The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 296

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 296 The Plan B

Contrary to what charis had expected, she received a lot of praise because Janet’s design had made it to the first show of the Seacisco Fashion Week.

During the senior executives’ meeting, some of the board members praised her for being insightful. “Ms. Turner, you have good taste. If you hadn’t praised Janet’s design at the assessment meeting, there’s no way we would have chosen hers and then defeated the Lester Silk Fabric this year. Thumbs up!” “Yeah, I agree. The Lester Silk Fabric has won that selection competition for many years in a row. Their constant wins gave us a bad name. Now that we have won, our dignity has been restored. And it’s all thanks to your wise decision, Ms. Turner!” The other senior executives concurred.

Charis was so embarrassed in the face of those unwanted praises. But she had to respond with a faint smile. In her usual calm tone, she said, “I’m flattered by your praises. But I can’t take credit for our win. I was just lucky. Janet is an excellent designer. It was due to her hard work and creativity that we won.”
Charis was a slick person. As a dubious perfectionist, she wanted her disguise to be excellent. She only praised Janet because she wanted the others to see her as a good person. And it worked!

However, Garrett was confused, rather than convinced. He was also present at the meeting. Seeing that Charis spoke well of Janet again, he thought it was rather odd. He knew that Charis wasn’t someone who showered praises on people. As the spoiled heiress of the Turner family, she was always difficult to please.

“This is the first time I’m hearing you praise someone. What’s so special about this particular designer? I have seen Janet’s designs. They are indeed creative and extraordinary, but she’s still inexperienced and hasn’t shown profoundness yet. What makes you think so highly of her, Ms. Turner?” Garrett peered at her through the top of his glasses. His instincts told him that Charis was up to something, but he couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

“Indeed, she needs to garner more experience. But we shall see about that. Anyway, I have to join a video conference from France soon. I need to take my leave now.” Charis checked her wristwatch and skillfully dodged Garrett’s questions. ‘Garrett is nothing like these clueless old men.

He’s very smart. If I indulge him in this conversation, I’m afraid he will see right through me. I need to be careful with what I say around him. It’s best I do something before he blows my cover.’ Charis grabbed her documents and left the boardroom.
The moment she got into her office, the friendly spark in her eyes turned cold. She threw the documents on the desk and looked at the tall buildings through the French window.

“Janet is really something,”
Charis was both angry and surprised that Janet had managed to defeat the Lester Silk Fabric. “Aargh! I must have underestimated that b***h. How was she able to come out victorious despite all that I did?”
Charis was actually the source of the latest rumor about Janet. To wreak havoc on Janet and prevent her from having the zeal to work, she intentionally started rumors about her. Part of Charis’s plan was to make the senior executives turn against Janet at the same time. But Janet’s success in entering the first show thwarted the plan.

Her failure would have proved that the rumor about her getting special treatment by hooking up with a member of the board was true. Charis had thought it would bring a lot of embarrassment to Janet. &
“Anyway, I still have everything under my control. Janet’s win isn’t necessarily a loss for me. It is just a minor
setback. I need to start making preparations for the next step now.”

Charis took a deep breath to regain her composure. She then picked up her phone and put a call through. As soon
as it connected, she asked, “Hey, how is the task I assigned to you coming along?”
“It’s going well, Ms. Turner. Ritchie is back from France. He has been in a bad mood since he heard the news. When

he found out that the designer who defeated his family’s company is actually Ethan’s wife, he went ballistic in the company. Shortly after, he stormed out.” mwell that’s good enough for now!” There was a hint of happiness in Charis’s tone. As she hung up the phone, a complacent glint shone in her eyes. Ritchie Lester was the CEO of the Lester Silk Fabric.

Charis had ordered her allies to spread the news of Janet being Ethan’s wife until he got wind of it. Not only was Ritchie a competitive man, but he also harbored inexplicable hatred for Ethan. The fact that he had lost to his half-brother’s wife was a slap in the face for him. He definitely wouldn’t let Janet go.

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