The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 522

“You’re finally back!”

Sebastian rushed over and held her firmly in his arms before she could respond to him. It was the first time he was so affectionate in front of others.

Sasha felt her limbs turning stiff and brought herself to a halt after making her way back with a glass of water.

Sebastian was unable to suppress his emotions anymore after spending the entire night drinking in front of Frederick’s grave.

His world had fallen apart as soon as he figured out he wasn’t Frederick’s biological son after making his way to Hayes Residence.

On top of that, he had turned his father down instead of offering him his helping hand when his father needed him the most.

He merely transferred his father to Jadeborough’s hospital after Channing begged him over and over again.

Holding the woman in his arms, Sebastian let loose of his emotions when he recalled the time he refused to show up even after his so-called father had passed on.

“I’m so sorry for everything! I wouldn’t have resorted to such extreme countermeasures if I were aware of the truth. I am really sorry!”

The tall man snuggled against the woman as if he were a little boy instead of an intimidating figure. He just couldn’t show his vulnerable side to others apart from her.

On the other hand, Sasha started trembling with her eyes glued to the man in front of her. She could feel her limbs turning stiff.

As much as she tried to keep her emotions to herself, she couldn’t stop herself from panting. It was then she started trembling while holding the glass of water against her will.


When Sebastian noticed Sasha’s response, he raised his head and looked at her in the eyes with a pair of tears welled-up eyes, and a confused look.

As torrents of grief streamed down her cheeks, Sasha placed the glass of water on the nightstand and stuttered, “I-I shouldn’t have left you when you needed me! I-I’m so sorry for not being around!”

She held him firmly in her arms as if she had been waiting for him to open up to her.

Startled by Sasha’s response, it took Sebastian a few seconds to return to his senses. After all, she had never shown him her affectionate side due to her strict upbringing over the years.

In spite of being married, she had always been a relatively timid woman even when she was already a mother of three.

Therefore, he couldn’t get used to it when she responded in such a fierce manner.

Holding him in her arms, she asserted in a gentle tone, “Why don’t you stop blaming yourself? I’m sure he’s going to forgive you! As soon as you’re feeling well, we’ll bring the children and pay him another visit! He’ll be thrilled by their presence!”

Sebastian finally returned to his usual self when he heard her words of affirmation.

Similarly, Sasha felt great as he had regained his composure. She took a step back and thought of showing him the way to his bed since he had yet to recover.

However, her heart skipped a beat when she caught a glimpse of the handsome patient’s bright grin.



Sebastian’s eyes widened in disbelief when he saw her closing in with her eyes closed, and her lips pouted, indicating she was about to kiss him.

He was at a loss for words due to the kiss that came out of nowhere. Without a second thought, he inched backward and stopped her from kissing him.


“I’m afraid you’re going to catch a cold! Why don’t you go ahead and check on the kids to see if they’re up to something mischievous again?”

Sebastian was equally confused by his odd response. He made something up to deceive her when he caught her responding with a frown.

“Well, it’s time for you to tuck yourself in and call it a day as well.”

As it made sense, Sasha stopped having her doubts and strode her way out of her room with joy written all over her face.

Staring at her departing figure, he secretly heaved a long sigh of relief before making his way back to the bed.

It feels weird when she starts addressing me in such an intimate manner! I just can’t get used to her being affectionate! That must be the reason I have stepped away from her when she tried to kiss me!

He shrugged those thoughts off as he had to tend to something else, including dealing with Sabrina, his children, and Frieda who had just returned.

Things were chaotic as they had to deal with countless conflicts one way or another.


“T-There’s a ghost!”

As soon as Frieda made her way into the foyer, Sabrina, who was in the middle of a game with the triplets, shrieked and dashed in the direction of her room.

Frieda had responded in a similar manner as she was easily intimidated by others after spending the past two decades in isolation.

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