick’s instructor during his time as a soldier. He hails from an infamous military family. After being enlisted in the army, Shin recognized Frederick’s hard work and they soon became best friends even though they had a superior and subordinate relationship in the army.

One day, Frederick invited Shin over to meet the Hayes. Shin fell in love, at first sight, the moment he lay eyes on Frieda, Margaret’s sister. Sabrina was already born to Margaret at the time. But who would have thought that Frederick is also in love with Frieda.

He is so in love with her to the point that he is obsessed with her. Hence, he tried everything he could to stop Shin from taking Frieda away to Jadeborough. In the end, he even wrote an anonymous letter to the Jadesons in Jadeborough for fear that Freida would leave him. He told them about the Sopranos and even accused Frieda of living together with Shin before marriage.”

All of a sudden, Yancy came to an abrupt stop.

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