The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 298

The Substitute Wife My Poor Husband is a Billionaire, Chapter 298 Catch Up As Family

After finishing her designs for the fashion week, Janet didn’t need to work overtime anymore. On Monday, she got off work on time and walked home with Laney. Janet eyed the white T-shirt and jeans Laney was wearing and pursed her lips. “How about we go shopping? I heard from a colleague that there’s a clothing shop in the mall that’s on sale right now.” “Why? I have enough clothes already.” Laney was a casual girl. She thought that her outfit was fine. If she ran into some thugs, it’d be easy for her to deal with them in comfy clothes.

After hesitating slightly, Janet linked her arm in Laney’s arm and smiled. “Let’s buy some dresses. My treat. Although you look great, your clothes are too neutral. You should try dressing up some more. You have such a beautiful face. Don’t waste it.” Janet’s bright eyes observed Laney’s facial features. Laney was pretty. She had innocent yet sharp eyes, which made her look beautiful.

Laney opened her mouth to say something but couldn’t find the words to protest. In the past, when she trained in the organization, she had always been boyish. Now that she thought about it, Laney realized that she had never really experienced what normal girls went through-things like shopping and dressing up. “Fine. Let’s check the store out,” Laney relented with a helpless smile.
But before the two of them could step inside the shopping mall, they were stopped by a man.

“Janet Lind?” he asked. The man was well-dressed, and there was a bodyguard standing behind him.
When the man’s eyes landed on Janet’s face, he smiled inexplicably. Janet couldn’t help but frown subconsciously.

The man looked extremely arrogant in her eyes.
She didn’t even know who he was, but at a glance, she knew she didn’t like him. Janet eyed the well-dressed man warily. “And you are…?’ Ritchie Lester walked over and introduced himself. “I’m Ethan’s older brother, Ritchie. Would you like to have dinner with me so we can catch up, as family?”

Janet hesitated. Ethan hadn’t told her much about the Lester family. She only knew that they didn’t get along well with him. Otherwise, she knew nothing about them. Ritchie was being polite enough, but there was something about the arrogance in his eyes that was off-putting to Janet. “I’m sorry, but I have prior commitments tonight. I’m going shopping with my friend.” Janet forced a smile and refused him politely. Ritchie’s eyebrow twitched slightly.

Casually tinkering with the ring on his thumb, he said in a low voice, “We’re family now. Won’t you make time for me?” Janet lowered her head. She didn’t want to offend him, which would only bring trouble to Ethan. Finally, she took a deep breath and said, “Fine.” “I’m coming with you,” Laney immediately said, staring at Ritchie on high alert. But Ritchie raised his hand to stop her. In his eyes; Laney was just a stupid woman who didn’t know her place. Snorting with disdain, he glanced at Laney indifferently and said, “I’m afraid it’s none of your business.”
Janet looked at Laney and shook her head subtly. “You should go back. I’ll see you tomorrow at work, Lane.

Laney looked at Ritchie again hesitantly before finally nodding.
Nonetheless, she planned to secretly follow Janet in case something bad happened to her.

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