The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 520

A memory surfaced in his mind.

When he was young, Frederick would often give him candy. Even though he did not like eating candy, the latter would still coax him into finishing it.

And they were the same as the one in his hand.

What does all of this mean?

Who am I? Who are my real parents?

“Who did you say is dead?”

“Y-Your… biological father. And this lady is your mother. She’s actually Mrs. Hayes’ younger sister. Back then, your father wanted to marry your mother immediately after they fell in love, but he met an accident before he could. Your mother was pregnant with you at that time. She couldn’t take the news and go mad after that.

“Later on, Mr. Hayes took her in. After you were born, Mr. and Mrs. Hayes brought you up as their own. Mr. Hayes was afraid your mother might wander off alone, so he built a place for her to stay in the basement.”

Wendy recounted everything Frederick had told her before.

However, she did not know that Frederick lied about something.

He chose not to tell Sebastian the whole truth. Perhaps he was afraid the powerful families in Jadeborough might bring calamity upon him after knowing the truth.

Sebastian froze on the spot.

Even though half of the truth had been left out, this news was already too much for him to digest.

Frederick Hayes isn’t my father.

Doesn’t this mean he never owed me a thing? And that I’m the one who owes him a life of debt?

My birth father is dead, and my birth mother has gone crazy.

But Frederick? He raised me since I was a baby, and did so much for me because of my illness. In order to protect me, he was even willing to kill, always making sure to make everyone who hurt me pay.

Everything he did was just to create a safe environment for me.

And how did I repay him?

I even refused to properly pay my respects to him at his funeral because he favored his own son.

Sebastian’s hand that was holding the photo album trembled violently.

Overwhelmed with remorse and self-blame, he heard himself asking, “Who else knows about this?”

“I’m not sure, but if Mr. Hayes entrusted me with this information, so he must’ve known what would happen in the future, don’t you think so?”

The living room was blanketed in silence, and the air was terrifyingly stiff.

Of course, he thought of that possibility.

However, he just couldn’t bring himself to delve further into it.

Since I’m not his real son, then I understand why he wanted me to leave Hayes Corporation.

But since I already left, why did he still leave me thirty-five percent of the company’s current share distribution ratio? This means that if Peter’s twenty percent still can’t be found, I’d still possess all the authority.

So, what was his purpose of doing this?

And the other day at the military hospital, the look Channing gave me before leaving, what did it mean?

If Frederick really abandoned me because his real son had returned, then Channing, his subordinate who followed him for so many years, wouldn’t have looked at me like that.

Heartache, disbelief, and a hint of regret surged in his heart.

Sebastian’s heart clenched painfully in his chest. He did not dare to think further, for fear that more cruel truths would surface in his mind, and he would forever be plagued with sleepless nights.

Despite that, he still got to his feet, albeit unsteadily.

“Take her out and make sure she’s properly cleaned up, then take her to a doctor.”

“Alright. What about you?” asked Saul.

However, the man staggered away without answering. Soon, the sound of him going upstairs could be heard.

What the hell, man? Why’s he in such a hurry? Doesn’t he care about his own mother?

Unaware of the truth, Saul grumbled in his heart.

In merely twenty minutes, Sebastian returned to the Wand residence.

After rushing in, he went straight to his study upstairs, then took out the USB drive Channing had previously given him from the drawer.

He had been too reckless.

If only he had maintained his cool, perhaps things wouldn’t have escalated to this point.

Once again, he plugged in the USB drive.

And just like he remembered, Frederick was sitting in the garden, saying the same words which had made him furious back when he was on the plane.

But this time, after listening to the last sentence, it was as though something snapped in his mind, and he stared unblinkingly at the old man on the screen, completely frozen in place.

He forgot that this old man had never once begged him for anything.


Lance and the three children arrived home just in time to hear a beast-like roar coming from upstairs.

The three children instantly looked toward the stairs with fearful expressions.

However, what scared them the most was the loud bang that caused the whole house to shake a while later, as though something heavy had been knocked over.

It was simply terrifying!

What’s going on with Daddy?

Vivian, who was easily scared, immediately hugged her uncle’s thigh. “Uncle Lance, carry me…”

Lance quickly picked her up and led the children into his room.

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