The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 517

Sasha stared at Yancy, dumbfounded. Perhaps it was because of Yancy’s abruptness, or perhaps it was due to the shocking story she had just heard.

She was so shocked by the story she just heard that she leaned against the headboard and stared into space for a long while.

Infamous military family in Jadeborough.

They could almost be considered royalty. How could he just simply marry a girl? Moreover, this girl lacks self-respect. How could she live with her lover before they were even married?

The monster Sasha saw at the memorial hall suddenly crossed her mind.

“The Jadesons were enraged when they received the news. They flew over from Jadeborough to Avenport that very night to take Shin away with them. However, Shin wasn’t in Avenport at the time since he was in the middle of a mission. Hence, they took Frieda, who was pregnant, away instead. They wanted to get rid of her and her unborn baby because she was staining their family’s reputation.”

After a few seconds of silence, Sasha pursed her lips and asked, “What happens next?”

“What happens next?”

Yancy lifted the corner of her lips. “That b*stard finally realized how stupid he had been. He almost killed two lives because of his selfishness. He quickly called Shin over to rescue Frieda, but who would have thought, Shin, who was in the middle of a mission, lost his focus and was shot to death by his enemy.”

A pin-drop silence ensued in the secret room as Sasha’s mind went into overdrive.

It was obvious how the story ended. Sebastian lived and even became Frederick’s son in the end, which meant that Frieda had been rescued at the time.

Frederick managed to save her regardless of the means. He even raised her son as one of his own.

So does that mean Frederick is actually atoning for his sins by doing everything he possibly could for this child?

Sasha suddenly recalled how Sebastian grew up.

That’s right. Now that I think about it, Frederick has been overly good to Sebastian ever since he was young. It finally made sense to Sasha why he would force Sebastian to receive treatment when he was young, and why he did everything he could to keep Sebastian’s secret when he got older.

He even got blood on his hands because of this.

Which father would go that far for his son?

He even set Sasha up back then because he was afraid that she would reveal his secret.

Sasha finally understood why he did what he did.

“So what that Jetroina woman said yesterday about Frederick deliberately pushing Sebastian away with his words were true.”

“Of course. I would have destroyed him if he doesn’t leave.”

Yancy admitted to it honestly and openly.

Sasha’s blood boiled upon her words.

What a cruel woman!

“So your men have been keeping tabs on Frederick all along, right? That was also how you found out that Sabrina and I had been to the memorial hall.”

“You are as smart as your mother. You’re right, I’ve been keeping tabs on Frederick since the beginning. I’ve got to make sure that my son is on the right path, right?”

How could she be so shameless?

Everything was done based on Yancy’s own will back then. How could she turn things around and make it sound as if she was the one being owed just because she didn’t get what she wanted?

“You’re crazy!”

“Yes, I am crazy, so you’d better not try anything funny with me. Or else I will tell everyone about this and your darling husband will instantly become an illegitimate child. Do you want him to end up like my son years ago? He didn’t even have the courage to mention his family name?”

Yancy gave Sasha a cruel reminder of how things would turn out if she acted rashly.

However, she hadn’t told Sasha everything yet.

She would have told her that Solomon still had a chance of reconciling with Frederick if it wasn’t Sasha she was dealing with.

However, the Jadesons would never acknowledge Sebastian as one of their own after losing Shin because of this. Sebastian would then be forever labeled as an illegitimate child.

Color drained from Sasha’s lips.

She quivered violently and even had difficulty breathing at times.

“W-Why should I believe you?”

“You can get him to do a DNA test with Sabrina. Frederick still has a daughter even though he’s dead. You can try it if you don’t believe me.”

Sasha kept quiet.

“Also, Margaret was the one who told me about it. Anger got the better of her when she found out about my affair with Frederick. She told me to stop daydreaming and that the only woman he loved was her sister, Frieda.”

A deathly silence ensued.

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