The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 519

“Don’t, Mr. Hayes, she’s your mother.”

The news came as a complete shock.

Sebastian froze. He slowly turned around and glared at the intruder with bloodshot eyes.


“Say that again.”

He said through clenched teeth.

Wendy shuddered in fright and knelt down before him without hesitation.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. I’ve been keeping the truth from you because Mr. Hayes Sr. told me to do so. He said never to tell you the truth unless when I absolutely have no choice. We are protecting this secret in order to protect you.”

Wendy sobbed as she explained everything to him.

It was the truth. She was as confused as Sebastian when she first heard about it. However, Frederick told her he was running out of time and that she was the only one who could do it.

Hence, she relented.

Sure enough, Frederick died not long after.

Sebastian’s face fell.

Before he could even say anything, Saul spoke up. “You knew about this place and this woman all along?”

“No, I don’t. Mr. Hayes Sr. told me about this two months before he died. He even gave me something at the time.”

Wendy explained cautiously and took out a small notebook she had brought with her.

Sebastian and Saul were rendered speechless.

Two months ago?

Isn’t that when I was forced to resign from Hayes Corporation and had to hide in the small mountain village?

His heart skipped a beat. He had a very bad feeling about this.

“Sebastian, what are you doing? Hurry up and take a look!” Saul’s anxiousness grew when Sebastian did not pick up the notebook.

Sebastian pressed his fingers together.

After a few seconds, he slowly reached out for the notebook.


The woman screeched in delight when he reached out for the notebook. She even wanted to crawl towards him so that they could look through it together.

However, Wendy suddenly walked over and gently held her down.

“Ok, Ms. Soprano. Let’s just sit back and let Mr. Hayes do the reading, okay?”


Much to their surprise, this woman, who only knew how to make weird noises, agreed.

Sebastian opened the little notebook.

“Oh, it’s a photo album.”

Both Saul and Sebastian were shocked and confused when they saw the well-kept photos in the photo album.

However, Sebastian soon noticed that something was off.

On the first page of the photo album was a young woman carrying a baby in her arms.

The woman was dressed in a floral dress and had a bow in her hair. Her eyes were as bright as the stars as she stared at her child with a bright smile on her young and pretty face.


Just then, the woman, who was being held back by Wendy, slurred.

Sebastian pinched the photo nervously.

The following few pages were all photos of the woman and her baby.

However, the woman’s smile turned wistful as the child grew up. Her eyes no longer shone as bright as the stars.

Instead, she was smiling at her child with a blank look in her eyes.

She looked a lot like the Sabrina who had gone crazy.

And the most terrifying part was that the child in her arms grew up to look a lot like him when he was young.

Especially during his third birthday. Sebastian noticed that the child was wearing the exact same shirt he wore on his third birthday. He had a photo of his three-year-old self hanging in Frederick’s room to prove it.

Sebastian’s hand shook nervously.

Wendy noticed it and started to explain. “Mr. Hayes Sr. said Ms. Soprano went crazy because she couldn’t handle your father’s death.”

“What did you say? Whose father?”

Sebastian couldn’t help but roar.

Wendy was so taken aback that she dared not speak any further.

On the other hand, the woman crawled over to Sebastian when she saw how mad he was. “Don’t be mad… Have some candy…”

She opened her palm and revealed a bright colored candy.

It was amazing how the candy was so well preserved when she herself was so dirty and unkempt. She kept it so well that even the wordings on the candy wrap from twenty years ago were still visible.

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed.

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