The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 518

Sasha couldn’t handle the shock and blacked out.

This isn’t real. No way this is real.

What is he going to do if this is real?

There was no one else to help him out this time around and she couldn’t bear to see him ruined.

Meanwhile, back home at Hayes Residence.

Sebastian and Saul found the memorial hall’s secret passageway though the two footsteps left behind outside the partially opened door at the memorial hall.

They discovered an underground dwelling after making their way into the secret passageway.

“My gosh, Uncle Frederick never told me about this. I never knew there’s an underground dwelling here. When did they build this? Why haven’t we heard of it?”

Saul was stunned when he saw the majestic basement.

No, I shouldn’t even call this a basement.

It was even more majestic than Hayes Residence itself.

The room was lavishly decorated with an elegant chandelier hanging on the ceiling, an expensive sofa, an imported Erihalian style cherry wood dining table, and a thick luxurious carpet that covered every inch of the floor. Saul noticed the paintings hanging on the wall were actually priceless masterpieces from all around the world.

My gosh, why did that old man build such a luxurious mansion underground?

Is he crazy?

Saul couldn’t believe his eyes.

Sebastian wasn’t any better.

However, he began to take in his surroundings right after his initial shock. His eyes gleamed intelligently as he observed the room.

“Who is it?” He asked as he caught sight of movement out of the corner of his eye.

His voice echoed across the room.

Someone hiding behind the curtain panicked as she quickly fled the scene.

However, Sebastian wasn’t about to let her off. He rushed up to her and grabbed hold of her long and dirty clothes.


She collapsed and made a high-pitched shriek.

Sebastian went quiet.

Stunned, he almost let go of her thinking she was a monster.

Fortunately for him, Saul came over. He stared at the body on the ground and screamed, “Is this thing human?”

A human?

Sebastian tightened his grip on the woman upon hearing that.

She felt soft and warm even though she was dirty.


The woman started to scream and struggle once again as if she was a trapped mouse. She even tried desperately to bite Sebastian’s hand.

Sebastian couldn’t take it anymore and pinched her arm.

“Ahhhh…” She finally stopped.

Sebastian finally let go of her and turned her around.

A woman?

Saul was dumbfounded. “Uncle Frederick has been keeping a woman here? Who the hell is she? I hope she’s not Uncle Frederick’s lover.”

“Shut up!”

Sebastian growled. He then started to examine the woman.

However, the woman was so dirty that he could only make out her eyes and her lips.

She looked like a ghost.

A ghost?

Sebastian suddenly recalled the crazy thing Sabrina couldn’t stop talking about.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” Sebastian asked patiently.

To his surprise, the woman, who had been cowering in a corner ever since she was caught, suddenly snapped her head up upon hearing his voice.


Her eyes lit up.

For a moment, Sebastian was dazzled by the light in her eyes.

What a beautiful pair of eyes.

Why does her face seem so familiar?


“What is she trying to say? Has she forgotten how to talk after being locked up for such a long time?” Saul said pitifully.

Sebastian was also getting annoyed.

However, much to their surprise, the woman suddenly uttered a cry when Sebastian didn’t respond. “Baby…”


Did she just call me baby?

Sebastian’s face darkened.

The woman then stretched her arms out for a hug after recognizing him. “Hug… Mommy… Hug…”

She crawled towards Sebastian with much difficulty for a hug.

Just as Sebastian was about to kick her away, the door suddenly burst open behind him.

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