The Love that Never Really Dies chapter 526

The things she had in mind were written all over her face as she continued staring at droplets of water streaming down the man’s sturdy pecs and abs.

“I-I’ll head over and take a shower as well!”

She rushed into the bathroom with the set of pajamas she had gotten herself and continued blushing throughout the way.

Sebastian thought he would feel a strong urge to engage himself with a raunchy activity with her after being apart for such a long time.

After all, he was head over heels in love with her. However, he was confused by the fact he wasn’t as enthusiastic to carry on with the session when he caught her lustful expression.

Is something wrong with me? Have I not gotten used to her being affectionate yet? Does it have something to do with the fact she’s no longer her timid self?


After making her way out of the bathroom, Sasha, who had put on the nightgown he got her a long time ago, marched in his direction and greeted in a mellifluous tone, “Darling…”

No ordinary man could resist her seductive voice. However, Sebastian, who was reading a book, had no intention to carry on with the session.

In fact, he was overwhelmed by an odd sensation when she joined him in bed and continued sashaying her way to him.

Seconds after he snapped out of confusion, he jolted out from bed and said, “Why don’t you go ahead and sleep without me? There are still some things I need to tend to! I’ll be heading back to the study!”

He retrieved his jacket and marched out of the room without any hesitation, leaving a confused Sasha behind.

What the heck? What on earth is he up to? What’s so important to the extent he’s willing to dismiss me and my presence after being apart for such a long time?

Sasha was upset and slightly overwhelmed by wrath. Nonetheless, she fell into a deep slumber and wasn’t aware if Sebastian had made his way back to the room in the middle of the night.

She found out Sebastian was nowhere to be seen next to her the moment she was roused from her sleep in the morning.

“Mrs. Hayes, are you guys heading out to pay tribute to Mr. Hayes Sr.?”

“Yeah, have you seen Sebastian?” Sasha asked in return the moment she saw Wendy.

“He has headed out for a follow-up session with his mother. I think he’ll be heading back soon since it won’t take long.”

Wendy assured Sasha her husband would be back soon as she thought Sasha was afraid he might not make it back to join her.

Instead of saying something else, Sasha went dead silent and marched in the direction of her room.

Coincidentally, Sabrina, who was on her way down the stairs with a disheveled look, brought herself to a halt when she passed by Sasha’s side.

“Are you a fake?”

Sasha’s eyes widened in disbelief. She stuttered in return, “H-Huh?”

Her sister-in-law burst into laughter and remarked, “You know what? You stink when you’re supposed to smell great!”

Guffawing, Sabrina bounced her way down the stairs, leaving the startled woman alone.

Sasha’s face turned pale when she heard Sabrina’s remarks. Glaring at Sabrina in the eyes, her face scrunched up in irritation as though she was up to something.

I shouldn’t have forgotten that maniac over there used to spend quite some time with her! In other words, she knows her better than others!

As she lost herself in the process of thought, another unwanted guest showed up at the doorstep.

“Ms. Rocke, what brings you here early in the morning?”

Marching her way into the living room with her bag, Roxanne greeted Wendy, “Hi, I’m here for Sabrina’s therapy. I’m sure she’s going to recover after another few sessions.”

She gaped at the presence of the woman staring at her from afar and asked, “Sasha, since when have you returned?”

What’s wrong with her? Is she upset by my presence or something? Does she think she’s a member of the family just because I have been away for such a long time?

Sasha approached Roxanne and asked with a scowl, “What’s wrong? Are you surprised by my presence or something, Ms. Rocke?”

Wendy interrupted the duo’s conversation and explained, “Mrs. Hayes, you have misunderstood Ms. Rocke! She’s merely here for Ms. Sabrina! Ms. Sabrina’s condition has greatly improved thanks to Ms. Rocke!”

“Are you serious? If that’s the case, we’re greatly indebted to Ms. Rocke!” Sasha finished her sentence in a sarcastic manner.

It seemed as if another intense fight would soon break out in the living room. Thankfully, Sebastian’s call brought upon a change of pace in the nick of time.

“Hello, Mr. Hayes?”

“Wendy, has Sasha woken up?”


“If that’s the case, tell her to get the things she needs and make her way to the cemetery. I can’t make it back in time since I’m caught in the middle of something. As soon as we’re done, we’ll make our way over from the hospital.”

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