The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 524

Soon, Sasha, who had headed out to acquire a bouquet of flowers, made her way back and strode in the direction of the kitchen.

Wendy asked the moment she saw Sasha, “Why have you bought this bouquet of flowers, Mrs. Hayes?”

Sasha was confused by the question and ended up stammering in return, “H-Huh? The owner of the shop had gotten me this when I told him I need it to pay tribute to a senior of the family.”

“Oh! I guess it’s not much of a surprise even if you’re not aware of the customs and traditions of the family!”

Wendy thought it was the right thing to do since only those from the upper echelon would go to great lengths to honor the predecessors of the family.

More often than not, it takes more than a bouquet of flowers just to pay tribute to the Hayes who’s no longer around. Well, I guess it’s not her fault since she has acquired the aid of others to get it ready.

Sasha made her way upstairs after washing her hands since Wendy offered to get the rest of things sorted out on her behalf.

She greeted her husband as soon as she reached upstairs. Her tone could easily intrigue a man. “Darling, where are you? I’m home!”

Meanwhile, Sebastian was in the middle of a conversation with Solomon on the phone. Solomon got in touch with Sebastian immediately after he found out Sasha had returned.

“I have honored my promise. Isn’t it about time for you to honor your promise as well?” Solomon asked.

“What? Are you afraid I’m going to break my promise? I’ll hand it over to you as soon as everything’s ready!”

Sebastian had no intention to waste his time with the arrogant man anymore when he heard Sasha’s voice. He merely wished to wrap up the conversation as soon as possible.

Solomon was on cloud nine. He asked, “When are you handing it over to me? I need it for the press conference to announce my ownership over Hayes Corporation!”

He needed that to convince others he was the legit successor of Hayes Corporation and had never once tried to acquire ownership over it through underhanded means.

Sebastian sneered and assured, “I’ll hand it over to you the moment you need it.”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, he hung up the call.

Coincidentally, Sasha, who was on her way into the bedroom, heard Sebastian’s announcement. She asked, “Have you made up your mind to hand over everything you’re supposed to inherit to him?”

Sebastian responded with a nod and answered, “To begin with, he’s the rightful successor.”

Sebastian was no longer angry after going through the incident. Although it might be Frederick’s intention to have Sebastian inherit his shares, Sebastian felt obliged to return them to Solomon.

After all, Solomon was Frederick’s biological son, whereas Sebastian felt indebted to Frederick for his bringing him up over the years.

He felt indebted to the Hayes and thought it wouldn’t be wise to get his hands on the family’s possession anymore.

Sasha thought that was the right thing to do when she heard Sebastian’s explanation.

“We’ll leave immediately after you return everything to him and start all over somewhere else with our children! I’m sure we’re going to be just fine since you’re such a capable man!”

Confused by the things she had brought up, he asked with his eyes glued to her, “What are you talking about?”

Similarly, Sasha was confused by his response and wondered had she brought up something she should’ve kept to herself.

Huh? Is there something wrong? Is he indicating he has no intention to leave?

Sasha regretted blurting out the things she had in mind without giving it much thought. “I-I’m just exploring the possible alternatives! It’s fine even if you wish to stay! I’ll follow you wherever you go!”

She did a great job covering up her mistake. However, Sebastian went dead silent once again.

He continued staring at her in the eyes as if he had something else in mind. Consequently, Sasha felt a chill running down her spine.

“Haven’t we agreed to migrate to Miralaea?”


Sasha’s mind was all over the place when she heard him bringing up their initial plan of migration.

Immediately after she snapped out of bewilderment, she asked, “Are you serious? I have always thought you were just pulling my leg!”

“I’m dead serious after being apart from you for such a long time! I have everything for the plan ready!”

Sebastian retrieved the purchasing agreement of the estate of Miralaea from his drawer and handed it over to Sasha.

She finally returned to her sprightly self and responded with a bright grin.

“Alright! As soon as we’re done with everything, we’ll move to Miralaea and start over a new life!”

Her joy was written all over her face as if it was a dream come true. She rushed downstairs with the agreement and shared the great news with the rest.

Has she forgotten about this? Sebastian went dead silent and thought Sasha might have forgotten their initial plan after such a long time.

Immediately after their dinner, Wendy made her way to the second floor to keep an eye on Frieda.

Sebastian, Sasha, and their children were the only ones left on the first floor. Their children spent most of their time with Sasha after being away for such a long time.

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