The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 523

“H-Hey!” When she caught a glimpse of Ian and Matteo, her eyes gleamed. Unable to contain her excitement, she started crawling her way over to the kids.

After spending such a long time in the dungeon, she couldn’t even walk properly and would prefer crawling over walking.

As brilliant as the children might be, no ordinary child could withstand such a horrifying scene.

Consequently, they started wailing at the top of their lungs, “H-Help us, Daddy! Mommy!”


As they started wailing and alarmed everyone in the house, Sebastian brought himself out of his room and noticed things were chaotic in the living room.

His sister was nowhere to be seen while his children continued screaming at the top of their lungs as the woman crawled her way to them. Their faces had long turned pale.

What’s going on? Where are the rest in the house?

Sebastian arched his brows in confusion and jolted his way down the stairs without any further ado. Immediately after he reached his staggering daughter’s side, he held her in his arms.

Glaring at the crawling woman, he yelled at her in the face and reprimanded, “Frieda, what do you think you’re doing? You’re intimidating your grandchildren!”

Is Shin angry? Is he reprimanding me for intimidating his children? What am I supposed to do to please him?

It was then Frieda brought herself to a halt and looked at the infuriated man in front of him with her lips pursed in an aggrieved manner.

“I-I’m so sorry, Shin! Fay will keep that in mind and refrain from repeating the same mistake in the future!”

She stretched her arms in anticipation of Sebastian spanking her as a form of punishment for her mistakes.

Sebastian was at a loss for words as he couldn’t bear to reprimand the pitiable woman in front of him.


Is she referring to my biological father?

Has she misperceived me as my biological father? If that’s the case, has she misperceived my sons as me and gone after them? Is she trying to keep them safe, just like the time in the dungeon?

Sebastian heaved a long sigh of despair and showed his intimidated sons the way to the seemingly lunatic woman in front of them.

“Matt, Ian, she’s not a freaky creature or anything of that sort, okay? In fact, this woman over here is your grandmother.”

S-She’s our grandmother?

When Sebastian’s children heard him, confusion was written all over their faces, including Ian, who was born and bred as a member of the Hayes.

He had never heard of anything of that sort. Therefore, he asked, “Hasn’t Grandma passed on? Are you sure she’s our grandmother?”

“Well, this grandmother of yours is the woman who has given birth to me. In other words, I need all of you to show her some respect. Am I clear?”

Sebastian made himself clear and instructed his children to mind their words and manners. It was clear that he had acknowledged the seemingly lunatic woman as his mother.

As much as he was against the idea of acknowledging their relationship, there was nothing he could do to nullify the fact they were biologically related.

Immediately after his children returned to their senses, they started sizing up the woman in front of them.

It was then they found out the middle-aged woman in front of them wasn’t as horrendous as they had thought should she stop crawling to reach them. In spite of being more than half a century old, she had glistering pair of eyes and relatively fair skin as compared to her peers.

Vivian was the first to open up to the woman in front of them. She complimented Frieda seconds after she returned to her senses, “Matt, Ian, Grandma is such a good-looking woman!”

Although Frieda wasn’t aware of the things Vivian had brought up, she was thrilled by the fact the little girl had struck up a conversation with her.

Grinning in return, the middle-aged woman had just proven Vivian’s statement right as she was a gorgeous woman.

In fact, Sebastian might have been blessed by ethereal-looking facial features due to his biological mother’s genes.

As they had figured out the truth, the children were no longer intimidated by the presence of the crawling woman. Instead, they started playing with her.

Similarly, Frieda, who had just misperceived Ian and Matteo as her sons, was thrilled since they started messing around with her instead of running away from her.

Nonetheless, the startled Sabrina continued hiding in her room. Occasionally, she would take a peek at them through the slit of the door.

Sebastian paid no heed to her. However, Wendy and Lance, who had just made their way back from the yard after retrieving Frieda’s suitcases, were at a loss for words when they saw Sabrina’s odd behavior.

Wendy broke the silence and asked, “Ms. Sabrina, what are you doing? Why don’t you join them?”

“Huh? There’s no way I’m having fun with a lunatic!”

She pointed in the direction of Frieda. It turned out Frieda had been running around with the children again.

Wendy and Lance were rendered speechless by Sabrina’s reply. Instead of reprimanding Sabrina, Lance urged Sabrina to join them in the kitchen, “Well, why don’t you join us in the kitchen? Wendy has bought us all sorts of food!”

“Sure!” Sabrina agreed to join him in the kitchen without a second thought and followed them to the kitchen.

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